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December 31 - Hogmany Day (366th Day of the Year 2009)

Collect your Trophy
The Holy Mousepad
Shane dawson
Talk:Harry Potter (Books)/books

December 30th - International Day of Lard

Combat Arms
Sex bot
John T. Hoggard High School
File:Mahm00shA MF.jpg I'm too cool for uncyclopedia
The Toosy
Ohio State University
Chuck Norris: The Truth - Blanked by original creator, among other things.
Elizabeth Swann
File:Alucard 02.jpg
File:Tv icon.png
File:Csi logo2.jpg
File:Izzy firebomb.jpg
Talk:Harry Potter (Books)/books

Dec. 29th - Where did Christmas go?

Category:Teenage Warfare Only categorizes two of the categories listed below. 
Category:Sickies Only categorizes the two other categories listed below.
Category:Revengeful Teens Only categorizes itself and Teenage Organizations.
Category:Teenage Organizations Only categorizes itself and Revengeful Teens.
Elrond Smith
Southeastern trains
That time i was nearly raped by an elephant during my sojourn in Kenya ICU instead.
HowTo:Subsist off of an all-Oreo diet for the rest of your life - Or feature it.
Uncyclopedia:Pee_Review/Kreator_(second_request) - created after thin first review. Better review overwrote first.
User:BewareOfTheLolzards/Coptic language
Johkendaron - vanity bandcruft already deleted from Wikipedia
UnBooks:Jesus Christ and the Philopher's Stone
Cat aids - admins might want to have a look at this and come up with a decision. I've removed a shock bestiality image, but there doesn't seem to be much worth saving.
The Wiki Religion

Dec. 28th - Way to skip a day, gentlemen.

Steve urkel - Actually, that's pretty awesome.
Fort Wayne
Category:Establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat on extra-solar planets pointless and useless 
UnNews:Empire takes shape: United Kingdom of Eurotannia Construction instead. 
Sven Kramer
Category:People Killed by Sephiroth unused and pointless category
Kanon 2006
(1,953 more)
Flyleaf - unfunny bandcruft
Dinesh Maneyapanda
File:Symbol rewrite vote.png - user request: duplicate image now under different name.
Googly eyes - the anti 1 liner construction clause
You're Gay, Suck My Dick

December 26rd - Time to return the sweater your Aunt got you.

User:Matfen815/DanielPlainview - abandoning WIP 
File:Jackner Pilin.jpg Unused, probable vanity.
UnNews:(Queen) Royalty Patrenia Turner more vanity
UnNews:(Queen) Royalty Patrenia vanity
UnPoetia:In My Country There Problem
UnPoetia:In My Country There is Problem - plagairism
Mark Beech
Dancing stormtrooper
Category:Pages with Fake Oscar Wilde Quotes category redirect, which doesn't work, and unused. 
Party Doll
Roy billings - fairly certain this is vanity. The nearest thing I could find to a person of any note with the name is a NZ actor.
Avatar (movie)
Susanna Maiolo
Kameron Eckroth
UnSex:proper birth control
The Nightmare Before Christmas II
HowTo:Say Nothing
UnSex:Main Page

December 25th - Ho, ho, ho, MERRY DELETING!

New Moon Twilight Movie Saga‎

December 24th - Yeah, I guess I should make some X-Mas reference, but that's lame.

User:Hiatus Hernia/HowTo:Write Colin Meloy Lyrics Deleting 3 redirects created when I moved pages.
User talk:Hiatus Hernia/Inverted Godwin's Law
User:Hiatus Hernia/Inverted Godwin's Law
User:Sawblade5/Nonsense Author Request. It was a base set up for the Nonsense Template that I fixed last night.  ‎ 
File:15366 1261038492557 1427530460 30739227 6181758 n.jpg
Dillon anderson
Ryan the lion
Titan AE
Matt Bonner
Kitten mashing
Word 4.0
File:Supergeek on computer.jpg redundant picture of that fat naked guy at his computer
The Orange Revolution
User:Invincibleflamegruemaster/Christmas Reskin - I moved it and I don't need the page anymore
Forum talk:Last person to edit wins - moved

December 23rd - You did it again, and again, and again, HO HO!

Buck Norris - Lame as fuck!
Tommy Handerson - Vanity.
Dwayne mccain
Lights (singer)
Geoff shreeves
Basement cat‎
Donna Gonzalez
What Is Satan's Last Name

December 22nd- (yawn)- Day After Winter Solstice

Violate the monkey
World War VI
Inbred nerd hicks
1969 acid trip
Unacceptable Foods
Al Frankenstein
 Redirected by MegaPleb  Dexter111344  Complain here
Rina Tōin - We don't care!
List of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch characters - Per below.
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure - Wikipedia c&p.
List of Class of 3000 characters - Wikipedia copy and paste.
File:JeremymeekerGFY.jpg shock image
 This isn't being used in a "shocking" way, so I would keep it. MegaPleb  Dexter111344  Complain here
Villanova university
File:Thisniggervoted.jpg shock image
 Eh, not a shock image. MegaPleb  Dexter111344  Complain here
User talk: - Per below.
User talk: - IP's don't get talkpages!
Scandinavian Peninsula
User:SPIKE/Bill Cullen - now in mainspace
User:SPIKE/Chicken McNuggets - now in mainspace
User:SPIKE/Pink Panther Party - now in mainspace

December 21st- Winter Solstice

UnNews:Liam the gay fag
UnNews:Father Boutilier cyberbullying apparently
File:Holocaust1.JPG shock image
 Eh, I disagree with calling this a "shock image". MegaPleb  Dexter111344  Complain here
   Mordillo has a thing about dead people, especially holocaust victims. --Mn-z 01:05, December 22, 2009 (UTC)
    Whether it's shock or not depends on the context within which it's used to a large extent. I don't know if Mordillo's seen it  - I'll mention it and he can decide. Rabbi Techno Icons-flag-gb kvetch Icon rabbi Contribs Foxicon FOXES 10:05, December 22, 2009 (UTC)
Death Race 2000
Vinnys shit shack
Nos-Furatu1 - Vanity about a personal MMORPG character.
UnNews:Eugene Tanner - blanked by an IP, but appears to be vanity/cyberbullying.
User:Matfen815/Drama (Uncyclopedia) - author request from yesterday
File:Idea header orange back.gif - author request from yesterday
Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore
What have people ever done for us?
Action Movie

December 20th - whoa, ho, ho, it's MAGIC

File:Idea header orange back.gif - oops - author request
User:Matfen815/Drama (Uncyclopedia)
Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore
What have people ever done for us?
Dark Side of The Moon
Urge mel
Template:HenryTheNinja - Vanity template created today.
Template:HenryTheNinjaBAD - (In fact, he has two.)

December 19th - Got a blunt? Put a sock in this!

Who would you rather fuck, a 10 year old asian girl or a 10 year old asian boy? - pathetic IP article
File:Jesusfckingchrist.jpg shock image
File:Dumpspermhere.jpg shock image
UnNews:Tiger Woods finds 18 Golf Balls"
UnNews:Bush begs Americans to "give war a chance
File:Hung.JPG shock image
Lawson davidson
UnNews:Bush retreat in war on drugs blanked by author
Game:Halo Online/Slayer1PlanNo

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

User talk: - IP's don't get talkpages.
File River
J. Spurlin
Tobey Maguire
User: Want a user page?  Then register.
Susie Cummings - cyberbullying (or very strange vanity). (Got a construction tag, but still cyberbullying)
Max Reiner
Play World of Warcraft.
Sacred Heart Girls' College - substandard schoolcruft
Swear-free version of obamjuana - unnecessary version of Obamjuana with swearwords removed
Mr. bevans
Unlisted numbers
Bat shit
The Goodest
Joseph Lap
F-35 Lightning II

December 18th - Anyone use this template anymore? If not, WHY NOT

Justin Bieber
Sasquatch (person)
Nikolion griffinos
The Goodest
Bat shit
Mike giannone
Mr. bevans
Insomniac - and redirect to Insomnia?
Sacred Heart Girls' College - substandard schoolcruft
Play World of Warcraft.
Max Reiner
Caleb Gedarro
Stick Wars
Your Musical Taste
Susie Cummings - tagged {{construction}}, but it's still vanity
Tonic - Does UU want this for his list of spectacular fails?

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

Glenn Danzig

December 17th - R.I.P. Richard M. Nixon: 1913-2009

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

Be happy!
Redd Herring Please remove redirect
Lucy Liu
Creation of the Internet
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/really a pee reveiw i am only 10 and u make it - Pointless page created by an equally pointless IP.
User:My Tree!/The Finest Word In The English Language - Private copy now moved to mainspace
Long island iced tea
Howto:Start A Great Battle of Purple Coloured Guys Against Pink Coloured Guys In Which They Will Discover The Papyrus Containing The Spells To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water And Its Role In Shaping Human Histories
Monkey Ninjas
Operator A
Why?:Do all shows on MTV Suck?
Unite Against Fascism
AIM (rifle)
My Roommate
Magical mystery tour
Suadie Arabian Horse
At the gates
Julian McKenzie
World of ClubWarRuneEverMechDragonScapeQuestWorldsPenguinAdventure ODST 2: Modern Warfare 7
Unite Against Fascism
User:SPIKE/Peter Pan - Private copy endorsed during VFD now installed in mainspace
User:SPIKE/Rules of baseball - Left over from PLS
User:SPIKE/William Penn - Private copy abandoned
Haymosexuality - wikipedia copypasta with word replacement

Decemeber 16th - You Dirty Little Monsters!

Sebastian Filzek - UN:CM
Template:Infobox Bus transit
Caleb herrmann
Forum:Ogh+shiy-ts-darkl snd i-canr-drr+the0leyboard
Project Intuhllekchual
Ireng Shui
Um, err
Billy Silver
John Quincy adams the sixth president of the united states
Zakk swick
UnNews:Obama does not invite people who compare him to Hitler to state dinner. OUTRAGE!
The ripper crew
Hawaiian Punch
Jerry Seinfeild
Better Offer or BO'd - The art of waiting until the last possibel minute before deciding where to go and what to do.
Dylan "The Moundface" - has a {{stub}}, but all the same...
Ryan Stevenson

December 15 - I am the walrus

Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Case Happytimes vs Multiliteralist redirect page by ?User? request. I've eliminated all of the pages that linked to this by linking them to the page this redirects to... (Now it's a lonely blank page.)
Lenny Menstrual Syndrom(LMS)
File:Evil lenny.JPG - Looks like it belongs on me, but no, it's just lame cyberbullying
Lenny Menstrual Syndrom - As a "Syndrom", this offends me personally
Mean girls
Callum macleod
Gunnar riley
Irene Riatsch
Evan Anderson
Che guvera
Seventh Heaven
File:Omar.jpg - cyberbullying, see below.
Omar Kayyali - cyberbullying
Charlie Yates
Banacream pie
Anthony newton
Piers Lellow
Super Mega Jesus
Template:Rainbow - Unfunny template ripped straight from dramatica. Doesn't even have the right formatting.

Dember 14 - u are a fshrmn

Nissan Almera
Balloon Huffing - unorigional and carpy
Star wars the attack of the homosexual
Oil-Funded Bastard
Aeroplane Jelly
Lucas sauer
Operation Black Raincloud
NCIS: Los Angeles
Boston Celtics
Shaquille O'Neil
James Epton (Super Fan)
Ozombie Bin Ladin‎
World War 300
User talk:KaoruMatsubara/misc/book/bookofstories - This is so incredibly confusing. Make it go away.
Bill Nye the Jewish Guy

Dember 13 - i am a fsh

Template:Snowman - Apologies, clicked the wrong thing
My Dick in a Box
Matthew aftershock - 284 Google hits. Nice.
Religion in The Philippines
The Shane Co
Ski milsim
Taylor Lautner
Andrew Fix

December 12th - Anyone got any veras?

Andrew Fix
Paul Davis
University of Virginia
Jill Hanner
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Atc Around The World
Paid Adversement User request, reason: ooops.
Game_talk:MySpace:The_Game/Cheddar_Cheesia/Blog/Entry cross Wikia-spam
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/September 11 attacks
Star of David
HowTo:Watch Television
King Burger
Cheryl cole - I'd hit that
Tokyo Mew Mew
Orange juicer
User:Multiliteralist/Easy_editing author request from yesterday
User:Multiliteralist/Easy2 author request from yesterday
Andrew Fix
Bacon Surgery
Trinity Quasar per author request

December 11th - Please wash hands after use

Multiliteralist/Noble prize for Mad Science redirect
User:Multiliteralist/Easy_editing emptiness galore
User:Multiliteralist/Easy2 an ancient redirect
Andrew Fix
Christofer drew ingle - Apologies, misjudged this as vanity
Bacon Surgery
File:Clippy.jpeg - dupe
Jared Wignall
Kevin Jonas
Justin putman
Herman cortez
User:Multiliteralist/Emergency, lmfao redirect
Katie rector
Flying Spaghettio Monster
No friends
Orange juicer
Callum Ellis Jarvis-Jones

December 10th - Intermission

  ►     All articles below this point have been checked.     ◄ 
  ►      Do not relist articles from below this point.       ◄ 

Jill hanner - Vanity/one line. Still, nice tits.
The-Red Link Monster
Sailor Sky
Great Leprechaun Invasion Of 64
Peanut Head
Joe Bradley
Zombie Land - Zombie Labd is pretty much the best movie ever.
Return of the jedi
E. ragon
List of Ryan's Hope Characters - Wikipedia copy-paste
Paurlus  - I'm a dorkwad and I can't speel
Justin bieber
Mighty morphine power rangers
Nikki Giovanni
Knee socks
Cid Highwind
Laser attack Geese
Claire Anthony - vanity
Blues Clues
1 quantillion bagillion
The Greg Olsen Experience
Gay monkey
Emilie Ojalehto
Obamjuana No, it's an incredibly accurate description of me that needs to be read by all. --Roman Dog Bird 09:50, December 10, 2009 (UTC)
Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Happytimes vs Multiliteralist - author request due to typo

December 9th - Big Dave wants a word wiv you, geezah

Uncyclopedia Legal Department/Happytimes vs Multiliterlist typoed the stupid title
Ethan sloot
User talk:Smellslikeapplecrumble
Colette Marie Gould
Sophie Lawrence x
The King of Atheists
Shat FC
Fifth Gear
Joshua Barnes
Tiff needell
Andy exley
Matthew Kenworthy
Mechanism of oxidation of aryl methyl sulfoxide with sodium hypochlorite catalyzed by (salen)Mn complexes

December 8th - GAY GAY GAY GAY

Why?:It burns!
Chiaki kuriyama
User:SPIKE/Ben Folds Five - Private clean-up during VFD now installed in mainspace via edit
WORLDS FUNNIEST DUDE A one-word article does not funny make.
Everywhere - A one-phrase article. Yawn.
Can of Soup?  No matter how many construction templates are on it, this will never be more than a piece of shit.
User:Mnbvcxz/That time I was nearly raped by a newt wizard durning my sojourn in BUTT POOP!!!! author request
Jonatan Ive
User:My Tree!/Together We Can Beat Dr Who Syndrome - old page
User:Multiliteralist/accidentLegal nuthin in it
Multi-valued attributes
Super Junior
Dantes inferno
Rigor Mortis
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - funny movie, sucky article.
Brutal legend
The worlds weakest most useless man - Fails UN:VAIN 
Matthew Short‎ - MATTHEW SHORT IS AN ASSHOLE!!!!!!!
Sting Ray
Native Americans/ broken promises - Were this Wikipedia I'd slap some dumb "Thank you for your test!" template on his talk page.
User talk:Invincibleflamegruemaster/Userbox - I don't need anymore

December 7th

Steve the Pirate
Joe Sakic
Joseph "No Nose" Stalin
This page some times exists
Bradley callaghan 
Wonder Bread
User:Kairu07 - wut
958,918,591,819,891,891,389,148,195,891,859,284,929,842,482,857,285,718,478,147,283,572,837 BC
Master Roshi - recreated
Vancouver Charity Christmas parade festival Liangbu Wu
Turkey signed a free trade agreement with Jordan
St. Cuntis of Jewbagia
Medal - a decent enough start.
I Am the Walrus
The Emperor's New Clothes - too old for QVFD, take it to VFD instead.
The kooks - too old for QVFD, take it to VFD instead.
Battle of Normandy - too old for QVFD, take it to VFD instead.
UnNews:Revolutionary 4-stroke engine runs on screaming - too old for QVFD, take it to VFD instead.

Demember 6th - See how they run like sheep from a gun

Universal Soldier
File:Mankey d.jpg - This is possibly the worst photoshop I've ever seen. It's depressing just to look at it.
Game talk:Ybci94
Game talk:XCube Live/Forum/Game Updates
Game talk:Page -2011
Game talk:Page -1997
Game talk:Page -0.0001
Game talk:Page -D1R2BD2B8
Natasha Clarke
UnNews:Apple markets the new iPregnant? app for the iPhone.
Amir Khan
Shawn white
Gratuax's crackpot theories

December 5th - NO BITING!

Rape fest
Glitch empire.
You Get Nothing
Kristen stewart
Run and try to find a rocket launcher
Black bat
Xangu the clown
Poo in your face!
User:SPIKE/Port --Pvt version developed during VFD now in mainspace
User:Invincibleflamegruemaster/Pendragon - I no want anymore

December 4th - Groovy......

User:THEDUDEMAN/fatcocktest - this is a fat cock of a test
The technique of pulling individual fibres from fabric
Flying spagetti monster
Universal COD theory
Studio Gazzoli
The Egyptian Romeo and Juliet
Hans Island - facepalm.jpg
The ultimate question
Ebllama - too short for ICU on it
Chali (slang) - I'm going to go with uhh... what, and QVFD it on the fact that i did the same for the article before it which is related which made less sense
Grand Theft Auto: Soviet Russia
Chicago Blackhawks
Global financial crisis - economic wikibabble which i only understand because of AP econ
Middle Tennessee State University
Chicago Blackhawks
File:Slappyrapper.png unused, bad memories 
Ghegis Khan
Zombie owl
Raven (warrior)
Altaïr Ibn La Ahad
Call of duty modern warfare 2
Vampire: The Masquerade
Your dick
Mixing Sailors - this is kinda poetic... beautiful.... almost like it's reaching out to my soul... nah, huff it.
Grand Theft Auto: Baghdad Stories - We have too many GTA pages as it is
User talk:Steviekk - I call cyberbullying
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
The Π Example - This page is retarded. It's over a million characters and is just the same number sequence over and over. Delete it.
French Women
Talk:Link (Legend of Zelda - article doesn't exist

December 3st - With a little bit of love, heh heh *poop*, with a little bit of tenderness, *plop plop*

All of this stupid IP's retarded edits - Has been taken care of.
Rosey o donald - Not nearly as funny as Ct
Scarlett Johansson
Jib <-- this is constantly recreated and always crap. Please delete and lock
Taylor Lautner sucks Edward Cullen's cock.
Once on this island (musical)
Xingo the klown
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
UnNews:Anal phabet
Tyranosaurusrex - vape this and block the author... cyberbullying and a phone #
Guantamano bay
Jurgen bushi
Cams hill school
Banana squid pants 360
Victor Hazell
User talk: - Since there seems to be some policy to delete IP's talkpages on the spot.
                          As the IP was banned, it has served its purpose. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 16:44, 3 December 2009
Crimea River
Hard drive
How do ships deal with the threat of icebergs today
Damage by icebergs
UnNews:Jensen Ackles recent interview to the press
Rose Revolution
Nathan taylor
Gen. Steve and Private Nick
Rita hayworth
Tooth paste
Anelle Hamak
Sathanas fleet
Herod the Great - Construction instead.
Fuck You Uncyclopedia
Worst band in the world
Sir John Dee

December 2. Fags are Gay- some IP said so

Why?:why does it smell funny?
Praetorian Guard
Crazy paving
Choomas 4u
Sex god
Ryan Rusian
Adam Thomas
Yuna - Page is not good enough for construction template to save it.
St Helens RLFC - recreated, please delete this again if it's not a redlink

December 1st - Shy guy is a shy guy

Popgregtq - not nearly as funny as Ct
Red clit
Oliver Hardy - Construction doesn't protect one-liners
Heroine Hero
User:SPIKE/Mustaches of Legend - private revision during VFD, now copied to mainspace
Lindsie Garrison - UN:CM
Daisy Fuentes
Fags Are Gay
Flygkrash i vulkan statistik
Cows Go Moo - ...When they poo.
If Life Was Made Of Ice-Cream I'd Be Jello
Alex Is A Big Ugly Turd Who Smells Bad And I Hate Him
User:Andorin Kato/Test
Gulf War - redirect'd
Fuck Whoops - what the hell is this?
Dollar academy
Pete the Penguin
Kimmy Dibble
Rumson, New Jersey
Death Ministry
Fuck the little Wiki logo - What The Fuck?
Death horn
Sheldon Feldscher
Chris Hanson
Zach De La Rocha
Cyanide and happines
Luke allmond
Cyanide and happines
Oh my god, science
Yolet paper
Chicago Bears
Kitten fetish
User talk:Siddhartha-Wolf/Arts Journal - spam
Jim Chown

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