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edit American football

edit American football officials

edit American football players

edit American football stadiums

edit American football teams

American Football Conference
National Football Conference

edit Archery

edit Association football (soccer)

edit Association football general

edit Association football lists

edit Association football seasons

edit Association football teams

edit Association football players (individual)

edit Association football coaches

[JOose Mourinho]

edit Misc

edit Athletics

edit Events

edit Athletes

edit Australian rules football

edit Badminton

edit Baseball

edit Baseball basic terms

edit Baseball coaches

edit Baseball teams

American League
National League

edit Baseball events

edit Baseball officials

edit Baseball players

edit Misc

edit Basketball

edit Basketball basic terms

edit Basketball coaches

edit Basketball teams

Eastern Conference
Western Conference

edit Basketball events

edit Basketball players

edit Basketball referees

edit Bobsleigh

edit Bodybuilding

edit Bodybuilders

edit Bodybuilding equipment

edit Bowling

edit Boxing

edit Bridge

Gun to head

Singaporean bridge

edit Canoe / Kayak

edit Climbing

edit Cricket

edit Cricket players

edit Cue sports

edit Cycling

edit Diving

edit Fencing

edit Field hockey

edit Figure skating

edit Fishing

edit Golf

edit Golfers

edit Gymnastics

edit Horse riding and racing

edit Ice hockey

edit Ice hockey players

edit Lacrosse

edit Martial arts

  • Boob fu - a delightful, healthy martial art in which women exercise their right to bare "arms". "Whap!" whoah, what's happening? "Whap!" oh my, do that again "Whap!" Mamma, I surrender... actually, what I'm really requesting is a good animated sequence that depicts how the trained practitioner can pummel her opponent into senseless admiration. ;) Like kickboxing for non foot fetishists.

edit Mixed Martial Arts

edit Motor sports

edit Orienteering

edit Rollerskating

edit Rowing

edit Rowers

edit Rugby

edit Sailing

edit Shooting

edit Skateboarding

edit Skiing

edit Snowboarding

edit Speed skating

edit Squash

edit Strongman

edit Swimming

edit Table tennis

edit Tennis

Agassi 1990. 300x410

Andre Agassi

edit Track and field

edit Triathlon

  • Multisport — Many multi-event sports end in "-thlon" (like biathlon, triathlon, pentathlon, and duathlon), which could perhaps be the title of the actual article. I feel like there's the potential for a really great concept involving an otherall classification of the sports and their crazy names; what comes to mind is a vague image of a Hydra monster with sport events as heads, each one popping up to replace another. I don't have anything further than that. (un wp g gun gwp | eb 1911 co gct sw yt)

edit Volleyball

edit Wrestling

Animation-wrestle dudes

Amateur wrestling

See also: Wrestlecrap.com, Weird World of Wrestling and Xavier Doom's Slayground

edit WWF/WWE

edit WCW

edit ECW


Mexican luchadore El Santo.

edit International

edit Other sports

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