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August 31 - The beginning of the end

Zachary bob jonas
Babel talk:Pt-br/Mafia dos pinguins
The Disgusting Article - I don't know what's so bad about it, it's a fish and the user is still working on it. 
Game:Grueslayer/PvP/starmagician - Stupid one-liner. Should be removed. 
[[:Talk:HowTo:Drive A Car]] - Talk page created by someone trying to get people to troll some guy.
Emperor Hirohito (redirect) (delete)
Rainbow Land
Template:Flag - Pointless and unused template (it just adds a category to the page)
File:200px-Costco Wholesale svg.png - unused and ugly
File:Manboobs.png <-- do we really want to see this? --God's Penis 07:25, August 31, 2010 (UTC)
File:Spanish uncyclopedia screenshot.JPG
Everybody hates this page
Papa-Smurf Sets Up A Secret Base On The Moon
Papa-Smurf Is The Worst
Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School
In Soviet Russia Papa-Smurf Bans You!
Bukkake Wars
Papa-Smurf Set To Piss Admins Off With Yet Another Crappy Article
Yossi Benayoun
Stanley Matthews
HowTo:How to properly address the president
Papa-Smurf Is Having A Wonderful Time
Papa-Smurf Goes Apshit, Nobody Cares
HowTo:Escape Beta-Trap
Papa-Smurf Hasn't Slept In Two Days
Snuggie terroists
Papa-Smurf Versus Uncyclopedia
The Blanket Clan
The robe clan
UnNews:John Lennon Revived!
Mario b. chillen
Bukkake wars
Dog Fucker
Pics Plz
Tractor Land
Jerzy Grotowski
Emmerdale farm
The old fork in the eye!
Bloom County
Second Crusade
John Croft
Simon mclennan
Matt lio
User:Paizuri - I am a menace to society and must be destroyed.
Game:Random Encounters/Diary/FFFFFFFUUUUUUU
File:Spanish uncyclopedia screenshot.PNG
File:Spanish uncyclopedia screenshot.JPG I can't get either to work, so kill em both I guess.

August 30 - A date which will live in infamy

King Ajdemi Popusi IV
User talk:Therightopinion123 - null

August 29 - allegedly

Second Crusade
Pics Plz
Yossi Benayoun
The old fork in the eye!

August 28, if you believe such things

Bbbbbbbbbbbbb - Satire far beyond our level of comprehension.
Old pepole
There is nothing on this page
Template talk:Japan - IP created the page with only a NSFW tag. 
Adam Gist - Vanity
Category:Chainsaw - Unused category with incorrect title (it should be plural)
Todd-n-Tyler - Copy of this
Template:Infobox animanga/Footer - Unused, pointless template
No consonants
United States Junior Emperors
Club Penguin (game)
Idiot's Creed
Mark W Beech - Something that slipped through the cracks of our noob article system.
England football team
Claire Danes
User talk:Skinfan13/Robert E. Lee - [insert obligatory nobody cares link here]
Pacific Islands
The Comedy Hour (Television Show) - I call vanity. Not to mention that it sucks
The Comedy Hour "Television Show"

August 27 - Rita Hayworth and QVFD redemption

Tree lark
Ogre dark magic
Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
Lea Maria
FUCK ROMAN DOG BIRD - Awesome article.
The BIG Asia Debate - ICU'd.
Cheryl Fergison
Haha im back
Dimple Enhancement
Ching chong

August 26 - Just an old fashioned love song; coming down in three part harmony.

File:Vosse.png - vanity
File:Vosse1.png - vanity
Mario b. chillen
Skateboards - redirect'd
Bowser Koopa
The French Are The Best Nation Ever
Johannes von Bacon - Too short for WIP, per deletion policy
Cooner - Craptastically-written vanity?
Lord Caillou - Author removed ICU when the page was due to be deleted; see ICU's fix section
The French Could Kick Your Ass In Any Sport Except Maybe American Football
Call of God: Christian Warfare 2
List of random
Play Online Games
Angeloi Mon Cagliostro - Quit advertising here. GOD!
Drill Sargent
Teenage seeking water virus
JEff fArro
LED &%*re-death
QI (redirect) (delete)—need a rewrite moved here - taken care of
Tony Hawk

August 25nrd

User:Saberwolf116/Culturally Ignorant - Why did I write this? -Saber
User:Capercorn/Politics - Userspace cleanup -Capercorn

August 24th - "Evra is a fucking nigger." -Park Ji Sung-

Hatred of the Juice - Attempt to preserve deleted part of Islam overtaken by events; see its Talk
Nazi Jews
File:ICarlyPreggo2.jpg per below, re-uploaded as File:Preggo2.jpg
File:ICarlyPreggo.jpg poor choice of file name, re-uploaded as File:Preggo1.jpg
ULTRAMARIOX—would recommend a move to User:ULTRAMARIOX with redirect suppressed
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnNews:SATAN/SANTA WANTED!—review request for deleted page
Emperor Vespasian
Do NOT click any links!/click1000
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click10001

August 23rd - Why do we have these dumb jokes anyway?

Avril Lavishness
Q from Star Trek
Park Ji-sung
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Ed Boon
The awkward silence after a loser farts
Rhys Dunn—same as below
File:Photo on 2010-08-24 at 12.14.jpg—vanity/stalking?
Indiana University
User talk:
Links to click
File:Thescreamlol.png - per my request
File:Degoya.png - per my request

August 23 - Why do we have these stupid jokes anyway?

5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted - Stolen from here
Space Otters
Wu shuin kang
UnNews:Iran inaugurates nation's first unmanned bomber (redirect) (delete) - Title renamed to shorten

August 22nd - The day is upon us!!

UnNews:Iran inaugurates nation's first unmanned bomber (redirect) (delete) - Title renamed to shorten
Icky Christ-blood (redirect) (delete) - Stupid Redirect
Sofa (redirect) (delete) - Stupid Redirect - an ottoman is an entirely different thing to a sofa, but until someone writes an article on sofas it seems harmless enough and may as well stay.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR A WILLING SCOTSMAN - Author tried to bypass the construction tag by adding one word to it.
everything Frogmanic wrote
Sometimes I Like To Fuck Potatoes
Barbie Dolls Can Make Suitable Substitutes For Real Women
I Fucked A Gopher Once
Frogs Are Sexy
Did You Know Bottlecaps Make Good Dildos?
Frogs Are Fucking Awesome
User talk:Paizuri/Gaza War - Newfag created a talkpage for my redirect. --Paizuri
Palestine for Physicists

August 21st - Jesus fucking Christ do my legs legs hurt

The Number of the Beast/MyTemplate	
Jon Underwood	
Template:Racistt - Template:Racist already exists]]
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnBooks:2112 Overture (quick)—duplicate request
User:Sonic80/omg - Saved from my rewrite of good old days, didn't realize i could just go into the history to get it.	
Da funk	
Justin Beiber. The guy NOT to be. (redirect) (delete) - the redirect page not the real article	
File:Slim-Penis sentence 1 parse tree svg.gif	
UnPoetia:I KILL YOU!	
File:Spongebob2.jpg - fucking no.	
Userpages created the recurring troll that may also be sockpuppet accounts	
User:Terrorist Games	

August 20th is the day after yesterday, & the day before tomorrow, AND...

User:Terrorist Games
Defense of the ancients
Everybody loves this page
Everybody hates this page <-- why?
How To Euthanize A Retard - No. Just no.
Userpages created by the recurring troll that may also be sockpuppet accounts
User:—IP "user page"
User:—IP "user page"
Everybody hates this page
Dark-Side Mormons
User talk:
Darknuts - i know its a WIP, but where could it go?

August 19th the aniversary of the day i died...

Planet Vegeta
Andorin Kato's Sense Of Humor
Fuck Me With A Screwdriver
Invision Power Board/ - spam
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dildo
User:Wilytank/Final Fantasy (redirect) (delete) - article was moved to mainspace. --Wilytank 17:47, August 19, 2010 (UTC)
Uncyclopedia:Awards/source - Depreciated; I've merged its contents into the main article
Uncyclopedia talk:Pages for deletion/archive8 (redirect) (delete) - Unnecessary talkpage redirect
Awards/CloroxQuest Award - Duplicate of Uncyclopedia:Awards/CloroxQuest Award, now unused
Game:XCube Live/Accounts/Mudkip - Maybe I'm missing the point, but wtf?
User:CoBros - Created by vandal
A Troll Did It..
User:TheOtherOne - created by vandal
The Great Vampire Arrival

August 18th [insert random arbitrary joke here]

Forum:Misc. Request (redirect) (delete) - Forum renamed
I FUCKED A SQUIRREL ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This IP's pages including Dumb Like A Moose
Ben 10
Airsoft - blanked by author
User talk:Bonner/UAAG - Bastards spamming my subpages...
J-rock (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
Visual kei (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click100000000002

August 17, if you believe such things

Game:Do NOT click any links!/click100000000002 - lol nvm --Wilytank 01:41, August 18, 2010 (UTC)
Back In The Day.. - Created by a sockpuppet
Warcraft 3
UnNews:Wikia City voted 14th best place to live (redirect) (delete) - Renamed by author
A Typical Uncyclopedia Forum
All articles created by this IP
All articles created by this IP
Tom Radge
Super mario 64

August 16th - It's Mr. Bungholio and his twirling fartknockers.

The Sea Beneath
Talk:Night of the Living Dead - Created by proxy vandal- subject to deletion?
Modus operandi
User:M0000ARG11S -- why do these need huffing? User is inactive but userpages can stay
User_talk:M0000ARG11S -- why do these need huffing? User is inactive but talk pages can stay
User talk:Math Poet/I Think I'll Call It "Peach" (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
User talk:Schizo Master/I Think I'll Call It "Peach" (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
Wrestlemania (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
Pelicans (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
Justine Bieber (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
List of things that don't exist (redirect) (delete) - First two words deleted
UnNews:Nightclub Doorman Convention Mayhem (redirect) (delete) - retitled by Spike
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click1020
Attack Attack!
Template:Infobox hurricane season active - Template loop+We don't need this template

August 15 - Come As You Are

Carebox - ?
File:Crabcore.gif - Duplicate
Angry Whoppers
Uncyclopedia Can Go Fucking Die
File:Shit.jpg - Do we really need this?
User:Tdollard - Cyberbullying page; see also the talk
Garbage Pail Kids - *sigh* my second crap-tastic child.. I can't save it: the idea stinks worse than old diapers
Everybody hates this page -- currently the basis of this, which is ICU'd with a note to expand both pages
Biggleswade -- this was ICU'd but it's extremely short
HEY ASSHOLE! -- as of this edit this hasn't been deleted; I will VFD it if a sysop doesn't huff it --AK
Shpalkiny -- recreated

August 14th - I LOVE THE DEAD!!!!!!!!!

Salting - appears to be a test page created by an IP. 
Shred metal (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
Lyndon Wilkinson
File:Externalhemorrhoid.jpg -- Very NSFW
World War VIII - Title changed
Keith Olbermann is a maniac who rants and raves all the time‎
Lil Jon

August 13th - IT'S FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill Valentine - recreated
Category:People Who Scare Chuck Norris
I Am Iron Man - UN:CM (also, created by a sock --AK)

August 12th- I think...hard to keep track since the accident

Category:Internet Meme - Redundant category (there's already Category:Internet Memes).
Ed Force One - Bad article, created by who I suspect to be a sock
Cliqued. - recreated
Shahrukh khan
Talk:Cliqued. - HELPME, you're a heartless bastard
Cliqued - Uh... combination of copypasta and non-notability
Ryan Has Candy
Pika language - see Pikachu (yes, I know this has WIP, but honestly it can't go anywhere)
Special:RecentChanges - wut?
UnNews:Upside Down Cake was Osama Bin Laden's favourite claims jailed chef (redirect) (delete) - retitled
Captain Picard. - redirect'd
What to do When You Step on a Land-mine
Special:Contributions/ - Some obnoxious Emma Watson fan articles.
User:John Lydon\Back To The Future - Incorrect creation, Socky moved, author recreated
Game:Death Row Remake/assisuicide - wut

August 11th - Could this be a generation gap?

UnPoetia:Man from Nantucket - meh, IP-created and unfunny
Physics (redirect) (delete)—need a rewrite moved here done
Talk:Physics (redirect) (delete)—talkpage redirect
Fort Minor
Dragon Balls Z - turned into a redirect

August 10th - Don't hate me because I'm beautiful (I'm not)

Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/Taking A Shit In A Loved Ones Mouth - ???
Harriet Tubman - Broken redirect
Template:UnReview some asshole made this shit, aka me. This page is no longer needed
User:Samara - Created by an IP
User talk:
Why? Black People Suck
Why Black People Suck

August 9th- the 1,632nd year anniversary of the Battle of Adrianople

Fungo Chu Chu Christ
Evil Atari
World war xxx - meh
Ian Punnett
Adam Kaplan
Don helbig -- blanked by author
Joe Cracker - Wikipedia hasn't heard of Joe Cracker or Robert McGee
Uncyclopedia:VFH/Kevin Barrett - lol @ IPs that don't know how to nom articles on VFH Too late.  It's rolling --Wilytank 02:40, August 9, 2010 (UTC)
Star Wars Battlefront II
File:LupinTheThird.jpeg - Picture from the NIGGER DOGSHIT vandal.

August 8th, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the 8th of August

Bob Siedenburg
Wheel of Fortune
HowTo:Find That Missing Sock - upon making this I realise now how drunk I must of been, please delete as I honestly can't finish it
Meco Monardo - Wikipedia copy/paste
Hawaiian Punch - You may have read the beginner's guide, but it's still a piece of shit. Additional comment: This was previously deleted. --HM

August 7th- Out with the old, in with the new

Hawaiian Punch - hilarious

Byyyyeeeeeeee.....etc <-- link truncated. Who the hell makes things like this?

File:Nude asian model.jpg - unnecessary porn
Random kid23
File:Tn ithai teens butri set1 09 jpg.jpg - Unnecessary porn
File:Nude asian 2.jpg - Unnecessary porn
Eternalism - too short
Dota (redirect) (delete) - brokeded
The AARmy - A homosexual history of ebullying
What is best in life?
File:FrancisBacon.jpg - Unused image
File:Testec.gif - Unused image (Also, lol)
File:7sin gluttony.jpg - Unused image
File:F1jordancoulfard.gif - Unused image
File:F1jordanzipper.gif - Unused image
File:Voltron.jpg - Unused image
File:Yassar.jpg - Unused image (I bet Mordillo would enjoy huffing this)
File:Kingdom of Alaska World Map.jpg - Unused image
File:Nintengods copy.jpg - Unused image
File:Batteries.gif - Unused image
File:Konqui.png - Unused image
Uncyclopedia:VFP/Nude asian model.jpg - Invalid nomination. I understand that failed VFP noms are huffed, hence QVFD
File:Voodooceremony.jpg - Unused image
HowTo:Cast a voodoo death curse using bones from someone you killed - Author blanked the page

In exactly one week it will have been August 6th a week ago

SD Enternet
Family Guy: the best bits...
Wedgie - NRD
File:Independence.png - Unused image.
File:Eleventy seven.jpg - Unused image.
File:Orange-1-.jpg - Unused image.
File:Constitution.JPG - Unused image.
File:Bizarro kurt godel 3.jpg - Unused image.
File:ZorkThe Movie.jpg - Unused image. Also, it sucks.
UnNews:Exclusive: Bush detainee policy evaded law (redirect) (delete) - Renamed without "Exclusive:"
File:PoliceTARDIS.xcf—Wikia probably won't ever process it
File:WOF.jpg - Unused image
Lights Out (So We Can Hump in Peace)
Da Block is So Hot, One of My Hookers Could Fry!
Maggie Gallagher

August 5th - Somewhere on the internet....

Talk:USS Enterprise - UNCYCLOPEDIA SUCKS and the article was substituted in here for no apparent reason
File:IMG 0079.JPG - Unused image.
CSI: Miami
User talk:MacMania/Cartoon physics (redirect) (delete)—talk page redirect

August 4rthnd

Philadelphia Phillies
File:537px-Revcon screen005.jpg - Unused image
UnNews talk:Archive/August 2007 - spam
Suck mah dick hel y4h
The Altair v1.2
Hair spray
HAPPY:CHAT (redirect) (delete) - Didn't someone decide at some point that redirects like there aren't OK? RAHB dealt with this a while ago and felt it should stay. --HELPME
Talk:Cuban Missile Crisis (redirect) (delete)—talk page redirect
Cuban Missile Crisis (redirect) (delete)—mobilising rewrite

August 3rd, and all's well, considering...

Go figure, cause he's just a writer
Game:Ze Quest
Worst 100 Websites
User talk:
File:Autobot.jpg - Unused image from Predacon Party

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

Category:A few different categories that I'm too lazy to add to this page - Empty category created by a very bored MadMax. 
Category:Nominated Colonizations - Empty category; IC doesn't seem to be using it.
 Ask the IC bods first, to be polite and all that. --UU - natter UU Manhole 14:54, Aug 3
Category:20 Questions - Empty category
Category:Uncategorized templates - Empty category
Category:Uncookbook/Festive Treats - Unused
Category:Irish Towns - Unused
Category:Unknown Foreign Content - It doesn't look like we've ever used this-don't we just huff non-English pages on sight?
 Leave maintenance categories, we may have a use for 'em. --UU - natter UU Manhole 14:37, Aug 3
Category:Game subpage - A useful concept, but it would be far too tedious to start using it.
Category:Zork 5 - Unused
Category:Borderline vanity - Looks like a forgotten maintenance category.
 Leave maintenance categories, we may have a use for 'em. --UU - natter UU Manhole 14:37, Aug 3
Category:Things from Orlando, Florida - Unused
Category:Attention whores - Rob testicle
Category:Republics of nowhere - We missed this one.
Category:Mechanical Breakfast Cuisine - Apparently, some guy mixed up categories and articles.
Category:The Adventures of a Grue - Category for a huffed article.
Category:Proposed Old Growth Article Deletions - Forgotten experiment by an inactive user, it seems.
Category:Needs expert attention - Unused category
 Can you VFD the accompanying {{Expert}} template?
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter

Augustus 2nd

Game:The Pen/Wishes
HowTo:Be Awesome If that's how to be awesome, I must be really awesome.
Mount St. Helens
Julia Gillard
Collingwood Football Club
Luke "Muzza" Murray
UnNews:Cher's son now officially living as a Frenchman (redirect) (delete) - Accidentally created by me.
Nikolina Horvat
Top ten deadly things on planet earth
Brandon Flowers

August 1rd

Repeat - We have Redundancy already, which is basically the same thing, so why do we need this?
Game:XCube Live/Accounts/Jeffster685
Stein (surname) - Uh... can't be sure on that one. Too factual? Vanity? Just not funny? All three?.
Les murray
Cat food
File:Run tard run!.jpg - Duplicate image
User:Mrthejazz/Rich guys who blow all their money on expensive whores - It's been moved to mainspace. It's Mrthejazz... a case not yet solved. 05:55, August 1, 2010 (UTC)
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