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14th July

User talk:Captain Brit-Slayer
User:Captain Brit-Slayer - Brit Slayer Spam
User:BoehmLockhart768 - Advertising Spam
BoehmLockhart768 - Advertising Spam
Canadian Bacon - why is this not deleted yet?

July 13th

Canadian Bacon
Category:Pages translated from italian, I moved the content to "Category:Pages translated from Italian".

30th June

Nineteen-eighty-four - incomprehensible or commercial spam
Babel:1337/1337 - IP spam

25th June

Chink -No redeeming features
Hazardous to children -Same as below
HowTo:Keep an idiot busy -No redeeming features/content
--Spike bans author of the above three for 1 day to try to get him to seek help

24th June

Talk:Fan fiction -vanity, or advertising a site
Anna Karenina (gamebook) (redirect) (delete)

23nd June

Giant Australian Penguin -ip spam; IP in question has some good edits though.
User:Anton199/Ghost Writer (the movie) (redirect) (delete)
User:Anton199/Ghost Writer (film) (redirect) (delete) (had problems with the name of the page).

21st June

Atheist Alliance of America - Author's request. Meant to be in userspace for PLS competition.

20th June

Miiverse - ??? Uninteresting --Nah, Spike will userspace and welcome him instead

19th June

Team masturbation-ICU expired, and no improvement whatsoever (It has changed, but the quality is the same) No need to list expired ICU's 
- we have other ways of detecting those. Also, this one is not expired. --ChiefjusticeDS 17:32, June 19, 2013 (UTC)
User:ScottPat/American Revolution - Author's Request

17th June

UnNews:Aliens deny they plan to enforce carbon tax (redirect) (delete)

15th June - I'm still here, alone, alone in the dark

Brian Cahill
Steve noad

14th June-BENSON

On "Stole user's username," now see Forum:Uncyclopedia says you uploaded a video?

File:" STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN " VOODOO CHILE....YOU HAVE TO SEE IT ......THE BEST...... - Spam. Stole user's username.
   Don't; retain in case it can help Wikia track this down. --Spike
File:Space Jam Theme Song - Spam. Stole users username.
   Don't; as above. --Spike
UnNews talk:Obama on NSA Phone Tapping: Most of you need to call your mothers more often - No meaning
   Don't; this is valid positive feedback on the UnNews. --Spike
Am i stupid - New user didn't put it in a talkpage; blanked
File:Beckyplugged.jpg - Pornography

13th June - Fungus

Kids Incorporated - Not funny.
Kidsongs -This redefines listcruft (at first glance) and then it is advertising on the bottom. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!‎ - Not funny at all

12th June, no jokes here

Don Mattrick - Facts, too many external links, possible vanity

11th June - Whatever happened to the HILARIOUS headers?

UnBooks talk:Uncyclopedia Brown and Wikipedia Brown solve the mystery of the missing smugglers and their hidden cave or something
User:Anton199/Anna Pavlova successfully moved

9th June

User:Anton199/Berlin Wall (this paragraph is now in the Berlin Wall artilce)

7th June

Random Insanity/description
Talk:Orange County
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/peth - now-redundant test page
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Google Translate

6th June

Royal Oak, Michigan
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Dr. X
File talk:Avenged Sevenfold.jpg
Talk:The Area of a Square

4th June

User:DungeonSiegeAddict510/Template:User Girly boy Redirect thing... the move page told me to. 
Everyday I'm Shufflin'
User:Poopoolayisontheway‎ Written by an IP. Apparently not.
WB Yeats
UnSignpost/20130603 - Author's Request

2nd June

Ministries of the United Kingdom (redirect) (delete)
User:Anton199/Russian A blank page.

1st June

File:Catholic.gif - violates copyright
User:Raduistoc‎ Made by anon, their only contribution. Not in English.

31st May

User:Anton199/Brittany (region) An exact copy of User:Anton199/Brittany.
File:Communist Countries in 1972.png 
File:A Map of The World.png 
Talk:Shadow the hedgehog (video game) - Spam
Talk:Prophecy - Spam No, contains an {{Oldvfd}}

29th May

Camoflauge Rubber duck -- Same as below; inquiry in to new editor Newman66
Fire Nation -- Not yet; Spike has queried new editor Ioneadii and tagged with {{ICU}}
Russian Czar (redirect) (delete) I have just moved the page to another (more suitable) place.
   Move reversed by Spike; by "more suitable" you mean "more obscure" and you should use VFD instead
Unsignpost/20130510 (redirect) (delete) - Sorry don't know why I didn't label this one redirect originally.

28th May

Domink galaska‎
Flipnote Hatena -- Userspaced with note to author by Spike
Erwin schrodinger (redirect) (delete) -- Capitalization

27th May

Koskenkorvis transformalis lættmjeolkis
User talk:Anton199/Anna Pavlova Just a working plan and not a real discussion which is useless now.
Template:Notalist effectively unused template

25th May


23th May

Brendan woods One line, possible vanity.

21st May

HowTo:Cheat on Test (redirect) (delete) -- article renamed by author
Khaon External links, only a few lines, zero funny.
   --Not yet; to my welcome of author, I appended a request for explanation.
     Give it 24 hours then userspace. --Spike

19th May

Jeff wowo
Talk:Armenia - Spam
Law of averages - Stub article. Only words are "Always reefrhsing to hear a rational answer."

17th May

Atmospheric transmutation - spam
Uncyclopedia:Foreign Office/-Deutsch - spam
User talk: - spam
Carol Cleveland - spam
Betty's Tea Rooms - spam
Ms.Driver - Today's kinda popular, huh.
User talk:

16th May

User:ScottPat/UserPageAntonStyle - User's request
FUCK YA' - Spam

15th May

User:ScottPat/Spanish Lighthouse takes on US Navy fleet (redirect) (delete)
Category:User cy-2
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Kitty Store (redirect) (delete)
User:Llwy-ar-lawr/Shpencil (redirect) (delete)

13th May

Luogic - Bad article that's about nothing
Luo - Vanity, looks more like an urban dicktionary entry than anything else

10th May

Internet Explorer! - Sack of poo, no construction tags.

9th May

User:ScottPat/userboxtable - Author's request
Unsignpost/20130510 - Author's request. (Moved to different date)
Adiabat - Spamspamspamspamspamspam

7th May

Spaghetti Programming - Spam
Malaysia blackout (redirect) (delete)
User:User:Neo0250/Malaysia blackout (redirect) (delete)

6th May

Unsignpost/201305010 (redirect) (delete)
User:Hypster/Article about stuff
Template talk:OD - Test only

5th May

Apology- Spam Not spam, was appereantly vandalized but reverted
UnNews:Hello - Spam

4th May

User talk:Argh isle/Content warning - Delete and protect please
We kill - Spam

3rd May

User:ScottPat/Cap'nCrunchBio User's own request

1st May

Hee hee ha ha Spam

29th April

About me and the people here Vandalism

28th April

ScottPat/UnSignpostTemplate (redirect) (delete)
Curtle Ablitt Not funny at all but offensive. Possible cyberbullying however not sure.

27th April

File:The Backward Music Station (Enigma 'XM').ogg
10^∞ - lolwut

26th April

Ravinder jadeja - spam    
Forum talk:Fuck Everyone - spam

25th April

PORNO Vandalism

24th April

Template:ScottPat/MyTemplate (redirect) (delete)

April 22nd

Talk:Burning - spam
Cap'n Crunch

April 21st

You are a bitch Vandalism by a user who vandalised a lot of user signatures and other pages.

April 20th

User:UnNews:Boston terrorists believed to be British (redirect) (delete)
User:ScottPat/UnNews:Boston terrorists believed to be British (redirect) (delete)
Windows XP

April 19th

User:Snippy/Change.org - user request
File:Flipping food.png - unused image, uploader request
File:DogAndCat.JPG - unused image, uploader request

April 16th

Talk:Carrot - was pasted to a number of pages... spam?
HuertasKrumm291 - spam
User:HuertasKrumm291 - spam
The Emu War (redirect) (delete)
Grand Theft Auto: Vatican City

April 12th

Dwedwx spam

April 11th

BerubeSvoboda230 - spam
User:BerubeSvoboda230 - spam
User:ChunSchuller802 - spam
ChunSchuller802 - spam

April 9th

Template/UnSignpostEditor (redirect) (delete)
UnSignpost/20130804 (redirect) (delete)
File:Linolnshire_Poacher.ogg -- Inferior version of a file that already exists. Author request.
User:Robertmalick100 - spam
League Of Legends

April 8th

Asian Posse
Great God Adamius
The Secret Alliance
Kool Kids Klub
UnPoetia:The Glorious War of Independance (redirect) (delete)
UnPoetia:The Glorius War of Independance (redirect) (delete)

April 7th

User:RAHB/UQmdpmUY - author request, no longer necessary

April 6th

Capitalism: In Grammar (redirect) (delete)   
The War of 1812 (redirect) (delete) 
Panzer Divisions of WW2 (redirect) (delete) 
Commanism: In Grammar (redirect) (delete)
UnPoetia:I Am American And I'm Really Pissed Off (redirect) (delete)
List of Elite Military Units (redirect) (delete)
The Emu war (redirect) (delete)

April 4th

Forum talk:Help Bring Dawn Back - spam

March 30th

Talk:Nicotine - spam
All pages by Special:Contributions/ - spam
All pages by Special:Contributions/ - spam

March 29th

John Paul Jones (Musician) - created and then blanked

March 27th

CrumleyViolette860 - spam
User:CrumleyViolette860 - spam
Www.clarisonicline.com - spam
User:MajorFahad - spam

March 26th

User talk:Llwy-ar-lawr/Cornish (redirect) (delete) redirect talk page

March 25th

Template:Smackdown unused navigation template with 1 blue link

March 19th

Talk:Misanthropy - spam

March 18th

User:Carton - spam

March 17th

Template:PBS2 unused in mainspace
  --With pleasure! Now on to Category:AGH MY EYES
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