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29 October

File:BCEcouv CORECTED.png - duplicate of an existing file
File:OBADA Semiconducotr.jpg - As below
File:OBADA SEMI - logo.jpg - Advertising--see description. Recommend blocking uploader.

28 October

User:CheddarBBQ/arch7/ - Spam, probably
Many More Flag's Africa - Not a humor page
HowTo:Many More Flag's Africa - Empty
User:Iwillkillyou333/wiki/User talk:Iwillkillyou333/sig3 - Spam by
User:SPIKE/wiki/User talk:SPIKE/wiki/User:SPIKE/2012 - ditto

27 October

User talk:Mr. Mute/Samara Morgan - Unneeded; owner advised

25 October

File:Blackadder_Theme_(S2)_-Chains - Uploader's request

24 October

User:Safari Joe (redirect) (delete) - Accident

22 October

Category talk:Things - Gibberish spammer
File:IndianaJones1L 468x663.jpg - orphaned by edit Not orphaned!

20 October

HowTo talk:Fuck your Friend's Sister(s) And Get Away With It -- spam
Snarglefoop/Flying toasters (redirect) (delete) -- Accident

19 October

Game talk:Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle/Double super-secret option! -- Single line drug advertisement by
HowTo talk:Convince Your Friends You're Not a Zombie -- ditto by, probably the same person
UnScripts talk:How To Get Your Friends To Stop Calling You Gay -- ditto everything
File:Poo_Lit_Surprise_Commemoration_Song.pdf -- More appropriate to upload as 2 pngs
File:Owlz heading.gif -- Unused in mainspace
Special:Nuke/Buden Buden -- The Italian liquid manure vandal is back with an account

18 October

File:SlapsGiving.jpeg -- Orphaned by edit
File:SlapsGiving sharad.jpeg -- Ditto

13 October

Newcastle, New South Wales -- One-liner with no obvious redeeming value
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/thanksgiving - Now copied to mainspace

12 October

ZB (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect--into userspace

11th October

Category:Liquid manure - Don't need this.
User:Anton199/Bioshock (redirect) (delete)

October 10

File:TukulArwana.jpg - unused file
Template:Cedabox (redirect) (delete) - Broken redirect
File:Garfracist.gif - unused
File:Garfrage.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Jonspca.gif - unused
File:Jonmouse.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Garfsnipe.gif - unused
File:Jonfuckedup.gif - unused
File:Jonblow.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Lizwicked.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Garfpun.gif - unused
File:Joncum.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Jontxt.gif - unused
File:Joninsane.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Garfcunt.gif - unused
File:Garflaugh.gif - unused
File:Garfcunt2.gif - Unused outside failed VFP archive--leave it if that's enough use, I'm not sure
File:Garfdead.gif - orphaned by edit
File:Garfpcp.gif - unused
File:Calpedo.jpg - unused
File:Garfspi.gif - unused
File:Calpedo2.jpg - unused
File:Calpedo3.jpg - unused
File:Calathei.jpg - unused
File:Garffuckedup2.gif - Orphaned by edit
File:Garffuckedup.gif - Unused outside userspace
File:Garfblow.gif - unused
File:Garfnothing.gif - as below
File:Garfrape1.gif - as below
File:Garfjewish.gif - as below
File:Jondonk.gif - as below
File:Jonjeff.gif - as below
File:Garfsand.gif - as below
File:Garfbieb.gif - as below
File:Garfass.gif - Unused file. All of FlameHorse's files should probably go too;
I'm about to orphan them because they're not funny IMHO

October 8

Special:Nuke/ -- The weird Italian person is back (see below). May need a
User:RoseanneYby - spam
User:Guest/WikiWars 2 -- Spammity spam

October 7

Special:Nuke/ -- Several stupid-sounding categories created for a single
article; the article is in Italian

October 6

Forum:I now this sounds stupid but - spam

October 4

User talk:Stephen3000
File:Lava-lamp-1.jpg - Not needed

October 1

The Secret Lyrics to Bach's Compositions (redirect) (delete) - Redirect into userspace

September 30

User:Anton199/bibliography -- Broken redirect

September 28

File:Passedout-photos-1219293907-65213.jpg - unused
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/43 - Pointless waste of time

September 27

Talk:Aaaaaaaaa! - spam
User:Anton199/Articles - Not needed anymore
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/English language - Redundant to mainspace article

September 26

Skinny Bitches
File:Symphonia cover.jpg - unused
File:Homosmall.gif - Unused file, again
File:KaskusLauging.gif - Unused file
Talk:Ubergrue - Orphaned talk page since almost two years ago

September 23

Category:Cheaters - Wasn't this already deleted?
Talk:Canterbury Bulldogs - as below
User:Uncycloperson/End Time - spam
User talk:Darksoul123456789 - well that was pointless--the editor had already been blocked

September 22

Australian electoral system (redirect) (delete) - Double redirect into userspace from mainspace
User:Australian electoral system (redirect) (delete) - This probably shouldn't be here
What Your Customers Really Think About Your Online Business Manager - Spam as usual

September 21

File:Baby-press.jpg - No longer needed
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Baby oil unnews - Moved to Illogicopedia. Going to do something else with the concept, if

September 20

User:Snarglefoop/Bread_machine (redirect) (delete)
User:Snarglefoop/UnScripts:Insight_into_the_Mind_of_an_Asparagus (redirect) (delete)

September 19

Undictionary:Liam -- too content-free
Apply These Five Secret Techniques To Improve Thailand Resort
Why Everyone Is Dead Wrong About Pattaya Motorbike Taxi And Why You Must Read This Report -- spam

September 15th

User:Llwy-ar-lawr/UnScripts:Puckerbutt - As below
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/This page does not exist - I don't know why I bother with stuff like this, it's not
mainspace worthy
Talk:World Autofellatio Championship

September 12

Purely Natural Garcinia Cambogia -- spam
Jefjej -- One-liner
Game:UnFarmville/savefarm -- something in Italian

September 10

HowTo:How To Go Back in time And Find Your Past Western Self With Your Great Great Grandmother -- broken redirect
File:The Beauty of Darth Sockpuppet.jpg -- Trolls

September 7

User:Lori W - userpage seems to be promoting user's book and YouTube channel. There is a chance that he is joking and that both are inexistent, of course.
File:Broom icon.png -- unused, uploaded by me

September 5th

File:200px-Christmas Story House.jpg

August 23

File:Terrified man.jpg - Uploaded another one
User talk:Waltertrain - Spam; user needs blocked as well, obviously

August 21st

Good Korea (redirect) (delete)
Bad Korea (redirect) (delete)

August 17th

Porridge - user who made the redirect acknowledges in summary that it links to an irrelevant article

August 10th


August 6th

User:Anton199/Helen Magnus - I am afraid I won't be able to make anything out of it alone

August 5th

College Dissertation Writing

July 29th

User:ConCass2/Father Ted (redirect) (delete) - only admins can move without redirecting. ConCass2 (talk)

July 26th

Morton Koopa
  --One of a flurry of new articles I am discussing with the author. --Spike
  --Now userspaced by Simsie
User:TheWikiMan026/HowTo:Get rid of Jehovah's Witnesses (redirect) (delete) - Redirct page that is not needed

July 6th

User:Everyotherusernamewastaken/Church of St. Knock-Knock Agenda and Prayer Book (redirect) (delete)

July 3rd

User:Everyotherusernamewastaken/English grammar

June 30th

File:MyrtleBeachcircu.jpg - will be orphaned.
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