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Add your request in the most appropriate place below.

Before adding a request please:

  • Search for existing articles on the same subject. If an article exists, but not at the title you expected, you can create a redirect.
  • Check spelling and capitalization.
  • Preview your edit: If the link you added appears in blue, the page already exists. If it exists as a redirect, please note which page it currently redirects to with your request. If it is a disambiguation page, modify the title of your requested page enough so that the page isn't one that already exists.

Important: Before starting any article, please read the policies and guidelines located at BGBU and HTBFANJS so your article doesn't end up here, here or here. If you will not be able to bring an article to finished quality within a short time, please do not click on the red link on this page, but instead start a draft in your userspace ([[User:My Username/article name]]). After you have finished, please go to Pee Review, and give yourself this nice award.

Bear in mind that biographies of living people are held to stringent standards than other articles.

Biography requests are organized by profession and nationality; add your request to both categories if possible. Keep requests in order by the person's first name.

Information to include
  • Name – be certain of the spelling; alphabetize by first name in each section.
  • Date requested – so that older requests can be more easily tracked.
  • Identifying information – There are lots of James Smiths in the world; which one are you asking about -- the Scottish architect, the American rapper, or who?
  • Notability – if it isn't already obvious from the identifying information, describe precisely what makes them notable. Be concise.
  • Reference – add a link to a reference which identifies the person and/or highlights their notability

Warning: Do not add obviously non-notable names, like those of your friends, or extra #4 from a straight-to-DVD movie. If you are going to add a relatively unknown person, have them be rich with comical possibilities. See Jonathan Lee Riches for a good request for a relatively unknown person. Please read the vanity policy located at UN:CM.

WARNING! Pretty Pretty Pretty Please put all requests into alphabetical order. It will make things easier for all of us.

edit By profession

edit Academics

edit Activists

edit Anthropologists

edit Archaeologists

edit Architects

edit Artists

edit Designers

edit Graphic artists

edit Illustrators

edit Painters

edit Photographers

edit Sculptors

edit Astronomers

edit Authors

edit Fiction Writers/Dramatists/Poets

edit Non-fiction writers

edit Non-fiction writers (unclassified) (sorted by first name)

edit Biologists

edit Botanists

edit Businesspeople

edit Chefs

edit Chemists

edit Computer science people

Note: This section is for real programmers/designers. Please do not make requests for fictional characters here. Please alphabetize by surname.

edit Educators

edit Engineers

edit Entertainers

edit Actors


Colin Farrell

edit Forgotten people

edit Pornography Actors

edit Disc Jockeys

Main article: Music radio

edit Entertainment business people

edit Comedians

edit Filmmakers

edit Directors

edit Documentary Filmmakers

edit Producers

edit Screenwriters

edit Other Filmmakers

edit Magicians

edit Musicians

Musical groups

edit Performance Artists

edit Radio Personalities

Main article: Talk radio

edit Singers

edit TV Personalities

edit Environmentalists

edit Espionage and Intelligence

American Revolution (1775–1783)
American Civil War (1861-1865)
World War I (1914-1918)
World War II (1939-1945)
Cold War (1946-1991)

edit Executioner

edit Explorer/Pioneer/Adventurer

edit Fashion

edit Designers

edit Models

edit Feminist figures

edit Folklorists

edit Geographers

edit Historians

edit Inventors

edit Journalists

edit Law

edit Criminals

edit Organized Crime Figures Conflated with Cartoon Characters


Al Capone, seen here dancing the Charleston on a flagpole.

Five Families-era

edit Detectives and police

edit Lawyers

edit Notable LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) figures

edit Linguists

edit Maritime Figures

edit Mathematicians

edit Medical

edit Military figures

edit American Medal of Honor recipients

edit Natural Scientists, Other

edit Ornithologists (Birds)

edit Philosophers

edit Physicists

edit Political figures

Ward Boss-era

edit Psychics

edit Psychologists

edit Religious figures

edit Baptist

edit Buddhism

edit Catholicism

edit Eastern Orthodox

edit Hinduism

edit Islam

edit Judaism

edit Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints

edit New Age Spirituality

edit Non-Denominational Christian

edit Other

edit Pentecostal/Charismatic

edit Presbyterian/Reformed/Calvinism

edit Protestant

edit Shamanism

edit Unitarian Universalist

edit Wicca/Witches

edit Sociologists

edit Sports figures

Requests for articles about Sports figures are on a separate page, and should be added there.

edit Ufologists

edit People and others who weren't so lucky

edit Biographies of Ridiculous Persons

Please note this section is for obviously fictional biographies. See A. Wyatt Mann, Pants Anderson, etc.

edit Fictional characters in published books

Please do not make up your own fictional characters and add them here, unless you are already a famous author verified with Wikia. This is not a fiction wiki.

edit Relative Unknowns with Funny Stories

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