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June 28th

Nahoo - An article on an inexistant topic and a spork of another Uncyclopedia article (Yahoo!) with additional formatting problems and a few (unoriginal) jokes
File:Modern Napoleon.jpg - Orphaned by edit (same image exists already under another name)
User talk:Highqualitycamera4 - Spam
User:Ecofuelbox - Spam

June 27th

File:Derry.jpg Deleted per QVFD; now replaced
Plus:/Sorry! Redirect to deleted article

June 22nd

What You Must Know About Printing Device Labeling
File:Football stadium on fire.jpg

June 21st

Counter-strike - Not an article
User:TheWikiMan026/Wikipedia war - Author request
User:TheWikiMan026/common.css - "
User:TheWikiMan026/UnNews:Central Library Hosts Body Cleanliness Program - "
User:TheWikiMan026/Gigantic jellyfish wash up in Dorset - "
File:Dorset Jellyfish.jpeg - to do with article above
File:Big Jellyfish.jpg - "

June 18

Talk:Vladimir Lenin - Same as with Talk:Agatha Christie
Talk:Agatha Christie - The page consists solely of my post, which is a template that I would like to remove
User:Anton199/Template:Article  Don't remove posts from talk pages. --Spike

June 12

User:Anton199/Vandalism (redirect) (delete)
King James - Not a lot of content and no construction tag
Swag Wales (redirect) (delete) - Completely forgot about the link, sorry
Arnold in the shadows
File:Pope Peter.jpg - Orphaned by edit

June 11

RLX_27s_sig.jpg - duplicate
User:ConCass2/sig - don't need this page

June 9th

User:Cajek/vanity/ - Junk
Barcodes Have to be the Best Quality Achievable - Spam
User:Everyotherusernamewastaken/UnScripts:The Importance of Being King Minos (redirect) (delete)
UnScripts:UnScripts:The Importance of Being King Minos (redirect) (delete)
User:User:Everyotherusernamewastaken:UnScripts:The Importance of Being King Minos (redirect) (delete)

June 8th

UnBooks:My sojourn/Prologue - Not great (I am the only person who made contributions to it)

June 5th

User:TheWikiMan026/Talk Fixed Problems 1 - not needed (author request)

June 4th

User:AdministratorNikos1 - Not an admin
User:TheWikiMan026/War with Microsoft - not needed (author request)
User:TheWikiMan026/Unionist - not needed (author request)

May 31st

Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Paul Robeson (resubmit) - Not needed anymore

May 30th

Uncyclopedia:VFH/Justin Beeber - Junk nomination
User:ConCass2/Bottom (TV series) (redirect) (delete) - no longer needed

May 26th

Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/User:Thetruemariozplaze/ROBLOX - Probably not needed anymore
User:TheWikiMan026/a - Template not needed
User:TheWikiMan026/b - Testing how a template works. Not needed any more. (Author request)
File:Derry doesn't exist.jpeg - Image related with article I decided not to write (Author request) 
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Texas - Nominated by a vandal
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Justin Beeber - Nominated by a vandal

May 25th

User:TheWikiMan026/Derry doesn't exist! - Unnews I don't want to write anymore

May 20th

Partito Puzze Varie - In Italian

May 19th

Template:USP test (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect (sorry, didn't mean to leave it)
User talk:Spike is noob - Talkpage of a vandal
User:Anton199/Ideas for articles - No longer needed
File:DavyK17 Eyes.jpg - uploader's request, added {{Quickdelete}} to the file

May 18th

File:Going for gold 1980's (opening theme)
File:Paul shane pebble mill you've lost that loving feeling the whole song
File:Henry Kelly drinking champagne
 --Still in use on user page; have asked requestor to clarify --Spike

May 16th

Andrew Graves - Possibly cyberbullying, but even if it isn't, it's not funny
Logan Babcock - Probably vanity (author's userpage has exactly the same content)
Mr Wiki Pro - The vandal may be funny, but the article isn't
Gluten - not good enough for mainspace, unless the author adds more to it
Actually, I think the ICU tag will be better

May 15th

User:TheWikiMan026/Child Trapped in Ulsterbus boot - sandbox not needed any more.

May 13th

Francis The Bully - Cyberbullying or vanity
Fallsview casinu - Short

May 10th

Ulysses S. Grant - Short
User:Unerieodokenh - Spam

May 6th

Mary Lincoln - Where is the article?
Tanner gracen riley - Either vanity, or just a strange article.

May 5th

File:Cory-in-the-house.jpg - unused file from deleted article

May 4th

Scam letter/addtalk

May 3rd


May 1st

Mr winkler is not thinkerer (redirect) (delete) - The section it redirects to doesn't exist
Velvet Sky -  don't know who patrolled it, maybe me (accidentally), but it is short, not very well-written and has only one joke repeated three times

April 30th

User talk: - Spam, probably No, just Scam letter/addtalk, copied and pasted.
Equitism - Blanked etc. 

April 26th

Template:WikiHow (Capitalist friend) - Author's request. Experiment didn't work.
Why?:Why do people get so butthurt?
Undictionary:Merp - "Merp" means merp. OK

April 25th

User:Macboswell/sushi (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage


UnSignpost talk:Archives/12-13 - Was spam before it was blanked
User talk:Oncoreservices
User:Oncoreservices - Spam
Uncyclopedia:Hall of Shame/VFP/Batman - test 1 complete

April 21st

Puzzemburgo (redirect) (delete)
Puzzembourg (redirect) (delete)
Puzzemburg (redirect) (delete)
Puzzenburg - Short and in Italian
Adult Toys (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. If people type it in, option for actual article will appear as well.
Adelaide on Wheels (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect.

April 17th

Talk:Space otters

April 16th

File:Un-accountable.jpg - Orphaned image as unoriginal image taken from another website so not Uncyclopedia-spawned humour.

April 14th

Nikolas Litrell - I don't even see any jokes, and it's possible vanity
  --I reached the same conclusion independently; see User talk:Quadraplegic --Spike
File:Cloudface4.jpg full picture, replaced with new pic, not used anymore

April 12th

Talk:Glitch City
UnScripts talk:Night At The Museum: Real Version
File talk:Fart joke.jpg

April 10th

Uncyclopedia talk:Protection Request - Completely noobish question. Please huff before anybody else sees it
Forum:I make the funny stuff! - Spam, apperantly
Talk:Indiana Jones and the Typical University-level Dig - Can't tell what this is all about but it has absolutely no connection to the article whatsoever
File:NACMAP.png - Orphaned image.

April 9th

File talk:Fucking guy lolol.jpg - Spam

April 8th

School Sucks
Talk:Russians - The first comment is basically Russian swearing written with Latin letters. Almost all of the rest are trying to explain it.
   Page does have a valid comment on the article. You are welcome to remove the rant. --Spike
File:Pregnantmiranda3.jpg - Orphaned by edit
HowTo talk:Threaten someone like a real psychopath
Category talk:Navigation templates
File talk:Beatles odd.jpg
File talk:Amelia earhart possibly.jpg
UnNews talk:Rebels have already established new Central Bank of Libya
File talk:Mr bean.jpg
File talk:Surprise buttsecks.png
British politicians - Author's request. Was to be a redirect to another page but then I realised the redirect didn't make sense.

April 7th

Peter Quigley
User:Carlb/Archive0 - Nuke edits by related IP
File talk:Killer-robot.jpg
File talk:Mini-skirt.jpg
File talk:Hobbit hug.jpg
UnNews talk:Old Man Winter stubs toe
Talk:Stranger in a Strange Land
File talk:Smooth.jpg
File talk:Bullshit.jpg
Ad01f Hi713r (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect, no one will type it in. 
User:Macboswell/strange fruit (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage

April 3d

Burton Borough
File:50 Cent Mugshot.jpg - orphaned

April 2nd - Happy April Fool's Day!

File:ClintonAristocratsGoneWild.png - Cited by Puppy on User talk:SPIKE; personal porn cache
Evan Lott

April 1st

Night of the living n00bs - It could have been turned into something clever, but I don't think that's the author's plan
The IP also removed the Construction tag added by Simsie, which probably shows that he has finished what he wanted
Canada, eh - Canada, eh
User:Anton199/Sandbox - author request

March 30th - Why are headers supposed to be funny?

User:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sandbox - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sandbox3 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sandbox2 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story6 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story5 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story4 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story3 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story2 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/test5 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/test (redirect) (delete) - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/test2 (redirect) (delete) - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Test5 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Test - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Test3 - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Rovdism - author request
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Template:ICU - author request
An Information To Real-World Devices For electric smoker - spam (probably)
User talk:Karl1067heymheq - not sure about this one. The talkpage is not spam, but the person who made seems like a spammer

March 29th - Watch my icy hot superslide!

File:1507656 447167508745207 252900800 n.jpg - Seems like a personal photo - not sure this is allowed
Vineeth.k.sunny - Vanity
World War VI - Author has not read HTBFANJS
File:H.svg - something screwy with my svg editor

March 26th - BRING ME ICE CREAM!

File:Pa neh 38.jpg by user's request, thanks Al
File:Taj Mahal, Agra, India edit2.jpg
File:Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore 2 amk.jpg
File:Nehru gandhi.jpg
File:Malati Dasi with Bhaktivedanta Swami in Vrindavan 1975.jpg
File:Old Artificial Profile Avatar.jpg
File:Kareena Kapoor.jpg
File:Swastik on head.jpg
File:240px-Gummitierchen Nadel.svg.png
File:Ghandi in Nickerie, Suriname.jpg
File:Mahatma Gandhi, close-up portrait.jpg
File:Salman Rushdie 2011 Shankbone.JPG
File:The Shamed Krishna.jpg
File:Bill Clinton with Professor Lord Meghnad Desai (Joint Chair.jpg
File:Meghnad Desai, Bill Clinton and Anthony Giddens, 2001.jpg
File:Deepa Mehta.jpg
File:Hitchens Cancered.jpg
File:Wendy Doniger.jpg
File:Joshi Evading Arrest.jpg

March 24th

User Kit paddle/Doctor What (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect
Forum:Modifying our policies on blanking talkpages - If you think that this is a non-issue and does not need discussion, I will not argue Stuff and nonsense. --ChiefjusticePS3 09:27, March 24, 2014 (UTC)

March 22nd

Europian (redirect) (delete) - Pointless and misspelt redirect.

March 20

User:Felica1683 - very strange, looks like spam
User:Jocke Pirat/Archive1
UnNews talk:Despite lockout, fantasy football a go

March 18

A gay retared place (redirect) (delete)

March 17

Elsa - Not enough content and doesn't seem to have a concept behind it

March 16

User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Template2 - user request
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/The Green Hornet - user request
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/sig - user request
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/The Soot Empire - user request
User talk:Mr. Soot Gremlin - user request
Liester City Queen's Road railway station
Buffalo, Simcity 4 et al
File:The Birthplace of Muhammad.jpg -- shock image, only used in a userspaced article

March 15

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Well.

March 10

File:PixilatedOrgy.png - pornography
   - Has a very relative humour value (pixels are not where they
     would be expected to be), but Freedom of Expression definitely
     looks better without it --Anton199
   - But there is another user. --Spike
   - Now replaced --Anton199

March 9

User:Daniel Rose - Spam

March 8

Gabriel Turner (redirect) (delete)
User talk:User:sog1970/archive2011-2013 (redirect) (delete)
User:User:sog1970/archive2011-2013 (redirect) (delete)
Constituion (redirect) (delete) - note spelling mistake

March 7

Talk:Fox News - Not very helpful

March 6

File:Kimjongwin.jpg - Orphaned, I don't think it fits the article. Revert me, if you disagree
File:Mortal races of earth.jpeg - Orphaned, doesn't fit with the article

March 5

User talk:Phrank Psinatra/Worst 100 Foods of All Time (redirect) (delete)

March 4

Some in this batch are not orphans; use VFD. --Spike
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