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Refeatured Articles from 2005


Refeatured on July 22


One of Uncyclopedia's most classic and most beloved articles. It has been copied on satire wikis in many different languages and has certainly inspired peace and even unwanted children. One user said "whenever I'm feeling blue I just look at AAAAAAA!". Well...actually it's kind of sad that an Uncyclopedian article is what makes you not depressed. But that's what we are here for.

Rtr6 Square

Refeatured on July 23


Cabbage is that short and sweet article that packs concentrated dirt and humour into a baked and glazed article. There is no padding and no compromise. Full of cusses and dirty words, the article either makes you laugh or makes you want to never return to Uncyclopedia.

Refeatured Articles from 2006


Refeatured on July 24

Fire hydrant

The lonely and metaphysical exploits of a unique and lovable Fire Hydrant will touch you in your heart and touch you in that no place where no one is supposed to touch you...deep down in that no place that shouldn't be touched by anyone...not even by Uncyclopedia.

Fisher Price:

A Retrospective

Another classic article thats just a little bit of an in-joke. It is in response to some anonymous editor that left the text "go eat shit fuckers" on some page or forum. I don't remember...but it should make anyone laugh.


Refeatured on July 25

Refeatured Articles from 2007

Rtrreallybigtree Square

Refeatured on July 26

Really Big Tree

Another one of our beloved articles. It is an example of how a good writer can take the very same subject, mixed with hyperbole and a ton of repetition and still stay fresh and funny.


Refeatured on July 27

Heat death of the universe

An example of one of Uncyclopedia's really geeky writers trying to make science funny...and yes...science parody can be funny...much much funnier than the dorky cast of The Big Bang Theory.

Refeatured Articles from 2008

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Refeatured on July 28

Sania Mirza

Sort of like how Izak Hays left south park when he had to taste his own dose of satyre...Sania Mirza is a beautiful parody of those who can dish it but never take it.

Hot indiscriminate sex

The good life consists of eating white rice, reading Genesis each night and cleaning out your ears with ice cold water. This is the path to salvation and the high road. Keep your penis in your pants and your hooch in your panties.


Refeatured on July 29

Refeatured Articles from 2009

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Refeatured on July 30

Waiting For Godot 2

Only a genius Uncyclopedian can take an absurd and near-meaningless dialogue and make it absurd-er and meaningless-er.

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Refeatured on July 31

Dragon Warrior

Another article written by geeks for geeks...you'll never see role playing computer games the same...even though no one ever sees them these days any ways.


Sauron estate

Lord Sauron

Featured in 2009


Dungeons & Dragons

Featured in 2009


Nobody cares

Featured in 2006

Bouncy castle

Bouncy Castle

Featured in 2006

Crazy coffee guy

Double Ristretto...

Featured in 2006

5 Plus 2

Fish Puns

Featured in 2008


Printer Ink

Featured in 2009

Happy family3

Traditional Values

Featured in 2008


Pulp Novel

Featured in 2006

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