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October 31 - The vicar is in the shrubs again

Harvest moon skin bazaar
Naruto Kroncongan
HowTo:Have a good holiday
Pokémon storage system - Blanked by author.
The curious case of benjamin button oops. Didn't mean to do that.
List of people who could save the world
User:UnEditor510/DHDA and User:UnEditor510/Template - Author request.

October 30th - I just saw a fucking UFO. No, I'm fucking serious. Right before Halloween, too. I should be an alien...

A Really Fat, Stupid, Sweaty, Foodcrazed McDonald's Employee and His Adventures in the Life of Fast Food
Starnestommy build a good bot
Awesome hammer
World War Ahhh
Mind fuck
Paris Hilton is a slut
Paris hilton is not a slut
Paris Hilton is a Slut
Paris Hilton is not a slut
Hardcore dancing
UnTunes:Dirty Potter - per author's request
User:ForestAngel/Dirty Potter - author's request
Bell Canada Enterprises - Duplicate of Rogers Communications
Bad biology
Chucklevision: Fear and Loathing in london - page is short
Robbie strous
John tyler jones 
== Penguinos ==
Gabriel Bouchard - I'm tentatively calling vanity, as G/WP searches are fairly inconclusive
Bobby-Joe Audet
The best sex ever!
Molly Gleeson‎
User:Daniel simpson‎
User talk:Daniel simpson
Super RoboCop History 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO! - Construction tag doesn't protect one-liners. Three of them doesn't do the job any better.
User: - IP's don't get userpages!
Bretticus's school

October 29th - Ringo Starr lives on in space

St Micheals Collage
Karl Ranseier
Cutting edge
Gossip girl
Kool Aide killer - page is dumb
Bognor Regis - Unnecessary redirect, moved to userspace for work
 Don't do that again.  MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png    WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 22:35, Oct 29
Erick Honse - Vanity
Fucking retard
UnNews:Obama delivers state of the underworld adress; Shneersh and Nairf stand at his side - typo in the title - resubmitted
Boobie orgasms 
Dragonologists' annual salary 
Dara tareen
Russell bailey
Russell Bailey
File:Streetfighter01.gif - author request
All life in the universe - page is dumb
Grantchester Meadows - page is dumb. thought of ICUing but meh. - original author expanded it so I slapped an ICU on it.
Sean Wintrell

October 28th - Got a hankerin' fer some grub

File:Streetfighter01.gif - Something weird happened to the upload - author request.
White noise
Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima - language choice is dumb
User talk:GTAAF - seems quite pointless, also that username is not registered
Infinite Pain‎
Eaten by Obama
Perker - language choice is dumb
Dansk folkeparti - page is dumb
Bullshit Protector
Double Downward

October 27th - THIS is a knife!

File:McCain2.jpg - Obvious sockpuppet
File:Mccain1.jpg - low-quality version of File:McCain2.JPG
User:Chefkevin422 - "Greeted" someone on the wrong page...
I'm not a link
HowTo:Be Awesome
Jetson Empire
Michael Keaton‎
Psychotic Dudes
Oil-Funded Bastard
Russian Grammar - page was ICU'd

October 26th - I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Merpes and I gave it to you...

Namster the hamster - Broken redirect
Illicit Bang
Michael Savage
Game:Pokemon (Pirated Engrish Verison)/Main Game/Shieldon - page is fail
Chicago Bears
File:Emo dead.jpg - Unused duplicate image.
File:Zebelia.jpg - dear lord no
Worst 100 People of All-Time
Talk:Halliburton - pointless redirect, and maybe protect Halliburton, it's been vandalised quite a lot
Googolplex Sword
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Freud dude - clean-up
User talk:PuppyOnTheRadio/Jesus Lites™
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Jesus Lites™
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Jesus Lites
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/Microsoft Knowledge Base
User talk:PuppyOnTheRadio/Microsoft Knowledge Base
User:PuppyOnTheRadio/UnNews:Australia says "You just don't understand our humour!"
User talk:PuppyOnTheRadio/UnNews:Australia says "You just don't understand our humour!"
User talk:Orian57/UnRadio:Tricia Bellerose on Pirate FM
The amazing - page is dumb
Susan venegas
Machine that gives you your life back
Bobby Brown

October 25. Another day along the quest for coin and cleavage

User talk:Hannah doherty - Cyberbullying, not even allowed in userspace.
British food
Red Green
User:The Thinker/PLS10 Author req --THINKER
Evil Giant Penguin
Trouble (song)
Shoegaze - WHY is everyone formatting like this today?
Kyle Farrell

October 24. Articles that are ICU'd today will die on Halloween. Weird.

Talk:Gab - page is pointless?
Max Haly - I call vanityshite.
George Lopez
Eat dirt
Talk:Katamari Damacy
Vassar College
Ryan waters
List of Profanites
Fiat Tipo - per below
Fiat Typo - too short
User:Ollieup10feet - Userpage for a user that isn't registered. It's a chat log.
Brady Campaign
User:Cina - created by an IP, user exists, but barely
Perang Dunia ke 2
Talk:Unrequited love - Was an irrelevant page before blanking.
UnNews:Royalty Patrenia Turner Purchases The Royal Title Of USA Poetry Queen.
UnNews:Patrenia Turner-Israeli
File:Matt.jpg - almost certainly a vanity image, only used in one userspace article about some kid
Forum:Scott C Bell is Luke Skywalker
Wow wow wubsy

October 23nd - Be A T-Rex Day

Talk:Unrequited love
UnNews talk:Zi:Kill
UnNews:Patrenia Turner-Israeli
UnNews:Royalty Patrenia Turner Purchases The Royal Title Of USA Poetry Queen.
UnNews:Lego land
UnNews:Evan stone
UnNews:Eytanalish Pennsworth
Template talk:AAP - Wot?
Template:MGM - Completely useless template
Traffic Cone
Perang Dunia ke 2
The Great Minnesota Incident of 1903
Talk:Cash For Gold
Cash For Gold - recreated spam article. If this article isn't dead yet, please rectify that.
Talk:Roman Fuck Bird
Talk:Roman Shit Bird
Kalman filtering
MNU Approved (non-human)
Lapo effect
Lindsey German
Kenneth ramsey
File:Chandravarman Lightsaber.jpg - no file to be seen
ARGH! My Ears!
MNU Banned (non-human)  Wat.
Jordan Farmar
Talk:Man flu - crap
Talk:Katamari Damacy - gibberish and orphaned too
Unfinished article - This could be so much better. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 15:09, 23 October 2009
John Fungiorno
The bensons
You Are Dust
Aqworlds.com - Spam?
Dr. Harold Shipman
Concurrent Versions System
Dai xin

October 22nd - Walk Like A Llama Day

Llama walk
File:Msn3.JPG - uploader request 
Epic Failure Movie
Roman Faggot Bird and talk
Roman Jackass Bird and talk
"Booger" From Revenge Of The Nerds
Middle Beast
The US government
John Fungiorno
Zio marco
Fat bastard, austin powers
Derby - got a {{crap}} tag, but can you see this getting anything other than even more crap?
UnNews:Annoying Genome
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens. Nosferatu is much better anyway.
This, this, this - requested by author
Playing properly
User Article

October 21st - I can has deleshuns?

This and this and this, please <3 --AK
Playing properly
A random stripper
Tushita Kapoor doesn't pass UN:CM
The queen of england
Roman Prick Bird
District 9 (non-human)
User Article
No-Dong Missile
Pop rocks
Super AIDS
Red Screen Of Death
Ben remus
Cain Adamson
Troy Stein
Nathan Perritano
Big Lurch 
Dustin Dimaond - broken redirect
G-Farce - broken redirect (along with talk)
My Neighbour Totoro - broken redirect
Gerard Carter
Marylin Monroe's rotting corpse
The ravings of that one dude stuck at the airport
Hotel Fire <-- maybe ICU that one? I've been gone a while.
Daniel Hunter
Henry Kerin
Reker Ali

October 20th - Fuck X Fuck (i hate cliffhangers)

This - Typo in title. Moved without redirect to the correct title.  FreddAin't Dedd  22px-Flag_of_Egypt.png  18px-Foxicon.png 
From cuba with coopons
Fred li
Lawrence NZ hole much?
State troop makes traffic stop
High Heel Shoes
Extremely dark grey
Sadam husane
The bensons
Craig nunn
Riley kirkpatrick - Blanked by author.
Nabari no Ou
Pat Sharp
Land Before Time
The Secret of N.I.M.H.
Devry Fakeuversity
Katamari Damacy
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Senator Ted Stevens
Matthew Wade Stairs
Jehovahs Witnesses - and redirect to Jehovah's Witnesses
Jonny bradley - vanity
Crush (film) - near-duplicate of Crush (film
Jack in the Box
Jupiter (planet) - blanked by author
James mann
Fried Calamari

October 19th - Oh hai!

Warhammer 40k Minor Forces
Papa John's
File:Assachu.jpg - Duplicate of File:Pikaugly.png
Chris jenkins
Super AIDS
Brock T. Schuld - Checked on Wikipedia, identical article there, the author admits that it is a real person. Vanity. 
Obviously his forehead
Rohan-Mordor SiamWar - Blanked by author
Plastic things at the end of your shoelace
Grandfather Chuckle
Luca Modric
Puffskein - Content removed by author.
Dustin Diamond - Vanity/spam. <---Response: Vanity? How do you not know who he is? Dustin "D-Bag" Diamond is only the biggest cunt in the world after Andy Dick! --Roman Dog Bird 06:41, October 20, 2009 (UTC)
Palm pre
Jack martin
Omkar - Blatant cyberbullying.

October 18th - I just fucked your dog. Guess who's next.

The hitchhikers guide to the galaxey
File:Alex Brindley and Friend.jpg - Duplicate image.
Sam Dabakarov - Contravenes UN:CM
Davidoliverstudios crosses the line from vanity to advertisement 
WEEGEE blanked by author
Eadweard muybridge
Nuclear power plant‎‎
Isik college
Talk:Bristol City - My mom? Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 13:40, 18 October 2009
Battamabang Dynasty - Random+Engrish gibberish
Rohan-Mordor Siam War - Listcruft+Random Engrish
User talk:Tom mayfair/Myspace the Game:My Bulletin/1 - Random IP leaves ad on a talk page of Tom's...
User:Kip the Dip/VFD/TEO Telecomunications & User:Kip the Dip/NXWave - Never ever, ever, ever, ever want to be banned because of this old peice.
 Really? I was always interested in seeing it finished, to be honest... MegaPleb  Dexter111344  Complain here

October 17th - Roman Dog Bird Turd is a Wikipedia troll who needs to be banned.

Windows 98 Second edition
Sperm whales
Magnum pistol
AIM alliance
Peter Molyneux
Imperial ruler caroline
Nervous Gender 
Robert Pattison
Gavinho - Fails UN:CM.
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

October 16 - Jesus loves you and thinks you'll make a great dad

One Hundred and One Dalmatians - I want to move TheValantineBros userspace back to the real space. So, either, I get this huffed, or, and administer moves it. Either way I think it will still be huffed. Hypnotizinghypnosis
Melbourne victory - Melbourne sucks.
Baby Boomers - take 2
Canary Wharf
Cloud Strife - seems I somehow missed a previous version
Robot jokes
Mr. Godar
United High School - Schoolcruft
The Blue Power Ranger - actually a c+p'd article about some high school.
Joel Nichols
Robert Trujillo
Japanese cow
Cameron tullie
Savage garden\
Max Ellis
Interior Crocodile alligator
Roman Fat Bird Properly redirected.
How to deal with terrorist
Billy the mountain

October 15th - Cock snout

Baby Boomers - take 2
Adolf the Red Nose Nazi 
Baltimore Ravens
Your dick
Zach argrave -again.  recreated by author.  
Dr Moyes
Jon Goyda
Kowthem dharmaraj
All the other stupid rednecks
Is Google a Terrorist Organisation?
Nancy Drew
Create a page
Peter the prostitute
File:Kreplach.png - author (creator?) request
Bon Jovi
International Walk Like A Ninja Day - More in the way of categories than actual words.
Jack Bridge - Cyberbullying. 
Mr. Game and Watch
Zach Roberts Agrave 
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/The Matrix - Useless pre-review page created in a vandalism spree. 
Luca modric 
The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy Redirected.
U smell bad
User:Hrodulf/GeorgeZimmer I decided I don't like this anymore and wish to be relieved of it.  Thank you.  --Hrodulf 04:32, October 15, 2009 (UTC)

October 14th - VOTE PRO-CLONE

Otitus media
Gay Porn
Liam john whelan - Cyberbullying
Mah Family
Jim crow laws - Nothing but a construction template
Walter Sobchak
Fred bloggs
File:Mordillo1.jpg - Don't look at it
  What's that man doing to that pig's snout? Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 10:37, October 14, 2009 (UTC)
GC'N'DEE - c+p of a vanity Wikipedia article which was huffed from there yesterday.
Bob brimelow
Bitch took my fish

October 13th - HEY THAT WAS MY LAST CIGARETTE!!!!!!!

Mudkip fires his lazer!
/money - Moved to be part of something else.
Piers Morgan
Peter the prostitute
Barcodes - Double redirect.
North-East Black Stripes - My mistake, the above page is the problem.
Teh 1337 noob
The wolf
Cities XL
How to lag a calculator
Emp - Just the Wikipedia article copied over.
Electro Magnetic Pulse

October 12th - Rooster and Dumplings

Viral Video
Talk:Viral Video
User talk:
Kappa Gamma
UnNews talk:Obama Nobel prize unjustified
Sweet justice
Allen Krouger
John mason school
Serbian Language
Silver Panther
Sweet Justice
UnNews:Osama Bin Laden joins sugarbabes
yum I farted
Mufffin man
Armageddon, OK
International Hug-A-Chinese-Person Day
Hot coffee
Christopher boone
Parsippany witchcraft trials
David Baddiel

October 11th - God, my cock is dead...

2008 Presidential Election (Video Game)
The Man-Freaks Toadshow
Summer of Love
Peredur Ap Gwynedd
Aaron Lovegrove of Hayes
Lucy Cooper - vanity, which was then blanked by author.
Eastleigh - Blanked by author
Neil campbell day
The Fatty Show
File:Chibiusa1.jpg underage cartoon nudity
About Roman Dog Bird & talk Now redirected.
Mr. Aim

October 10th - <insert stupid headline here>

UnNews:Spike makes hit single!
Demo Katos
UnBooks:Nate_the_Snake Still plagiarism 
Martha Speaks
User:Hydronium Ion/Nate the Snake - Broken
Kickass - Broken
Awesomeness - Broken
How To Be Awesome - Broken
User:Eggmen - Broken
Hellmo - Pointless
The revision of that tiny penis on File:Legend of Billie Jean.JPG
File:Cyborg hitler.jpg - Unused duplicate image
Newlands College - Vanity/schoolcruft.
The Rape of Lucrece
Vugatti Beyron
Not really a gun
Adamo Ruggiero
Really Big Numbers that I've been searching 50 years for - Oh my God. That is so fucking lame.

October 09 Yay! I get to put something clever here!

UnBooks:Nate_the_Snake - plagiarism. Led caught a copy in user space but missed this other copy.
Pt- - Is linked from absolutely nowhere
Richard Z. Kruspe
Tom Sawyer - Redirected to Mark Twain per my genius. MegaPleb  Dexter111344  Complain here
Tulyakev Reforms Reconsidered, construction instead.
Goddard's Law
Well done for admitting you have a problem. It's a big step
Sam Sayce
Saddam heusain
St. Brendan's College Yeppoon
I was raped by a Llama No.
Wieght watchers
Oesophageal Vortex
Bantha poodoo
Wiki Nazis
Chako Paul City
Full body tourettes
You Are Alone In The Dark/Screen header stupid fuck-up

October 8th

Emily porter
Flying Spahetti Monster
Mötley Crüe
Template:Vampireuser old userspace template, one 1 forum post
Category:Vampire users 1 item, the forum post where said template is on
Category:McDonalds - Superseded by a more correctly spelled category. It should automatically empty itself sometime in the near future.
Damien lobb
Emo War
How You Will Die/female/0-29/10-19/no
User:Mahm00shA/UnTweet:Osama bin Laden
Wieght watchers
Jon and kate plus 8 - vanity or cyber-bullying, either way it needs deleting
User:Mahm00shA/Manowar - author request
UnNews:How gays is america
Ali Wadee
Infobox Former Country - Copied from Template:Infobox Country

October 7th - International Day of the Pangolin

Black irish
Poop Noodle
"S Daddy" - contravenes UN:CM
I Burning Your Dog
The Sham Wow Guy
Leviathan versus Behemoth
Don Hattier - looks to contravene UN:CM and be a chuck norris-esque list
Holy Shit!
Bitch get in jail!!!!!
Even Newer Intelligent Design
St Johnstone
Liam millard

October 6th - Rabbits - Hairy Japanese Bastards!

File:BUY WINDOWS VISTA.jpg - Unused and smaller version of another image
SHDHS - contains mentions of real people who would, I imagine, not be too thrilled with this one +1
River dancing
David Michael
IPod Syndrome
File:BBG 05 2005 001.jpg
Project Dumbledore
Paul Vangilden - looks to be in violation of UN:CM
101 Ways To Die/fight2
Big Fat Ginger
Lincon douglas debate
Mitchell gammon
Dr Istvan Pogany - Real person who is unlikely to be very keen on quite a few accusations made in this article.
Neutral Milk Hotel - I'm talking this over with Mr. Chairman, he's thinking about this ~Jewriken.GIF 09:18, October 6, 2009 (UTC)
Red teacup

October 5th - Anybody have a noose? Can someone turn the lights on? We'd just like to point out all of the people we're going to lynch after the show.

Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull
Nathaniel bell
Kyle degraw - sounds like cyberbullying to me
Jb and the moonshine band
Its over 9000!
In the Beginning
Harry Potter (person
Harry Potter (books)/books
Charlie potter
Wieght watchers
Rainhill station

October 4th - ANVIL! The Story of Anvil. Coming to DVD October 6th! Catch it on vhr!!!!!!!!!

Grays Athletic
User:Thefroggykiller - Delete ASAP 
Mall Mart
National University of Singapore
Ocarina Construction template instead.
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click10000000000000000000

October 3rd - If we had a shotgun, we'd shoot you all DEAD! But we don't have permits, so we'll KICK, IN YOUR HEADS!!!

John Carpenters The Thing - the thing is not here right now, and there are no messaging machines. please go away
RDB - redirected --Roman Dog Bird 08:32, October 4, 2009 (UTC)
The Pickles
User:RabbiTechno/RelTrumps - this and all the "RL" stuff by author request.
User: - IP's don't get userpages, either!
101 rules of power metal - Crap.
People who deserve to be punched in the face
User talk: - IP's don't get talkpages.
/SKAARRTTAAA - We don't care about your forum's meme!
Halo 4: the hunt for more money
Windows OneCare Live
UnNews:Creator of "Hugs Not Drug" slogan dies from hug overdose
UnNews:"Hugs Not Drums" slogan maker dies from hug overdose
World War 3 4
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Janie B. - she is so hot though.
Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri
Human Rights in Saudi Arabia

October 2nd - Holy fuck. This guy's got like $10,000! We're going home, buddy!

World War 3 4
Template:Eastern european unused, random letter generator
Template:Editing unused, some coding errors, I'm guessing its a orphan
Template:Episcopalian unused userspace template
Template:EvQ unused, and appears to only transclude at category
Template:Familytree unused, apparently has horrible coding errors or, the only person who knows how to use it is an ip
Template:Familytree/end part of above
Template:Familytree/start part of above
Template:Familytree/step2  part of above
Template:Fict-Char-stub  unused, unlinked to, and instructions are a bit perverse
Template:Football player infobox unused, probably orphaned
Template:Fphead unused, looks like it may have been used at one time
Template:FullCaption unused
Template:Gamertag unused, WTF?
Template:German-Scandinavian War Battles unused sectional template
Template:Government infobox unused
Naked Dancing Llama
Ralph newman
Hamburger hill vietnam
HowTo:Be a sterotypical mime
Be a sterotypical mime
Phyllis Schlafly
Overkill - piss-poor bandcruft, basically Wikipedia c+p with a few words changed
Eskimo words for snow Actually, no. It's obviously a work in progress - let's give the author the benefit of the doubt.
World War 3-4
Nintendo Psp - stunningly excellent image; pity about the rest of the article.
Jack Ruby
User:Shoop De Woop - Not created by user, if there even is one
George Dubya - Copied from another page or something

October 1st - 卐 Mein Kampf 卐

HowTo:Stab an 8
The ultamate showdown
Zombie Abe Lincoln
Jimmy the mud eater
Ekaf - crap
Leap Year
Eureka Seven
Template:Backwards unused template  List of unused templates
Template:BasqueUser unused template
Template:Canadianization per above
Template:Catholic Zombie per above
Template:Christ College HK Infobox unused, probably orphaned
Template:Christ College Infobox unused, no formatting
Template:DM unused, effectly blank
Template:Depressinguser unused template
Template:Destroy All Humans unused template
Template:DieNoobHaters unused template, also a reason why I hate noobs
Template:Digit1-20 unused template
Template:Discriminate unused, redundnant with {{Racism}}
Template:Doody {{Crap}} rip-off, and unused
Template:Drcmd unused template, looks like it has severe coding errors too end unused templates
Game:Dragons N Stuff/restart user request apparently (page just says. "please delete this")
Dunoon grammar school
Hollyoaks Cheshire
Do The Bartman (single)
Cotton Eye Joe
9/11 Terrorist Joe
Cartoon jail
Cheikh Anta Diop
Nate the snake - changed into an UnBook.
International Academy of Macomb
About Roman Dog Bird
Throat condoms
UnPoetia:this is a poem, my head hurts, why is someone screaming inside my brain
Sophie marszal
St Helens RLFC
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