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K Z Bee's

“Keep it Moist ”
~ Matthew Moxon
“Here comes Bumble! ”
~ Goalkeeper of Stokes FC
“Pass! ”
~ Most of the squad and supporters whenever 'Mincer' gets the ball

The K Z Bee's are a Thursday La Liga team at the Goals football centre in Dudley. They were formed after the infamous 'A' vs 'B' game in the Summer of 2009, where they lost heavily (some confusion over the scores, but it was believed to be 28-2) and decided that the best way to get better would be to form a team. The 'Bee's' currently play in Division C of the Thursday La Liga league at goals, after their relegation in their inaugural season.


Current Squad

Adam 'Grey Fox' Robinson (player/manager)

John 'Fatboy' Mills (Goalkeeper)

James 'The Sex' Wilcox (Defender)

Andrew 'Cool' Simpson (Defender)

Paul '&' 'Bumble' Marshall (Defender)

Daniel 'Pantaloons' Murray (Defender)

Matthew 'Moist' Moxon (Midfielder)

Craig 'Hurricane' Hopcroft (Midfielder)

Simon 'Little Bitch' Bridgwater (Midfielder)

Phil 'The Guy from the NOC' Neal (Striker)

Glenn 'Meatface' Powell (Striker)

Scott 'Mincer' Banks (Striker)

First Season Woes

“ Its like Barcelona versus Millwall ”
~ Goals co-ordinator

The Bee's started life taking over from the prolific 'Unassigned 6' team in the Thursday La Liga Division B. They didn't manage to win a game, but all agreed that they were in a division too high for them. They finished the league rock bottom and were relegated to Division C.

Notable Moment's

'The Sex' scoring the first ever K Z Bee's competitive goal. 'Mincer' scoring the first ever hat-trick in K Z Bee history.

Second Season Syndrome

The Bee's started life in Division C with a victory over Railway FC by default. Unfortunately life in division C was not as easy as some had expected and struggled to keep with the pace of the league. There best result so far has been a tightly contested 7-7 draw with LFA, with Matthew Moxon scoring an injury time equaliser, sending the fans into raptures.

Notable Moment's so Far

'The Guy from the NOC' scoring an own goal past 'Fatboy', not dis-similar to Peter Enkleman / Olof Mellberg incident. 'Hurricane's' 3 minute hat-trick against LFA

With 5 games played the Bee's sit 3rd in the table with 4 points.

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