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In June 2014 we will see the centenary of the start of World War I. This will doubtless be a mammoth commemoration of one of the most significant wars in history, attracting vast interest from schools, universities, veterans groups and the media. It offers us the chance to showcase what a brilliant resource Uncyclopedia is by producing a string of FA-quality articles covering all the most significant topics in World War I.

Operation Great War Centennial will identify core topics on World War I and aim to bring them all to top quality before the Centenary. Initially, the effort will focus on producing a list of core topics and encouraging existing editors interested in military history to improve them. In due course, it will reach out to other relevant UnProjects and editors in general to encourage participation and get balanced viewpoints.

Page Initial Remaining Percent complete
High-level topics 57 53 92.9%
Core Western Front topics 75 69 92.0%
Core Eastern Front topics 28 27 96.4%
Core topics in other Fronts 55 55 N/A
Core Naval topics 33 31 93.9%
Core Aviation topics 31 28 90.3%
Core Technology topics 31 31 N/A
Core Impact and Aftermath topics 0 0 N/A
Non-core but interesting topics 8 8 N/A
Totals 318 304 95.5%

edit Core Topics List

Provisional list of top-level World War I topics:

Article Name, 1 hour pageviews, Total pageviews from stats server.

The stats are produced by searching the raw text of the 14/12/2008 2100 stats file.

edit High-level topics

i.e. World War I itself and 'Main Article's branching from it

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews Status
World War
World War I FA
Causes of World War I
Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
July Ultimatum
Opposition to World War I
Western Front (World War I)
Eastern Front (World War I)
Balkans Campaign (World War I)
Italian Campaign (World War I)
Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
Naval warfare of World War I
African theatre of World War I
American Theater (1914-1918)
Asian and Pacific theatre of World War I
By country Category:World War I by country
Participants in World War I
Triple Entente
Allies of World War I
Central Powers
Military history of Australia during World War I
Aliyah and yishuv during World War I
South Arabia during World War I
Bulgaria during World War I
Canada in World War I
France in World War I
History of Germany during World War I
Greece during World War I
Hungary in World War I
Italy in World War I
Japan during World War I
Montserrat in World War I
Military history of New Zealand during World War I
Poland during World War I
Portugal in World War I
Romania during World War I
Siam during World War I
Switzerland during the World Wars
Ukraine in World War I
History of the United Kingdom during World War I
History of the United States (1865-1918)#World War I
American entry into World War I
Vietnam during World War I
Historiography of WWI
Timeline of World War I
Technology during World War I
World War One (TV series)
World War I in art and literature
Fiction based on World War I
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Armistice with Germany (Compiègne)
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Trianon
Treaty of Sèvres
Treaty of Lausanne
Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire
World War I reparations
Aftermath of World War I
World War I casualties

edit Core Western Front Topics

An estimate of all the highest-importance topics for the Western Front. We need a list like this for each of the high-level topics. Then we will probably have a list of all core WWI topics.

edit War Plans & Doctrines

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Schlieffen Plan
Operational Plan Three
Trench warfare FA
Infantry tactics in World War I
Zimmermann Telegram
Baltic Project

edit Armies and Units

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
British Expeditionary Force (World War I)
Kitchener's Army
French Army in World War I
German Army in World War I
French Army Mutinies (1917)
American Expeditionary Force
British Indian Army in World War I
Canadian Expeditionary Force
First Australian Imperial Force
British Army during World War I

edit Battles and Operations

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Battle of Liège
Battle of the Frontiers
First Battle of the Marne
Race to the Sea
First Battle of Ypres
Battle of Neuve Chapelle
Second Battle of Ypres
Second Battle of Artois
Second Battle of Champagne
Battle of Loos
Third Battle of Artois
Battle of Verdun
Battle of the Somme
Battle of Arras (1917)
Second Battle of the Aisne
Battle of Messines
Battle of Passchendaele
Battle of Cambrai (1917)
Spring Offensive
Second Battle of the Marne
Hundred Days Offensive

edit People

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Helmuth von Moltke the Younger
Joseph Joffre
John French, 1st Earl of Ypres
Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener
Alexander von Kluck
Karl von Bülow
Robert Nivelle
Ferdinand Foch
Philippe Pétain
Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig
Erich von Falkenhayn
Erich Ludendorff
John J. Pershing
David Lloyd George
John Monash
Arthur Currie
T.E. Lawrence
Mata Hari
Wilfred Owen
World War I prisoners of war in Germany
Women in the First World War
Women's roles in the World Wars
Wilhelm II, German Emperor

edit Atrocities and Propaganda

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Rape of Belgium
Committee on Alleged German Outrages
The Crucified Soldier
Harry Band
Edith Cavell
List of hospital ships sunk in World War I

edit Technologies

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Poison gas in World War I
Barrage (artillery)
Hindenburg Line
Machine gun FA
Barbed wire
Tanks in World War I
Bangalore Torpedo
Horses in World War I

edit Core Eastern Front Topics

edit Combatants & Forces

Article Total pageviews status
Austro-Hungarian Army
Austria-Hungary during World War I
Imperial Russian Army
Russian Revolution (1917)

edit Battles & Operations

Article Total pageviews status
Russian invasion of East Prussia (1914)
Battle of Tannenberg (1914)
Battle of Galicia
Battle of the Vistula River
Battle of Łódź (1914)
Battle of Bolimov
Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes
Gorlice–Tarnów Offensive
Great Retreat (Russian)
Sventiany Offensive
Lake Naroch Offensive
Brusilov Offensive
Kerensky Offensive
Operation Albion
Battle of Riga

edit People

Article Total pageviews status
Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia (1856–1929)
Aleksei Brusilov
Lavr Kornilov
Nicholas II of Russia
Vladimir Lenin
Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf
Maximilian von Prittwitz
August von Mackensen
Arthur Zimmermann

edit Core Topics in other Fronts

edit Italy

edit Battles & Operations
Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Battles of the Isonzo
First Battle of the Isonzo
Second Battle of the Isonzo
Third Battle of the Isonzo
Fourth Battle of the Isonzo
Fifth Battle of the Isonzo
Battle of Asiago
Sixth Battle of the Isonzo
Seventh Battle of the Isonzo
Eighth Battle of the Isonzo
Ninth Battle of the Isonzo
Tenth Battle of the Isonzo
Battle of Mount Ortigara
Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo
Battle of Caporetto
Battle of Vittorio Veneto
edit People
Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Luigi Cadorna
Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
Armando Diaz

edit Balkans

edit Serbia
edit Salonika

edit Near East

edit Middle East

edit Africa

edit Asia & Pacific

edit Core Naval Topics

edit Navies & Tactics

Article Total pageviews status
Grand Fleet
High Seas Fleet
Unrestricted submarine warfare
Otranto Barrage
World War I naval ships of Turkey
Dover Patrol
Marinekorps Flandern

edit Engagements

Article Total pageviews status
Battle of Jutland
Battle of the Atlantic (1914–1918)
Battle of Heligoland Bight
Battle of Dogger Bank
Naval operations in the Dardanelles Campaign
Battle of Coronel
Battle of the Falkland Islands
Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby
Bombardment of Yarmouth and Lowestoft
Operation Albion
Zeebrugge Raid
RMS Lusitania
United States Navy operations during World War I

edit People

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews Status
John Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe
Reinhard Scheer
David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty
Franz von Hipper
Jackie Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher
Winston Churchill
Alfred von Tirpitz
Eduard von Capelle

edit Technologies

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews Status
Depth charge
Naval aviation

edit Core Aviation Topics

edit Air Forces

Article Total pageviews status
Royal Flying Corps
Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
History of the Armée de l'Air (1909–1942)
Imperial Russian Air Force
United States Army Air Service
Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops
Ottoman Air Force
South African Air Force
Lafayette Flying Corps
Lafayette Escadrille

edit Battles & Events

Article Total pageviews status
Fokker Scourge
Bloody April

edit Aircraft & Technology

Article Total pageviews status
Aviation in World War I
Sopwith Camel
Fokker E.I
Interrupter gear
List of military aircraft of Entente Powers in WWI
List of military aircraft of Central Powers in WWI

edit People

Article Total pageviews Hourly pageviews status
Air commanders of World War I
Manfred von Richthofen FA
René Fonck
Billy Bishop
Ernst Udet
Mick Mannock
Billy Mitchell
Roland Garros (aviator)
Hugh Trenchard, 1st Viscount Trenchard
List of World War I flying aces

edit Core Technology Topics

edit Vehicles

Article Total pageviews status
Liberty truck
M1909 escort wagon

edit Artillery

Article Total pageviews status
Canon de 75 modèle 1897
Paris Gun
Big Bertha
3-inch M1918 gun

edit Machine Guns

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews Status
Vickers machine gun
Lewis Gun
Maschinengewehr 08
Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun
Browning M1917

edit Small Arms

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Ross rifle
Webley Revolver
Mauser 98
Luger P08
Mauser C96
Lebel M1886
Berthier rifle
Modèle 1892 revolver
M1903 Springfield Rifle
M1917 Enfield rifle
M1911 pistol
Nagant M1895
Type 38 rifle
Type 26 revolver

edit Radios and communication

Article Hourly pageviews Total pageviews status
Signal Corps Radio

edit Core Impact and Aftermath Topics

edit Non-core but interesting topics

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