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July 30: FFW over. Lets watch the flames...

Formula World
House of Reprehensibles - probably too old for QVFD, but a guaranteed goner if put on VFD.
HowTo:Make French People Surrender already tagged for FFW.
Years of incredible solitude at the hands of our giant ape overlords who like human breast milk in their coffee - The title hints to something intelligent, but, sadly...
Porch swing - ...
Jimmy johns
Template:Comicfont - Do we really need this?

July 28: Does a set of all sets contain itself? (FFW Day 7)

Troy jones
Speculation Revised
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Millard Fillmore
UnNews:Rebekah Brooks denies having any knowledge of being editor of News of the World - Redirect unnecessary
Steven Adler
Armor lock
Akira Makino
Irritable Bohl Syndrome
UNmarine777:How To Be stupid and Not Just Funny
Complete and Utter Moron
Taylor Swift
Younger brothers
Rape Dungeon
Red dead redemption
The Truth of the HUMAN EAR MOUSE
User talk: - numbers dont get pages
User:Frosty/List/To Do - user request
User:Frosty/BP'ed users - user request
User:Frosty/BP'ed users1 - user request
User:Frosty/BP'ed users2 - user request
User:Frosty/BP'ed users3 - user request

July 27: This day has been saved from alien abduction (FFW Day 6)

Chodemobile - Redirect. Points to redirect that leads to userspace
Worst cars (redirect) (delete) - Redirect. Points to redirect that leads to userspace.
Worst 100 Cars of All-Time (redirect) (delete) - Redirects to userspace
Dartford - Wikipedia Copy pasta!!!!
File:Hallucinations.gif - It doesn't work for my article
The X-Files
Category:Articles tagged for burnination
Category talk:Copyright
Trendship - Not in voting queue or nominated - remove FFW
Red Sox
Top 100 Things Rick Astley is Never Gonna Do
Roman Polanski (redirect) (delete) - See UN:RQ.

July 26: What exactly happened to July 25th?? (FFW Day 5)

Kirk hamett - This was blanked by the author. Reverted by Fnoodle.
1 1=? - FFW failtag
1 1 - failtag on FFW
Speaker at Norwegian Summer Camp Was Apparently Persuasive, Motivational; Impact is Projected to Have Changed “Scores of Lives” (redirect) (delete) - unnecessary redirect
Bob Rennie
The Art of Fish Tying - ?
Great blasket island
Dartford - WP copy pasta
Armor lock
Worst 100 Cars of All-Time Refugee from the forest fire.
Let's Try a Self-Titled Album Without Nico
White Wine/White Feet
Mount Fuji
King Ghidorah
User:Lollipop/welcome.js - User request. --Purple mini lolly  Lollipop  Purple mini lolly  - CONTRIBS - WRITINGS -  SHOP - Now adopting!     - 23:33, 26 July 2011  
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (redirect) (delete)
User talk:Scofield/Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories - Redundant.
Talk:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories (redirect) (delete)


1 1=? - 
1 1 - Um what?
States of the United States of Earth Moved to United States of Earth/States of the USE 
Harrison wain
User:Electrified mocha chinchilla/b& - - author's request
Akira Makino
Alex freeman
Guitar tablature
Why?:Should I be a Nihilist?
The geek survival guide
Brotherhood of steel
Melissa clark
Nobody likes me
Bumfuck, Egypt
Common people - Article has NOT been expaned in a long time.
Robert Unwin
Jordan Carver

July 23: Spam spam spam spam spam spam...maps? (FFW Day 2)

Electric Solider Porygon - A few lines will not save this article even tagged with a WIP temp.
User talk: - vigilance.
User talk: - vigilance.
User:Frosty/April fool sig - nnnaaaahhh
Best Package Ever
Adolf Elizabeth Hitler
Sir Rantsalot
Anders B. Breivik
Slouch socks
Felipe Massa
Game:Mission x
File:Stick_figure_murder.png -- uploader request, found much better
Jawahar lal nehru - what?
User:Yitzaklr/Howto: Catch a Terrorist Draft (redirect) (delete) - userspace redirect out of userspace
Radiation poisoning
Jos A Bank
Bowling For Dollars
Negra model
Nevada (state) (redirect) (delete)

July 22: Forest Fire Week Day 1

Emiril Lefaggot
Axis Powers Hetalia - The hell
Grass snake
Tommy wisseau

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Fisher Price (company) (redirect) (delete)
Rube goldberg machine
Chain reactions
User talk:Pjepic - spam?
File:272410 247530865262989 100000182311547 1195290 4356414 o.jpg
Richard Dawkins
Man Points - ???????????????????????????????????????????????
Tudd fudders
Game:ILover/bi Abandoned WIP (author request)
Game:ILover/fashions Ditto
Game:ILover/heterofemale Cleaning up the remainder, main game page already huffed.
Game:ILover/smalltalk Ditto

July 21: The white zone is only for loading and unloading of CHUCK NORRIS!!!

Old version of File:FD5.png
Alex minish
My bedroom - couple of lines

July 20: The 1337 Patrol shall prevail!

Rainbow bunchie - CHUCK NORRIS!!!
Zac David Taylor - vanity?
Daylesford - one-liner
Bantam rooster - wut?
Eli Roth
Makoto - This can't be saved from ICU.
Desciclopedia - Is this REALLY needed?
Complain to me
User talk:Lollipop/archive 1 - User request. It's good now.
Siniša makić - more IP spam
Lean like a cholo
Sürfen - nice language
Gillian Westerberg
Monica foster
Category:20 July 2011 - empty
Category:10 July 2011 - empty
Category:6 May 2011
Category:Nickelodeon resistance - empty
Category:Wiki star - empty
UnNews:New online dating service opens for socks - wait what? - (This is Sims' new project, so I ICU'd it. --TheSlyFox)
The english language

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2008 Canadian Grand Prix - recently killed by a maintenance tag. Looks like someone saved a copy.
The english language

July 19: BOOP!

Lulz sec
Ari rosemblat
User:New Years Paniponi Dash/Lite - Waste of wikispace.
User:New Years Paniponi Dash/Episodes/Season 1 - I know this is someone elses userspace article, but it looks as a copy+paste job from Wikipedia.
Drug Enforcement Agency
Steve Carwing
Tiny people
DEaThs33ker 20
Bob gregory
List of Wikia's - Another wiki war under construction... WP:SNOWBALL?

July 18: Erogenous Zooooooone!!!

George Clooney
User:Electrified mocha chinchilla/Rape - author's request
Dwayne Holloway
Image:Warning.svg - unneeded
Old version of this image: Image:Typical driving test.jpg - keep current
Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Predator's Guide To Runescape
Fo loop
Game:Page 1 - hmmmmmm
UnScripts:Mindjack:The Movie (redirect) (delete)
Clara lim mei xing

July 17: Today, you will learn how to defend yourself against a criminal armed with a banana!!

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Talk:Welcome to the PBS
Welcome to the PBS
Lucas 2 
Fallout new vegas
Red mage (redirect) (delete) - Failed redirect
File:Wonderful Land.jpg - I started to feel sick of this picture.
Shitty one-liner - ??????????????????????????????????????????/
Mark Sanchez
Schlafly qoute generator
USS Enterprise (CV-6)‎‎ - poop poop poooooop
Archlinux - Why didn't he actually write it himself??

July 16: Oooh, what's this button do!??

Adrien brody
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Use fake casino chips
Red dead redemption
Pius park
Grand Theft Auto: Antartica (redirect) (delete)
Talk:I'll Never Play in China Again
Talk:Roald Amundsen
Felipe massa
Mark Webber
Mark webber
Team Fortress 2
Sebastian Vettel
User talk:DJ Mixerr/Counter-strike
Dalai Lama
So Nyeo Shi Dae - So Now Is Daeleet. Awesomesauce.
Talk:Grand Theft Auto: Antarctica (redirect) (delete)
Talk:Grand Theft Auto: Somalia (redirect) (delete) - redirect
Talk:Grand Theft Auto: Halifax (redirect) (delete) - redirect
Cher lloyd
USS Enterprise (CV-6) - wikipedia cruft
Anna silkwood
TV Tropes/editnotice
SirroN kcuhC - CHUCK NORRIS!! I know it's only a few minutes old, but would this really survive under any circumstances?
AC-130 Gunship - Somone spent a whole lot of time being random here.
Revolution of hitler - 
Daemonica - ??_????? O_o

July 15: International ban Cajek day

Ruparelia - ???
File:Ironicislam.jpg - Smaller duplicate of the one already on Islam.
Fucking Pakistan - One liner
Birth - One liner
Arshpreet Badesha - Same as the 3 below
Daniel yeung - HAHAHAHAHA no.
Matthew Greenwood - HAHAHAHAHA no.
Arshpreet - HAHAHAHAHA no.
File:Bandeiras.jpg - another orphaned non-English one
File:Brasao.jpg - orphaned image for that non-English "Sealand" article
Condado de Sealand - Do these people realize there are Uncyclopedias in other languages??
User:TheSlyFox/Bureau for Editing Time Itself - This was on VFD not too long ago--turns out I didn't need to save it, after all.
Cale Quo
UnNews:UNmarine777 is wanted in 14 countries - ????????????
Joseph Stalin

July 14: Self-awareness day. Punch yourself in the face to make sure you still exist

Gugliemo Marconi
Videbæk havn - sry, non speakn von lan-gauge, ja.
The Covenant (Halo) Redirect

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Rugby World Cup
The Clan
Template:M is for murder (redirect) (delete) - Userspaced
UnNews:Hope for somaliarized USA - oh boy
Psychic reading
UnNews:World Triumvirate Moody, Fitch and Stan Poor somaliarizes US - Bretch of UN:N
Template:EPIC 卐 FAIL - no
Bering Sea
The Matrix
Miranda Kerr - poop poop poop
Template:Unfunny dumbfuck
User:UncycloSte - By another user
LV6 - Someone's on LSD
Austin Crowe

July 13: It's Wednesday everybody

Andy sixx
Dalai Llama
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/HowTo:How to:survive the Apocalypse before and after - See below
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/How to:how to survive the Apocalypse before and after - Writer got confused and made 3 requests under different names, also blanked.
Anarcho-Fascism - Duplicate of Anarcho-fascism we don't need two articles.
Adam Alderman - ??????????
Onicka marajTTerbo
Hunter Kettle
Richard Elfman
Dlmb - unfunny
File:LOOKATDAT.jpg - gore

July 12: What is a moose?

The UNcivil war  
Mirjam Weichselbraun - no

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User:JelloMold/Hyperbole Reviews - some crap draft of mine I want to get rid of
Halo - recreated content in an unfunny way.
File:The Giver.jpg - Shock image (Also protect)
Meepsheep - Add to Special:ProtectedTitles I think.
Extremo2 (redirect) (delete)
Extremo1 (redirect) (delete)
Luke See

July 11: Zombiebaron, that is all

Glee - I poop on this 
Hatsune Miku
Epic meal time
Depends - Someone doesn't know how to format a quote. Or write an article. 
Ink blot
Caylee Anthony
Casey Anthony
Pride Glasgow - Wikipedia cruft
Hatsune Miku 

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No picture article
Oh zhi jie
Talk:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (redirect) (delete)
Nintendo 3ds - Who cares?
Vanessa alexander - I hope she's a better cook than I am...
Republic of Magicia
U.S Secret Service - Time for the earth to be salted me thinks
What is the height of a pteranodon

July 10: This is the funniest header we've had all week...

Steve lund - Not being zombiebaron
Graeme wallace - Blanked by author twice. 
Yoga - Too short for an ICU or construction tag
Tom Dance - Vanity
Buenos Aires
Pascal's Triangle - This was voted for deletion very recently, and recreated word for word.
Alvin's great adventure
Aeropostale - ...
Rape stories - crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap
User:Black flamingo11/Chris Morris (redirect) (delete)
Crystal skull
Kisha quichocho - massive yawn
Harry Hatfull - poop poop pooop
İ (redirect) (delete) - Totally pointless
John Nicholls - fuck off 
Go to different floor - Moved to game namespace
Ted Kaczynski
Carrie Underwood - One-liners are forbidden against our dubious policies. You really thought a one-liner could save this article from QVFD? Not even a WIP tag can aide this article for survival!
My cats
Kate Middleton
Bitch Disease
Chris Morris (redirect) (delete)
Talk:Roald Amundsen
Bald piccolo - this run on sentence is too long because it is too long I can't take it anymore AAA my brain!!
Blackie the critter
Kevin Smith
Jordan schiewe
File:Man yelling.jpg - Don't really need this anymore.

July 9: "To HELL with the 'Beatles!'" ~some idiot

Jeyapravahan Thevachandran
Cheese feet
Snot bubble 
Tanjong Katong Secondary School - Probably vanity
British Indian Ocean Territory - yawn
Buenos Aires
Adam Anderson - nope nope nope
Theo Hutchcraft - who cares?
Ben penfold - no no no no 
Gene Snitsky
Template:Cookie Monster - no
Legendary Pokemon
Vaginal sores - ????????????????????????
Welcome to the PBS - ?????????
Templates:vodka - ???
Reverand theo snelders - penispenispenis
Vaginal sores - pure poetry
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/The Uncyclopedia cheerleader team - Review page that never linked to a real article, blanked by author.


Lego bob
Barton Peveril - Somebody seems to have mistaken us for Wikipedia. Also, UN:CM.
HowTo:Speak in a roundabout way - apparently requested by the author (see its text).
Artūrdzejolis - non-English
Artūrs Pūris - I know it's a little new, but it's not in English...
File:Casey Anthony.jpg
TrollRedirect5 (redirect) (delete) - no
TrollRedirect4 (redirect) (delete) - no
TrollRedirect3 (redirect) (delete) - no
TrollRedirect2 (redirect) (delete) - no
TrollRedirect (redirect) (delete) - no 
Ted Kaczynski

July 7 - What idiot forgot to write the header???

Gene Snitsky
Carrie Underwood
File:Chris Korzen aproves this message.png - As it turns out, I don't actually need this.
  Uhhh why? - TKF
Sugar gliders
Barton peveril
Frog Ejaculate‎ 
Hobo Jedi Master
Hobo Amish Jedi Master‎
Stupid music
Meth hardy
The answer to How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuc
User talk: - nah

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Shawn nunley
Prawn (redirect) (delete) - broken redirect
Prawns (redirect) (delete) - broken redirect

July 6: What the crap is psitosis?

Nickesh Rathod - UN:CM
Pizza Time Theater
File:911 Commission Report.png - Awww damn... --
File:911 Commission Report F.jpg - I don't need this anymore. --
Alberto contador
Göbbels (redirect) (delete) - broken redirect
Don vito
Sam cassel
The Singapore Friction Crysis - I would ICU this, but it appears to be an abandoned WIP (blanked by author).

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
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Nazi Poetry (redirect) (delete)
User:Waylander37/ Nazi Poetry (redirect) (delete)

July 5:abcdefghijklnoqrstuvwxyz, where is the P????

Magical liopleurodon
Lego Shuttle Landing‎

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McDonald's/McMenu - ????
Standard deviations
Henrik Larsson
Worzel Gummidge
Dog shit - vigilance
Places Goerge Bush Still Hasn't Destroyed
Angus beef - ...
Ben Wong - VANITY!
File:File-Chun-Li on her throne.jpg - YUK! 
File:Chun-Li on her throne.jpg - EWWWWW 
Prepare your anus
The 911 Commission Report (redirect) (delete) - I moved it to my userspace

July 4:♪ Baby baby baby ohhhhh... Thought you'd always be mine... ♪

Norman Nurmstrong
Why?:Is My Family Pissing Away My Hard-Earned Money (redirect) (delete)
Why?:Is my family pissing away my hard-earned money (redirect) (delete)
If masturbationt destroy virginity how could it be know - Vigilance.
San Jose Sharks
File:Ffretro-ff12.jpg - I won't need it, links to nothing

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Hanging a person 
Royal Thai Armed Forces

July 3:♪ We're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I... ♪

Good thing
The middle of Uncyclopedia
Håkan Hellström
Various Beef Products
Boian trakov
Боян Траков
Hetalia (redirect) (delete) - No place to go...
The plot device (redirect) (delete) - do we really need this?
Albin Bergström - English motherfucker, do you speak it?
The Golf War
IV - Silver (11-12)
Joshua Que - Vanity or something
Vhince louis go
User:TheSlyFox/Supreme Court - I don't need this anymore.
Roa Al-Sajjan
Craig Hutchison
Talk:Roald Amundsen
Talk:Rubbermaid - ew¡
Talk:Emma Goldman
Talk:Meta Knight
Congleton - vanityshite
Dictionary attack
Stevenage - towncruft
"Evan Rachel Wood"
Value village
Vanessa Adriatico
Northern Territory

July 2: The end of the wombat is fly.

Book of Common Prayer - Duplicate article
Rude people's bedrooms - ...

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Paul bocuse
Game:2012 II/AND‎ oops.......
Hitler Jr
Andrew dice clay
Singapore Flyer
Mutual fapperbation

July 1st - You're the man Schoolly, live with it.

Carson Palmer
The Lonely Island
Joey king
TaleWorlds forums
Cheese pie man
Ellery locke - For reasons that should be obvious
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