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March 21st

User:WalshMarvin321 - spam
WalshMarvin321 - spam

March 16th

AndresenPaez466 - spam
User:AndresenPaez466 - spam
User:ParkinMorello196 - and more spam
ParkinMorello196 - and even more
Forum talk:Accepting Image Requests - spam
Giant Evil Fucking Shit
User:Jocke Pirat/TheRegister/ - spam

March 15th

User:Déménageurs - spam

March 14th

Creative Commons (redirect) (delete)

March 13th

No requests.

March 12th

Category:Lines almost unused and little potential for use
  --Remaining uses replaced by Category:Geometry
Template:Bushism unused in mainspace
Template:Canned unused in mainspace. 
Template:OWQL unused template

This was VFD'd a while, then restored solely because the deletion was generating red links. I went through and replaced it with {{Wilde}}, or deleted it when it wasn't funny. It is no longer used outside of userspace or talk pages. [-Mnbvcxz]

But you have not yet reached the core of this cruft; see Uncyclopedia:Templates/In-universe/Quotes. Spıke Ѧ 17:20 12-Mar-13

March 11th

Template:Re-Write deprecated template

March 10th

User:Ajovano26 - Possible UN:CB in history,  but blanked by author. 
   -- "I love Joel" is unlikely CB (even if "Lumpy" is his pet name), but it's huffed now.

March 7th-9th

No requests.

March 6th

file:Zynga2.jpg more porn, censored, but hardcore
file:Zynga3.jpg unused and porn

March 5th

User:Alksub/9 - Author request --Alksubsig.gifAlksub - VFH CM WA RV {talk} 20:47, March 5, 2013 (UTC)
Face For Radio
User:Bartolrana = spammm

March 3rd-4th

No requests.

March 2nd

Unquotable:Missing page (redirect) (delete) unused redirect
User talk:Robertmalick100

March 1st - then shoot

Undictionary:Mathematics - meh
User:NTTjassi - spamspamspam

February 28 - green eggs and spam

Words from Panoramic Group Chairman Sudhir Moravekar - spam
User:Igf-1 lr3 - spam
User:Robertmalick4 - spam

February 27


February 26

History of Singapore - broken redirect, page moved from mainspace back to userspace
  - No; it remains in mainspace until you write something better. --Spike
Lista di pisippi 
Power Rangers Nazi Force
  - I second the above. Meme meme memitty meme. 
User:Tantra massage - spamspamspam

February 25

Undictionary:Nazi - 2nd opinion, please: Anon's work today seems uniformly bad
Undictionary:Los Angeles
Undictionary:Harlem Shake - Wikipedia has a disambiguation page on this, and none of them lead to a dessert.

February 24th--I feel crufty pages approaching

IWP (redirect) (delete) - Unused redirect (WP was used in one article, but has since been removed.
WP Hot Chicks (redirect) (delete) - Unused redirect (and double redirect)
IWP Hot Chicks (redirect) (delete) - useless redirect

February 23rd

IWP:WS! (redirect) (delete) - Dead redirect (This a preceding pages were previously at WP namespace. Now no longer viable due to iw link.
IWP:PILLARS (redirect) (delete) - Dead redirect
IWP:CIVIL (redirect) (delete) - Dead redirect
IWP:ADMIN (redirect) (delete) - Dead redirect
IWP:3RR (redirect) (delete) - Dead redirect
Josh brignoni- vanity

February 21-22

No requests.

February 20th - Fancy a Crumpet?

Test of abuse filter 17 - tests done - I think. Good warning, btw.
Forum talk:The Unquotable namespace

February 19th

Image:Pogrom.jpg dead people, probably against policy
  --No; in use (and user is on VFH!)
Talk:Tobacco - spam

February 18th

File:Thanksgiving-NicoleWestbrook.jpg - In use

February 17th - Only 310 days until Christmas

User talk:Phrank Psinatra - request rescinded
George W. Bush (quotes) (redirect) (delete) - Only linked via archives - non-essential.
File:Volcano boom.gif - Requested by uploaded previously. No longer in use.
Category:Dora's Hitlist on one userpage
Template:Do Not Remove used on only 3 userpages
Template:A Template per above

February 16th - The broom is off the loase

User talk:NameableUser page to be maintained unless the user requests otherwise
Forum:FFW 2011Forum to be maintained
User:Cat the Colourful/Archive 2User page to be maintained unless the user requests otherwise
Forum:Count to a million/The 16th archiveForum to be maintained 
Forum:Hi, folks! Guess what? Wikia is censoring us. Forum to be maintained
File:Volcano boom.gif Image is in use
Forum:An open letter from my hoard of ponies/archive1 No, we aren't deleting Forums where you are discussed, Aimsplode
User talk:Zim ulator No, we aren't deleting OTHER PEOPLE'S TALK PAGES, Aimsplode, see above

February 15th - Valentine's Day is over and you can get roses cheaper

Legal Department/sceduale (redirect) (delete) - Created in error.
Legal Department/Summons (redirect) (delete) - Created in error
  --But placed on fifteen or so talk pages (without benefit of template?)
    --Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Summons (the original location) is linked many places....
  --You're right; it's deleted now. --Spike
Undictionary:Roseus Hominus - Spike sez it's racial stereotypes without humor, asks for 2nd opinion
  PotR hacks at it, concludes "still pathetic"

February 13th - Pointless headers are the future

No requests. Actually, skipping entire days, like the 14th, may be the future.

February 12th

R Floor Questions and Answers spam

February 11th

Power Rangers S.S.S - WTF?
Joss sibbering - Spike has asked author to show why this isn't vanity; waiting....

February 10th - Tabula Rasa

No requests.

February 9th - Get the shovels out

Forum:Are you a Matthlock? - Wasted forum.
Forum:Last person to edit wins - Delete and/or change name references from "A_msp_de" to HGA.
    --No, Aimsplode, we are not going to cater to your new identity by editing the past. --Spike
Avatar: The Last Airbender - Give Anon until the end of the day to do something with this spork

February 8th - Let's get snowed in!

I'll archive this tomorrow morning (EST) to see if the two authors resolve the issues just below. Spıke Ѧ 00:08 9-Feb-13

Mugabley's law - Hold off; Spike asks author to show that it is not about himself
   --He uploaded a photo today of Richard Branson (which would work) but went no further: Userspaced
Young boy cruzer - Hold off; Spike offers author one chance to recast to not be about his personal friend
Floyd - Copypasta of Stupid. Changing the name suggests UN:CB   
User talk:SPIKE/Welcome - test - and I don't see any issues,
Forum talk:Proofreading Service - spam

February 7th - Any weather you don't have to shovel....

Forum:An open letter from my hoard of ponies/archive2

February 6th

Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/nickelback
ISKCON Funnybony request via email to Romartus  to delete this article by him. Any objections? 
User talk:Sumone10154 - User request. sumone10154(talk) 01:45, February 6, 2013 (UTC)
  There's nothing in the history except a former pointer to an archive file--which we would not delete either. --Spike

February 5th

User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Aimsplode - On review, UN:CB, and the target user wants it gone. 
User:Cat the Colourful/Aimsplode
User:Heidi Range/Articles About Stuff - Blatant fanboyish advertising 
Silviu Ardelean
User:Sumone10154 (User request)

February 4th - You don't pronounce the first "r", do you?

No requests.

February 3rd - It is

UnNews:MS-Windows barely survives  Added in error. --Chiefjustice32X 18:48, February 3, 2013 (UTC)
Talk:The Wikipedia BBS‎ - created by spambot

February 2nd - It could be worse

File:Chariot race.gif - Abortive first attempt at Chariot_race.jpg, 1px
Popular People - Vanity/schoolcruft
Template:NSFPArticle - Aleister claims on VFD it has no remaining users.
Evil God - Adding {VFD} gave it two more days of life, which it doesn't deserve. Time's up.

February 1st - The start of a brief but bleak month

File talk:Boob Sucker.jpg
Babel talk:Furby (redirect) (delete)
Babel:Furby (redirect) (delete)
Game:Ass Hero
Game talk:Ass Hero (redirect) (delete) - from Template Spammer
HowTo:Burn a Furby (redirect) (delete)
HowTo talk:Burn a Furby (redirect) (delete)
R.O.B. (redirect) (delete)
Forum talk:Proofreading Service
Get a Better Look at European Brides‎ - Spam
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