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February 28th

Selena gomez
User:Macboswell/after_burner (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage

February 25

Talk:Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes of All Time/Hitlerbear
User:Banzaikitten and everything related to it.

February 24

HowTo:Not die when eating mushrooms (redirect) (delete)

February 23

User:Phrank Psinatra: Liberals (redirect) (delete) - Created by mistake

February 22

Ministry of taxing and bullying
Department of money collection
User:Thunderboi/guestbook+++++++++++++++++++++result:+unknown+problem+result:+chosen+nickname+"vesroabosse";+sent; - Spam

February 19

UnNews:Denmark to Cull the Whole of Norwich (redirect) (delete)

February 18

UnSignpost:UnSignpost/Archives/11-12 (redirect) (delete)

February 17

User:GumballGuy2361 - Vandal created
File:Suddenly, In-Jokes0.jpg - I think this one should go instead.
User:Macboswell/Out_Run (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage
File:Suddenly, In-Jokes1.jpg - there was a problem woth both my photo editor and file history, so I think it'll be easier to delete that one What? It seems right now! I thought it was my photo editor as well, while it was only the file uploading problem

February 16

Suddenly, Delete!/5 - 
Suddenly, Delete/3 (redirect) (delete) - Broken redirect
File:Suddenly, In-Jokes1.jpg - Something strange is happening with this one -- To admins: This may have fixed itself, don't delete yet.
About:blank (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect.
About Roman Dog Bird (redirect) (delete) - Stupid, pointless redirect.
Suddenly, Delete!/4
Suddenly, Delete!/3
Suddenly, Delete!/2 - Subpage of a deleted article
User:Anton199/Essay/Our attitude towards new users
Googolplexian/Entire number

February 14

User:Phrank Psinatra/Unsolved problems in physics (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspace

February 13th

File:500ftTurdComparison.jpg - Orphaned

February 8th

User:Macboswell/Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage

February 3rd

User:Macboswell/Max Planck (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage
IPod Car/Second - Nor this.
IPod Car/Description - Not needed anymore

February 1st

User:Macboswell/Marylin_Manson (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage

January 29th

Forum:Top Ten Articles of 2013/Round 1 - Moving it back
Game:Random Encounters/Diary/why
William Todd
User:Macboswell/pump_clip (redirect) (delete) - Moved to mainspage

January 28th

Talk:Darl McBride - Spam

January 26

Chó - Vietnamese not needed.
  --Trying to create a Vietnamese wiki; see User talk:SPIKE
Giant Food Stores - Giant505 created an article but then deleted all the content and left one word "giant"

January 18th

I.R. Baboon see User talk:Simsilikesims
Critterz11 - Not someone notable
File:Obama is watching you.jpg
User:Harold Stone - Userpage created by accident (?)
UnNews:South-East of England experiences heavy flooding a Romanian immigrants are expected (redirect) (delete) - Author's request. Page moved
Accidentallyonpurpose - Spam

January 11th

Abc's (redirect) (delete) - Redirects to terrible article on user page.
User:Anton199/Sandbox1 (redirect) (delete) - Double redirect
Aaaaaaa (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type this in without seeing the actual article come up as a suggestion.
Aaaaaaaaa (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type this in without seeing the actual article come up as a suggestion.
  --A handful of pages do. --Spike
Aaaaaaaaa1 (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type this in without seeing the actual article come up as a suggestion.

January 5th

Club Fed
User:Dr Horatio Plant
UnNews:Multi-National Agricultre Conglomerates Find Love Online
Resistor - Might grow; exactly the same IP who left us with Camper van
A wolf (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect. No need for "A."
A terrorist (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect. No need for "A."
A winged Arabian (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect. Makes no sense to link to A wizard did it.

January 4th

A scientist (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "A."
A retarded monkey with the brain the size of an ant's dick (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type it in.
A really long time (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. Doesn't make sense.
A random night elf (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type it in.
A page that goes on for infinity (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type it in.

January 3

User:KristineNadel - Ditto
User talk:KristineNadel - Spam - external link removed

January 2

File:Metalheads and Jehovah's Witnesses
File:Jesus And The Masters Of The Universe
File:Animated Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine - See discussion between ScottPat and Spike on Spike's talkpage
File:"I wanna dip my balls in it!" - Video only used by one article (on VFD). Adds no humour value. 
File:HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA - Video only used by one article (on VFD). Adds no humour value. 
A linguist (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "a."
A life without Oscar Wilde (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type it in. 
A historian (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "a." 
A helluva good time (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect no one will type in.
A girl (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "a."
A genie (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "a."
A gay retared place (redirect) (delete) - See below.
A gay retarded place (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. redirects to an asteroid which is not funny.
A critic (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "a."
A duck (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No need for "a."
User talk:Advertisingagencybangalore - Advertising.
AS 261 (redirect) (delete) - Broken Redirect
A better musician than Bono (redirect) (delete) - No one would type it in and it doesn't make sense.
A biologist (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect as Biologist already exists.
A bonentas (redirect) (delete) - Doesn't make sense in English, only in Lithuanian where "abonentas" means subscriber (and who knows what that has to do with Lithuanian Politics!)

December 31

File:Ewan McGregor The Ghost.jpg
A Serbian guy (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect.
User:Anton199/Sandbox3 (redirect) (delete) - A redirect

December 30

User:Anton199/Template:Article2 - Not used

December 24

File:Obama boxing.jpg - Wanted to help Erectus123 with his UnNews but he found a picture himself
Sir Walter Raleigh (redirect) (delete) - random redirect by Epicgenius
Homocycle (redirect) (delete) - random redirect by Epicgenius
Retard (redirect) (delete)
Haemorrhoids (redirect) (delete) - wrong redirect by Epicgenius
Swimming pool is awesome
Mixing Sailors - The same text under the same name exists on several other websites...
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Ok
Erectus123 - Not a user page
A Grue (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect. No need for "A" in front.
A Man Getting Hit in the Crotch 800 Times gee it hurts so much! I wonder if his balls fall and then roll over the floor (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. No one will type it in.
User:Phrank Psinatra/Worst Bands of All Time (redirect) (delete)

December 23

Blue Ring of Death
Mega shit (redirect) (delete)
Broken redirect (redirect) (delete)
I hope she made lotsa spaghetti (redirect) (delete)
The world's biggest number
Page that redirects to two pages (redirect) (delete)
Youtube Shit
Hotel mario
A Crow (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect. No need for "A" in front.
A Dark Skin (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect.
A Current Affair (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect.
A Day As a Racist (redirect) (delete) - Pointless Redirect. Directs to Queen (band).

December 22

User:Phrank Psinatra/Worst 100 Bands of All Time (redirect) (delete)

December 12

User talk:PuppyOnTheRadio/love story4
AMMO (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect

December 8

End Time (redirect) (delete)

November 20

Impington village college
User talk:Rugrat

November 19

Hoover corporation (redirect) (delete) - Redirects to incomplete userpage

November 17

Game:Randomness Online/putoutfire/takeovernorthernireland
Game:On the Run/rob body
HowTo talk:Persuade your husband - Spam
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Airplane!- (user request, same with all the rest. Should have huffed them long, long ago)
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Create an Article
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Dogma
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Drumline
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/German Techno Music
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/MyTemplate
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Smashing!
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Soot Search
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Soot Thanks Template
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/sig Links to it (signatures) everywhere
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Winnepeg
User:Mr. Soot Gremlin/Winnepeg and the Mouse
UnSignpost:Article/Title - Test
Unreal - don't think this will will develop into a complete article

November 15th

Le Panaché De Cyrano
User talk:Gubby/cake
Ikea monkey man

November 11th

User:Da man360/Guestbook/
User talk:
Emperor Sampharrisonius Maximus I
Talk:Dog lice

November 10th

What does the Fox say?
AntiAntiLemming - Move to userspace?

November 7th

User:Leda Bort

November 4th

File talk:Microwave.JPG - Explained at my talkpage
User:Leda Bort/Learning The Format
User:Leda Bort/The Publication
Dutch (redirect) (delete) - Delete this redirect so I can move Dutch grammar here
  --Nah, just edited the redirect. Some day someone could create a real Dutch article
Electronic Equipment Quality, Ensured - spam
Your Electronics, Your Way - spam

November 3rd

File:Yellow nuclear trefoil.gif - duplicate of File:Yellow nuclear trefoil(2).png

November 2nd

Talk:NIT Calicut - I, uhm... I don't get it...
  --Was nominated VFD (see Uncyclopedia:Votes_for_deletion/archive143), saved
    due to being a Work In Progress (as noted on the talk page), then deleted a few
    days later as an abandoned Work In Progress by TLB, who assumed there would
    be no talk page.
Forum:Join the nofu aristocracy!
Jacky Wuwu - vanity

October 31st

User:DungeonSiegeAddict510/Retarded potato - apparent sockpuppet contribution and cyberbullying
Deutschland ist besser als ihr.
UnNews:Hussain Sweiss - spam

28th October

User:Mimo&maxus/This page does not exist
File:''Norman''.jpeg - Uncategorised and orphaned image
File:-Quarren (Tessek).jpg - Uncategorised and orphaned image
File:0-3.jpg - Uncategorised and orphaned image
File:0-widom.jpg - Uncategorised and orphaned image
File:000d2kyg.jpg - Uncategorised and orphaned image
Category:N00b - Old category - has since been moved to Category:Noobs
Magic balloon (redirect) (delete) - Broken redirect - unlikely to be useful
Shitwizards (redirect) (delete) - Broken redirect - unlikely to be useful
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Hey Jude - Someone called UnAccount created and blanked it.
Preload=Uncyclopedia:Signatures/Default signatureUser:Anton199/sig2
User:Anton199/Diary of a disillusioned editor (redirect) (delete)
UN:NEWS (redirect) (delete)
UN:news (redirect) (delete)
Hell's MasterChef - No humour in it. Looks like it's been copied from another Wiki, I'm guessing Wikipedia.  
 --No, not Wikipedia. Will investigate. --Spike
UnSignpost:Interviews/Model/2 (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect
UnSignpost (redirect) (delete) - After it is deleted, I will move UnSignpost/Main Page there deleted and replaced
Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/current (redirect) (delete)
User:Anton199/USP head:SpecialWikia (redirect) (delete)
UnSignpost/20130810 test (redirect) (delete) all of them are double redirects

27th October

Amilton de Cristo - non-notable. possible vanity.
  New user's first try; still waiting for reply on his talk page; {ICU} would be OK --Spike
Game:Anti Police - no content

26th October

User:Anton199/UnSignposts - Don't need it anymore.
Pikachu-translator -- the author did not finish working on it but he did not know about {Construction} - Anton
File:Martin Luther 95 theses.jpg - Unoriginal. Stolen off google. Removed from article.
Jenk (redirect) (delete) - Didn't meant to leave a redrect behind

25th October -- There Isn't Any

24th October

User:Charvel55 - spam
8 Things To Do At Walmart (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. Irrelevant.
Talk:Prog Archives - Spam? I tried to read it but failed.
ScottPat/Star Wars Quigon Jin Strikes Back Don't know what this is (nor does Author!)

23rd October

Forum:UnSignpost Namespace - Author's request. Moved content.
Forum:UnSignpost Changes! - Nope, this is where the other two went.
Forum:UnSignpost is Back - Author's request. Moved content.

22nd October

Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/MainMenu - Author's request.
Jorge rivera
Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/News - UnSignpost editor's request. Page now under new name.
Suddenly, Zombiebaron - Author request - in-joke
  --Too old, and multiple contributors (though the others all hate us now).
    Happily, there is now officially space on VFD. --Spike

21st October

2100 AD - Before the End of Time (redirect) (delete) - Pointless redirect. Title has nothing to do with redirected page. 
2010 Bloodbath World Cup (redirect) (delete) - Redirects to user space, made-up nonesense article.
2007 Bloodbath Gold Cup (redirect) (delete) - Redirects to user space, made-up nonesense article.
1st Snowy Owl Panzer battalion (redirect) (delete) - Redirects to barely anything on user space page.
Women Deficit Hypersexuality Disorder - ICU has expired

18th October

File:Wynona Ryder Shoplifter.jpg - unused
User:Mimo&maxus/HowTo:Destroy an image - author request
User:Mimo&maxus/HowTo:Stop Being a Loser - author request
User:Mimo&maxus/Userpage - author request
Fart King
Zalgoooooossssssssss - spam
Why I hate SPIKE? - Cyberbullying
Didn't you read the talk about me!? - I know it's supposed to be a WIP but that page's plain garbage and I don't believe there's any hope for it.  
This page is a work in progress
User:Captain_gull/Pssst (redirect) (delete)

16th October

Forum:A Forum for the presentation and debate of new ideas
User:GarfieldIuy - SPAMMERY
Paint jet tv
User:Captain_gull/Phil_Fish - abandoned WIP

15th October

Twyford --Nah, let's see how far Anon can take it. --Spike
User:Mimo&maxus/NAKJ - author request
User:Mimo&maxus/UnBooks:Attack of the Grues - not gonna finish it 
File:Incected.jpg - unused
File:Papasgame.jpg - unused
File:CigarGuy.jpg - unused
File:Imsorry.gif - unused
File:Sheepman.jpg - unused
File:Gothicsleepdeprivationvictim.jpg - unused
File:Drugsfordummies.jpg - unused
File:NeptuneRock.jpg - unused
File:Duck amphibious.jpeg - unused

12th October

File:Onelesscar.jpg - unused
 --Unused by revert; owner tried to add it to a page on VFH; may be added later. --Spike
File:Egerke.jpg - unused
File:Brunomars.jpg - Duplicate of Bruno Mars.jpg
Metallica - Shortness is not a quality here.
File:GOOGLE.JPG - Unused file
File:Spidey3.jpg - Unused

11th October

Women Deficit Hypersexuality Disorder - spam
 I've attached {ICU} with instructions. --Spike
Other War of 1812 - Author's request. It is awful and is a made up war. We have better version at War of 1812. I can neither re-write it (because it is made up) nor put up with it. Finish it off please. (But let's keep this Half-democratic move hush, hush).
 No, let's not keep it hush-hush. You are the only significant contributor but
 you have been rebuffed at VFD. I need a ruling from the other Admins. --Spike

7th October

Template:ShowSecHead2 - author request - unsuccessful experiment

5th October

Nicole Scherzinger
File:Heavy bird and Scout bird in flight.gif - Unused file
File:Heavy bird.png
Graduation of Uncycloversity - Spam

26th September

Spike the mii - My brain hurts
Talk:Central Stupidity Agency - butt poop
Template:Mass Oh Dear (redirect) (delete) - didnt need to be in the mainspae
"Let's See What We Can't Put a Nuclear Reactor into" Program (redirect) (delete) - Useless redirect to Peoples' Nuclear Program as no one is likely to type it in.

24th September

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (redirect) (delete) Not until sure new user knows where his page went
Chumba Wumba (redirect) (delete)

17th September

Godfrey Bloom - Spam
User: - He does not need it
Talk:Melbourne - No value comments (eince deleted) and no need to keep existing notepad.
UserCrabPope/ Conservapedia's History of the World (redirect) (delete) - Redirect to be deleted only
User:Prettiestpretty/archive2/ - Vandalism

16th September - What's with the flurry of vandalism?

Forum:Resigning from Uncyclop/edia - Spam
Ben Ten - Poor article associated with the talk page.
Talk:Ben Ten - What's does this do with being a talk page?
   --Newman, Wikipedia says this is a show on the Cartoon Network, and the talk page is from the author
     who sees it as the best way to ask for help (not deletion)--directly relevant. --Spike

15th September - Starts with a page move of something unfinished

Gustavus Adolphus - If this is deleted, maybe he could ask for a copy back?
Why?:Herobrine was removed?

11th September

Talk:The Wikipedia BBS - Spammy spam, and it aint from a can, you should delete it man, or get in muh van.
User talk: - IP's not allowed to make own talk page.

8th September

Forum:Happy birthday TheHappySpaceman!
This page has been deleted

7th September

File:The Lincolnshire Poacher.ogg
File:The Cherry Ripe.ogg
File:Iraqi Forces Jamming British Station.ogg 
File:Tcp d4 35 m2 irdial.ogg -->
File:Tcp d1 03 counting control irdial.ogg
File:Three Note Oddity.ogg
File:The Swedish Rhapsody.ogg
File:UVB-76 (MDZhB).ogg
File:Tcp d2 39 high pitch polytone irdial.ogg
File:Hanoi Hannah and Radio Hanoi North Vietnamese Radio Propaganda.ogg
File:Radio Peking - March 1967.ogg
File:Der Schwarze Kanal.ogg
User: - Anons aren't allowed own userpage
Fuck Uncyclopedia - Spam
User talk:Ihatethisstupidwebpagelawlol - Spam
User:Ihatethisstupidwebpagelawlol - Spam
Here. - Spam
Mutant - Spam

September 4

Ra the author is not going to finshed it. Fin

September 2

Aluminum (redirect) (delete) Useful redirect for a common misspelling

September 1

Uncyclopedia:Junior Titch
Uncyclopedia_talk:Junior Titch
Uncyclopedia:Titch (redirect) (delete)
Uncyclopedia_talk:Titch (redirect) (delete) this user moved all the contents of his userpage and talkpage to the addresses above, this creating two double-redirects. And he is a user, so it should be in his userspace and not where it is right now

August 31

User:Newman66/Indus River (redirect) (delete)

August 30

Template:Cowbell Still many uses including a few in mainspace
This article won't last more than 5 minutes - Correct.
A funny article an artist's representation of funny
Virgin Trains

August 29

UnSignpost/20130810 (the real one is at UnSignpost/20130810 new)
UnSignpost/20130821 - Author's request
World War VI
The Knox School the last two were created by an IP who probably does not want to make articles out of them

August 28

User:Captain_gull/Polymorphism (redirect) (delete)

The files below serve no purpose in the wiki and aren't used in any page.

file:RÖSS.JPG (redirect) (delete)
file:00-nikolai-zhukov-lets-drink-to-that-1942.jpg (redirect) (delete)
file:Drummer Möss.JPG (redirect) (delete)
file:Rachestry KristJanVärs.png (redirect) (delete)

August 18

File:Mecha-streiasnd.jpg want to re-upload with name spelled correctly.--Naughtius Maximus Leaf F@H Woof!Za slice  MeowMUN 14:05, August 23, 2013 (UTC)
File:We Function - Beer Pong Tournament 2012.jpg
Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Tadistan revolution (2011) Again, the problem is new Uncyclopedian's failure to grasp what we do here,
                                       addressed on his talk page. --Spike

August 14 - Time to empty the cat's box

Game:Johnny Saves Tiger - I don't get it, and can't be bothered to add all the subpages. But please do delete the subpages. I'm absolutely pissed.
Wyvern - I know it's by a new user &c. but it isn't really worth bothering to user-space it, is it?

August 13 - My birthday's over

Responsabilidad patrimonial
Charlie Strap and Froggy Ball Flying High
Charlie Strap and Froggy Ball (film)
Charlie Strap, Froggy Ball and Their Friends
Thomas Funck - Attempting to create a meme.

August 11

Talk:James Dean

August 10

Dwarf pineapple Invalid nomination

9th August

File:Fireman.mp3 - Not anything about a firefighter. This is another one of Ioneadii's stupid files for his monthly old article Fire Nation.
File:Fireman.ogg - This junk file has been sitting here for half way to several months already, and was used for nothing but the previously deleted ICU article Fire Nation.
User:Nelly15 - I cant tell if this is spam, wankery, or stuff created whilst high on crack... 
   --Spike put a friendly warning on Nelly's page about cyberbullying
UnSignpost/20130803 (redirect) (delete)
King of monsters vandalism
Talk:King of monsters

7th August

File:555 Konec Irdial.ogg
File:Lincolnshire Poacher.ogg
File:Radio Signal Echo Foxtrot.ogg
File:Tcp d4 29 faders irdial.ogg
File:Tcp d2 30 cherry ripe irdial.ogg
File:Swedish Rhapsody 3mn 10sc.ogg Sorry if I've been kinda flooding QVFD, but re-uploads don't seem to be fully working properly...
User:Captain gull/Alain Robert (redirect) (delete)
Uncyclopedia:UnSignpost/Template:Header these two are now useless

4th August

File:Poacher.ogg -- Testing Audacity out.
UnSignpost/Template:News (redirect) (delete)
User:Anton199/UnSignpost An experiment wait, not yet, I will do another experiment

30th July

Talk:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
User talk:MOAR Nougats vandal's talk page

29th July

Clearing out my userspace :(
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Template:User cy-2 (redirect) (delete)
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Template:cy-2 (redirect) (delete)
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Welsh English
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Breton language
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Plaid Cymru
User talk:Llwy-ar-lawr/Plaid Cymru
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/This page does not exist

24th July

User talk:Schamschi/Harry Potter (character) (redirect) (delete) - Why not just delete the talk page too …
Cleaning up my userspace --EpicAwesomeness (talk) 07:54, July 24, 2013 (UTC)
User:EpicAwesomeness/Aborted Fetuses
User:EpicAwesomeness/Mariah Carey
User:EpicAwesomeness/Wikipedia Article
User:EpicAwesomeness/1982: Year of the Future Alien Attack
User:EpicAwesomeness/What the Tortoise Said to Achilles
User:EpicAwesomeness/3D in film
User:EpicAwesomeness/I drink my own jizz Actually, I think this one should stick around. EpicAwesomeness (talk) 12:32, July 24, 2013 (UTC)
User:EpicAwesomeness/Side effects
User:EpicAwesomeness/White Men Can't Jump
User:EpicAwesomeness/be gone, vfd demons!
User:EpicAwesomeness/Anniversaries Moar cleanup plz EpicAwesomeness (talk) 14:48, July 24, 2013 (UTC)

23rd July

User:Reverend Brit-Slayer - Brit-slayer
User talk:Reverend Brit-Slayer - Brit-slayer

22nd July

User:Officialislandtells - Spam
User talk: - Same as the other page
User: - IP's arent allowed a userpage, right?

19th July - I'm glad you liked that last heading, but that doesn't mean it can be 16th July forever

File talk:Board of canadians.png - Spam in Russian

16th July - What is this diddy-wah-diddy?

User:Enginber123 - Whoops, accidental welcome on the userpage
Arthur Griffith - About a real, notable person, but not very funny.
Harry Potter (boy-wizard) (redirect) (delete) – a protected double-redirect, either delete or redirect to Harry Potter (disambiguation)
User:Schamschi/Harry Potter (character) (redirect) (delete)
Harry Potter (character) (redirect) (delete) - Delete redirect to make way for Schamschi's restoration

July 11th

User:Anton199/HowTo:Fall in love as romantically as possible
UnNews:Russian Presidential Elections Held Again (redirect) (delete)
Macintosh Moved it to Apple
--No, Macintosh should redirect to Apple, as it does now. --Spike

July 10th

User:RomartusImperatorITRA Brit slayer's page
User_talk:RomartusImperatorITRA his talk page



7st July

Pikachu seizure
Killer Bitch
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog 1,234,567,890 times. (redirect) (delete)
File:- A Map of The World.png
File:- Communist Countries in 1972.png
File:prometheus51.jpg ~ Images that I maked (I does!) for a page that didn't fit on that page and are, therefore, unused on that page. Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 02:17, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

4th July

Ass-whore-yeah! Rai
Dr. Evil
AlvinaMathews723 - See below
User:AlvinaMathews723 - Anon made a userpage, and its not even funny
Markham - Unformatted, unfunny spork from wikipedia, probably
Gray Mann - Spam

1st July - It's YOU LIE!

Forum:New idea
Phat beats - IP himself said, and I quote "(not really very funny but its informative-ish)" in the change summary... see what you want to do about this one, though not much potential in it.
Oakwood (redirect) (delete) - Broken re-direct
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