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Before adding a request please:

  • Search for existing articles on the same subject. If an article exists, but not at the title you expected, you can create a redirect.
  • Check spelling and capitalization.
  • Preview your edit: If the link you added appears in blue, the page already exists. If it exists as a redirect, please note which page it currently redirects to with your request. If it is a disambiguation page, modify the title of your requested page enough so that the page isn't one that already exists.

Important: Before starting any article, please read the policies and guidelines located at BGBU and HTBFANJS so your article doesn't end up here, here or here. If you will not be able to bring an article to finished quality within a short time, please do not click on the red link on this page, but instead start a draft in your userspace ([[User:My Username/article name]]). After you have finished, please go to Pee Review, and give yourself this nice award.

WARNING! Pretty Pretty Pretty Please put all requests into alphabetical order. It will make things easier for all of us.

edit Archaeology

edit Genealogy


edit Geography, cities, regions and named places

Requests for articles about geography, cities, regions and named places are on a separate page, and should be added there.

edit History

edit Historic People

edit Historic places

edit Europe

edit Africa

edit Asia

edit Australia

edit North America

edit South America

edit Unknown continent (at moment - to be sorted)

edit Historic objects

edit Historic events


Deepwater Horizon "dairy" spill

United States

United Kingdom

edit Historic Peoples, Tribes or Groups

North and South America

edit Historic periods

edit American Old West

Requests for articles about the American Old West are on a separate page, and should be added there.

edit World War I

Requests for articles about World War I are on a separate page, and should be added there.

edit Linguistics

edit Idioms

edit Languages

edit Names

edit Linguists

edit Military and military history

edit Conflicts

edit North American/U.S.-Indian Wars

edit Battles

edit United States Marine Corps units

edit Ground Combat Element

edit Combat Service Support Element

edit Other Units

edit Former units

edit United States Navy

edit Air Stations

edit Squadrons

edit Support Activities

edit Other military units

edit Espionage & Intelligence

edit Weaponry, Military Equipment, and Camouflage


Shit cannon

edit Strategy and Tactics

edit Defunct United States military academies

edit Fortifications and other Military Structures

edit Other Military Topics/Disambiguation

edit Politics and government

Requests for articles about politics and government are on a separate page, and should be added there.

edit Psychology

edit Religion

Requests for articles about religion are on a separate page, and should be added there.

edit Sociology

edit Cultural practices, customs and folkways

edit Feminism and women's studies

edit Folklore/Folkloristics

edit Identity politics

edit Other social and cultural issues

edit Holidays

United States
United Kingdom

edit Mythology

edit Fraternal organizations

edit LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)

edit Popular culture

edit Paranormal


UFO religion

edit Sexuality

edit Unsorted

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