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January 31st

User:KaileVue869 - The usual

January 30th - Time for a haircut

Colette Choisez
File:Mod article178131 51061c5c1aa4c.jpg - graphic porn
User:CristabelBickel823 - spam
CristabelBickel823 - spam
User talk:Carenmorris0521

January 29th - Are we done yet?


January 28th

Talk:Sarcasm - spam or something
A constellation in cat form 3 - Time for a ban
A constellation in cat form 2
A constellation in cat form
Psychotherapy for my cat ends up committing suicide - Gigantic upload of WTF by new user
User:Robstew/Subaru (redirect) (delete) - moved to mainspace
Uncyclopedia:Subaru (redirect) (delete) - created in error
UnNews:Iran launches monkey in to space (redirect) (delete) unused typo-generated redirect. 
File talk:CALENDR.jpg - abandoned talk page
User:Snippy/articles - author request

January 27th - The end is nigh

Forum talk:ED is the worst - Commercial spam in Russian?

January 26th - Another day, another IP for Template Spammer

Evil God - Spike thinks RAHB's {WIP} is too good for this
UnNews:Incoming freshmen woefully unprepared for highschool - Vanity-to-schoolcruft by Anon
Potaten - Pro fact.
Henry Luzi
Robbie Luzi
Max williams
HowTo talk:Face your upcoming death - Greetings in Portuguese.
Forum:Pixel Hunt @ Android
Forum:Last person to edit wins
Category:03 January 2013 empty cat, should be Category:3 January, 2013
Battleground - His first contribution of the day; topical

January 25th - Exetera

ChrisMumford487 - SPAM
Template:NSFPArticle - On VFD; now orphaned
Template:Preggo author request, unneeded since we don't use warning templates anymore
Naked Brothers Band‎ - Anon copypastes from WP
User:Willsnow/Larry Allcock - Author was using UN and WP to develop fiction; sent to wikia.com to start his own wiki

January 24th - Ditto

Savitur Maharaj - Trash
Nucular Bomb
Bini Ohlin - CB
User talk: - Aleister chats up the Template Spammer
UnBooks:Barney The Racist‎ - Lives up to its billing
UnPoetia:Shit‎ - Also everything you would expect
To infinity and beyond‎
File talk:AngryFurbyOnFire.jpg - Created by the Furby vandal
File talk:AngryFurby.jpg - Ditto

January 23rd - Miércoles

Sock monkey‎ (redirect) (delete) - Useless redirect to Socks from Template Spammer
Wonderful World of Dildo‎ (redirect) (delete) - Ditto, dildo
User talk: - Served purpose of getting Anon to sign up
Carmine - ASCII art by Anon
OAICAP - Vanity; have warned author

January 22nd - Monday

Two door cinema club - Real version has initial caps; should be a redirect but someone may have edited this after I Move'd it

January 21st - Sumday

Farting preist‎
Gay guy in the OR
Game of charging - WIP is too good for this; no hint of a plan to be funny.
User:Renia/Julie Nossen - empty page, please delete

January 20th - Sumday

Alberto Da Zara - From Wikipedia?  Shouldn't it be "op. non cit."?
Alastair Adams-Cairns - CB+NC+total crap
Computer Activities Trends
Forum:Links to the fork at uncyclopedia.co - Anon recreats a page that had been renamed.
Lake Huron

January 19th - Smurfy Saturday

File:David b reader gif.gif - UN:CB
David B Reader - School-cruft
Han Solo - Uploaded in one gulp by Anon; red-linky and awful
Sunday drivers (redirect) (delete) - Article is now under the singular
Minks Paradoxon - subject Daniel Minks is unknown on Wikipedia; appears to be German vanity by Anon

January 18th - Blurglecrunchen

User:Badmachine - Added during last weekend's vandalism wave.
History of the world/Classic (redirect) (delete) - restored back to main article
Forum:"Come to the new wiki, it's better than this one" - Overt trolling. Your call.
Endolph Hitler - Huge spork from Wikipedia with a first name no one is going to type.

January 17th - Pew pew pew!

Ice cream tub and elastic bands - blanked by sole editor
   Puppy: He has unblanked after I contacted him on his talk page, and might go further. At most {Fix}
International Baccalaureate - Previously deleted various times (see [1])

January 16th - My cat is sleeping

Talk:Memphis joe
Memphis joe - copypasta [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memphis_Joe]
User:Projectmayhem666/Republic of Wadiya/thing - Author request
User:Projectmayhem666/Republic of Wadiya - Author request
Emeril Lagasse

January 14th - Les Miz Able

Andy reid
Category talk:Boobage Images CA
UnPoetia:Go the Fuck to Sleep - Aleister says (on its talk page) that it is totally plagiarized.
DriggersGuinn507 and talk page
User:風俗求人 spam

January 13th - I won an egg and spoon race once!

Wonder School: Little Guy and The Steel Troops ~Army Adventure~ - Here's another one, just like the other one.
File talk:2aerosmith.png - Keep. Aerosmith fan doesn't understand the joke. 
Shannon Michelle Dwyer
Joshua Poznanski
Lake Huron
Wonder School: Little Guy and The Cartoon Caper ~Theif Adventure~
File talk:Board of canadians.png
User:Nadine Coyle
RyeYazzie316 spam
User:RyeYazzie316 ip generated spam

Jan 12

User:Mnbvcxzbot/deleteme artifact of page move corrections
User:Mnbvcxz/deleteme per above
55 Cancri e

Jan 11

File talk:Funny image puss.png
Game:Attack of the Beastly Baby-Sitter - Dumb, and abandoned for 3 days by Anon
User:Lee Ryan - Excessive vanity even for a user page
User talk:IMD11
Forum talk:Proofreading Service
Category:Pages with a template with a hand on it unused cat
User talk:Chris Johnson looks like cyberbulling, (which was just removed by an IP)

Jan. 10 -- Hung over the morning after the festival

User:Bizzeebeever/An open email to Wikia -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Archives -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/Calorington (town) -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/His or Her Majesty's Secret Service -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/House of Reprehensibles -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/Sack Full of Wet Cocks -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/Steven Spielberg -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/The Greatest Story Ever Told -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/UnNews:Star biggest and brightest discovered since...four days ago -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/UnNews:UnNews vandals destroy Uncyclopedia -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Articles/Vampire watermelon -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Flush -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Ick -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Navbox -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Sandbox -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Sandbox2 -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Template -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Bagel -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Capital -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Comedy -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Lists -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Quasar -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Spikes -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/The Shining -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/To fix/Transamerica Pyramid -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/USA -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Vandalism/2 -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Yum -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/Yum/link -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/link -- user request
User:Bizzeebeever/monobook.js -- user request
Borth - Article uploaded by Anon in one gulp; same as deleted in '11 FFW?
User:James1011R/reg;ewrgegerge - Contents better than title, but still incoherent
The pancake softness scale
File talk:Peter2.jpg‎
Lodon - Anon has potential but didn't get far
UnNews:Pregnancy officially determined STD, local doctors say (redirect) (delete) redirect to userspace

The 9th day of the festival of Janus

User:Kip the Dip/UnNews:Martians have shitty-looking flowers
Forum talk:Proofreading Service
Forum:Leave Wikia, my brothers
Force 'em Backs - redirect to UP

January 8th - Autobots, transform

User:Mnbvcxz/Trap boobies user request, blanked redirect

January 7th - All is Quiet..for the moment

Eating disorders
Joj per below
Spermicide vandal vomit
Soviet hats
Pits of hell - Vanity/CB of no interest outside LeMoyne College

January 6th - Chaos and Confusion

Adolf Sannse - pointless redirect
Heil Sannse

January 5th - Tick Tock

Lu Bu - Redirect to my userspace and would cause bad things to happen. 
Indrek Kaljuvee

January 4th

Albert Jazeera (redirect) (delete) - No one's going to type this
DonniGalicia94 - Same here
User:DonniGalicia94 - IP spam
User:NganFerre3 - spam apaprentlly
User:Boot prüfung - There isn't a user called Boot, erm, Prufung. This was made by someone else in german. Maybe the reason why this was made is explained here, I'm not sure... I should definitely start reading german, it's such an awesome language!

January 2nd

Alpha Quintesson (talk / contribs) (+The dork who links this article on Uncyclopedia:QuickVFD is a dumbass and vomitsucker)
The dork who links this article on Uncyclopedia:QuickVFD is a dumbass and vomitsucker
Alpha Quintesson EATS FARTS
Alpha Quintesson
ShashiRamawat - vanity
A idiot wrote this page - carbon copy of 12 year olds invading the Internet. Delete as plagiarism. on second thought, it might be VFD material or FFW material.
User:Kip the Dip/Numaphiles

January 1st - Happy 2013

Grandmasterchampionship - Is this about something? or is it vanity?
UnNews:Iran welcomes 2013 with a cascade of friendly fire
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