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July 31st - Dan Kwon sucks balls, apparently.

Life of lew lew
Windows Vista: Starship Edition
General Douchebaggery - Very disappointing.
Shut up you fucking nazi  NO U!
  Nah. I fixed it. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 20:56, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
Jamie moore - Vanity! You are a fucking bitch!
English Language
Game:Is Your Man Cheating On You?
Rasco Edliw - Blanked by author
Sam Totman - Lies! All lies! Dragonforce sucks, I tell you!
UnNews:Shirley Phelps Roper - Pointless
Extreme sport - This is either a future feature or complete crap.
Answering the door with your pants down whilst sleeping in the nude

July 30th - Everyone, Wikia is covertly taking over! We must fight them!

Africanized bees africanized
Carlos tevez - Broken
Special K - Broken
The Art Of War - Broken
User: - No, you don't get a userpage.
Michelle Leslie
Tim Duncan
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Jonas Brothers is Axis of Evil - Talk page is crap as well.
Spherical Earth Society
Random shiz
File:4l14731.tmp.jpg - nobody cares
File:Cheney gun to head copy.jpg - old and orphaned
File:Rich2.jpg - vanity/old and orphaned
File:Bar.jpeg - old and orphaned
File:CAPITAL E.jpg - old and orphaned
File:Eeeeee.jpg - old and orphaned/useless
File:Balaska.jpg - old and orphaned/useless
File:Bill cosby.jpg - old and orphaned/ugly
File:Bosnialokacijaokasno.PNG - old and orphaned
File:Aled old.jpg - old and orphaned
File:Notoemailopear.png - old and orphaned
File:Kangaroo.PNG - old and orphaned
File:Chocolate fondue.jpg - old and orphaned
File:Delorean85.jpg  - old and orphaned
File:Grapefrukt.jpg - old and orphaned
File:I R Baboon.png - old and orphaned
File:Gm construct0119.jpg - old and orphaned
File:Gm construct0270.jpg - old and orphaned
File:GFR.JPG - old and orphaned
File:Jimmysilver.JPG - Soon-to-be-orphaned image. Used on James silverwood.
File:Jimmysilver.jpg - Soon-to-be-orphaned image. Used on James silverwood.
File:Brumbyboongnose.jpg - Soon-to-be-orphaned image. Used on James silverwood.
File:Kazaam.JPG - old and orphaned
File:Kaiser-wilhelm-1-.jpg - old and orphaned
File:Sadboy-1-.jpg - old and orphaned
James silverwood
Earth Wars I: The Tailban Menace

July 29th - Brett Favre is stupid.

Matt kenseth  see Matt Kenseth
Kung Fu Panda - Recreated crap.
File:If you don't get it.jpg - Uploaded to wrong filename, but for the last time, I promise!!! (sorry)
File:JimmyButton.jpg - Cyberbullying.
File:Washingtonpost1 copy.jpg - Uploaded to wrong filename.
April January
What to do if you saw Batman performing the seizure
Tsunamis - And he seemed like such a nice guy, too. Redirected instead.
User:POTR/Template:TwinPeaks - dismal failure - author request
File:Red curtain.jpg - dismal failure - author request
File:Red curtain-9453.jpg - dismal failure - author request
Virtua Hamster
Case (personality)  If it's not vanity then it's just pants.
Xbox 360/PS3 Fanboy War
Super Ultra Mega Page of Hilarious Awesomeness - Quotes... quotes everywhere...

July 28th - Idiots still think this is July 27th.

Attack of The 50ft Woman
UnNews:All Blacks
Bertrand Mandico
Rampa rampa kill the boss
Kenji Hadaïgo
Olmo Mayakoff
Mimo Capieri
Kenji hadaïgo
Rampa rapa kill the boss
Eggs fly in the baby's belly
Olmo mayakoff
Bertrand mandico
Thecrimelife - One of these two needs to be deleted.
The Crime Life - One of these two needs to be deleted.
User:Boomer/Dear Diary:I Met the Love of My Life Today - Unneeded redirect. Author request.
User:Boomer/UnNews:Love of My Life, Gone - Unneeded double redirect. Author request.
The Citizeen Kane of Horrible Films - I'm going to assume that this means "please delete my travesty".
The Citizeen Kane of All Horrible Films - Same thing
File:Angel-visions.png - cyberbullying
File:Quoshd856343weklsd435.png - cyberbullying
File:Dooldooldool.jpg pr0n image only used on a super secret girlie page
File:Big SHow Angel Gonzales.jpg - cyberbullying
File:Angel Gonzalez - Alicia Garcia combo.jpg - cyberbullying
File:Becky Speed with 8405 Asbolus.png - cyberbullying
File:Angel Pop Art!.png - cyberbullying?
File:Angel Gonzales really ugly.png - cyberbullying?
File:Old Photo of gayness.png - cyberbullying?
File:Rodriguez family and a whole lot of ramdom ideas of mine from July 2008 - July 2009.png - cyberbullying
File:BigshowBeckySpeedNayely message.PNG - cyberbullying or someone's teacher or something else weird
File:Becky Speed (Ms. Flores).png - someone's teacher?
File:NAYELY IS PLED GUILTY.jpg - cyberbullying
File:Nayely the Conquer.png - cyberbullying
Nayelista - cyberbullying
User:Hp - Created by IP.
Mitch Windsor
Ashlee Griffin
Daniel andree
Callum mckinnon
Jessy brown and mitch flynn
Jim ward
Al Sharpton
Camberwell high school
Hayden's mum
Vaginal sex

July 27th - I got butterflies!

Zach Szames - Vanity
Dennis Quaid
The Blair Witch Project
Dulwich college
Game:101 Ways To Die/cross
Game:101 Ways To Die/pray
Template:Wanted: Jew writers who are smarter than average six-year-olds to come out with something clever that would make muslims look stupid. Come on guys, anyone?
Chad Kroeger
Template:Citemark unused clone on the Template:QVFD
Glenn Hoddle
File:Kira laughing his ass off GIF by W E Z.gif - Unused image.
File:555.GIF - Author request - and it is a crappy image...
Max of Sound Mind
Mad Max 4: Fury Road

July 26th - Hey, VFD is calling. Go to it.

July 25th - And I get ta tend da rabbits! *Bang*

List of reasons why Chuck Norris won't beat the shit out of you, your family and everyone you care about
UnNews:「テレビ東京」に批判の声 - 通常放送一生やるよ -
Uncyclopedia:VFH/File:Crawhus.jpg idiocy
Nemori Sakura - Vanity
Guide to understand ethnic hatred during the Yugoslav wars
HowTo:Teach a History Class in an Inner City School - 1 liners not saved by construction
File:AFaggotTheyCallSaget.jpg - Orphaned image
Andrew Gower
Talk:Roman Dog Bird
Chowder - Broken redirect.

July 24th - Fox News iz teh awesum! ROFLCOPTERZ!!!

Game theory - Author request. I created it a while ago and should have put more thought into creating it.
User: - You wanna create this in your userspace? GET AN ACCOUNT!
User: - Per the whole "IPs aren't people"-thing.
Hot sex - Redirect to a redlink.
File:Comeuppance Kid.jpg - Decided against this one, too. I gotta put more thought into these things. Author request.
File:Old wimming dude.jpg - Decided against using image, typo won't stop looking at me.
Luke Midworth
File:Hellothere2001.jpg - Images from the Bill Cosby/Gary Coleman enthusiast.
World's thickest people
User: - IPs don't get userpages!
File:Paris H.jpg - Duplicate of File:Burgerprn.jpg.
User:Orian57/8 (TV Series) that was never a good idea.    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 05:09 24 July 2009
Talk:Freakazoid - This isn't really needed. Just the talk page redirect, though.
J.J. Abrams
A Better Place
Columbia, Maryland
Splinter Cell

July 23rd - The economy still sucks.

Little Big Planet
Katie Rees
Helena Bonham-Carter in the Jungle
Fuckity fuck fuck
Sarkar - Google has no fucking idea who that is.
Gopi nangre - Google says this is vanity.
Charlie on quails - redirects to Charlie, not linked from anywhere
File:Nayely G. Rodriguez.jpg deleted, re-uploaded
It Guy
Neil Peart
Suburbs of Detroit
Mille Petrozza
Poon schooner
Crushing by autocunnilingus
Second Backdoor Resolution
Daffy Duck
Me want gum gum
O j mugbone

July 22nd - Michael Ian Black is gay.

Me want gum gum
Googland - construction tags dont save 1 liners, plus, shouldn't this just redirect to google
Squirrel repellant
Laura Palmer - Who?
Amanda Palmer - who?
Bugs Bunny
User:Orian57/UnBooks:In Arms Way: a Tale About My Crap Superhero Life this is too good for Uncyc.    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 15:03 22 July 2009
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnNews: Seven Ate Nine! - Request from author. 
Chad Kroeger
Business As Usual
The Mr. Men Show
Sai - Vanity or cyberbullying.
Windows Ultimate Extras - I guess it's ICU abuse since the ICU was improperly removed.
Hajj Amin Al-Husseini
Techno viking
User:Orian57/Sex:An Essay nope. won't be able to do that without getting too crass and stuff.    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 21:03 21 July 2009

July 21st - Herpes v. Syphilis - Which sucks more?

Dog Whisperer

July 20th - Edit if you want me!

User talk:
Mr. HumpDead
Mr. BangBang
Miley Cyrus is anti religion
Talk:Miley Cyrus is anti religion
Weasley Twins
User:Da man360/Text Pacman - Author Request
User:Da man360/Rock On/MSPaintDrawContest - Author Request
User:Da man360/Rock On - Author Request
User:Da man360/Pics - Author Request
User:Da man360/Owned - Author Request
User:Da man360/ExampleGuy777 - Author Request
User:Da man360/BadgeOfCrap - Author Request
User:Sycamore/Teuchter - Author request
Jsao;ifvnjedhnfv;anmckjnadfgrkjnsfgvkjdvgbkandc k.fagfdk.jsgfkzdv.zsfb .szdsglfdkh klxg.hsdg;ldfskjnbljdknb
Why i hate Uncyclopedia - Uncyclopedia is the worst!

July 19th - Nuckin' Futz!

User talk:Modusoperendi - This guy really wishes he was an admin... That's pathetic.
User talk:Mordille
UnScripts: Timmy the Wank Engine "Timmy Gets Raped" - I see nothing redeemable. ICU'd.
UnBooks:Thomas comes to breakfast - Made by guy with username of Thomas who went on Vandalizing spree. ICU'd.

July 18 - First, we'll take Manhattan...and then we'll take Berlin

West Bengal - Wikipedia copy & paste.
User: - IP's don't get pages!
User:Orian57/UnScripts:Going Nowhere -- title says it all    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 17:14 18 July 2009
Post-Apoccolyptic America
Kevin dwayne
Kevin Dwayne Tinipac - either vanity, cyber-bullying or a declaration of love. Whichever, it's shit.

July 17 - Alright, where've you hidden it?

Boom Chicka Wow Wow Syndrome one liner
24th century - That's not a day, idiot!
User:Teh pwnerator/i farted on your face! - user request
Amber Alert Center for Missing and Exploited Textbooks - ripped code from construction tag. cheater cheater pumpkin eater.
User talk:Thekillafreggy - Lies! All lies!
Windows MarioRed & SonicBlue
Talk:Roblox - Orphaned talk page.

July 16 - Happy Birthday Larry Sanger

HowTo: Become a BiSexual Spam. Again.
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnNews:Is the Government doing enough to appease the Sun God? - article featured. destroy this plz.
File:Gbush and yellow toungebud pwn jeep.jpg User request
User talk:Methamphetamine! User request
Monorail cat
JD 2020

July 15 - International Commemoration of Nothing Day

User:Orian57/UnScripts:Commercial Break this has been done before.    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 23:51 15 July 2009
Game:Do NOT click any links!/click9543579834593477
User:Gerrycheevers/whoops user request. i had a great idea, but someone already did it!
British food
Doing a nick and cloe
UnBooks:Extra Mini Classics This might be developed, I'll give it a construction tag instead.

July 14 - Day of the Triffids (if raining, in town hall)

New Jersey Devils
The Cake is a lie
User:Nameable/Affair. Moved to mainspace.	
Brian molko - Pointless redirect
Brian peppers - Pointless redirect
Brian urlacher - Pointless redirect
Brian viglione - Pointless redirect
Dallas "Goalkeeper"
Fallout 3 - got the stub tag, but it's a very bad stub. Perhaps best forgotten about?

July 13 - Something about bad luck

Mohamed Atta
Donkey punch
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnTweets:George Peterson featured, review not needed, author approved
Pregnant foreheads
Mega fox
The great orgy of 2009
Sporkidium (Sp)
Matthew briley
James kay
The end of the earth
Shagasheep davill
Shagasheep Davill
The garage

July 12 - Still hate creating these headers

Surrey, England
UnNews:Chennai slangs
Un world/houses
User talk:Methamphetamine! Useless redirect ~MethMan
UnNews:World war news
Armand Le Testu
User:Flutter/OI/Images that I edited - Яequest!
User:Orian57/TechPortal Yeah this looks like hard work    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 02:32 12 July 2009
Jason Smith - chuck norris cant write for shit
User:Orian57/quote box don't want this anymore    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 01:34 12 July 2009
User:Orian57/UnScripts:Daddy, There's a Zombie in the Garden still don't want this    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 01:34 12 July 2009
Mega Drive - to make way for move. See Talk:Sega Mega Drive#Move again?; please reply there if denying this request

July 11 - Never sure what to say when creating these headers. Feel like there's a whole lot of pressure to be funny

Martin Freeman
Charity parachute jump death 2
Craig Ferguson
Communications in North Korea
Jesus F***ing. Christ
User:Orian57/UnScripts:Daddy, There's a Zombie in the Garden not feeling this anymore.    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 01:56 11 July 2009

July 10 - 13 years today since the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. Take that, hippies!

The Life & Times of Tim
4 Seasons in One Day
Xavier School
Fяed - I just hope Modus doesn't want this featured. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 16:48, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

July 9 - probably the anniversary of something or other

Talk:Beginner's Guide/Writing advice - foreign language bullshit
Bernie Madoff
Suicide pill
Emannuel Adebayor
Rachel Maddow
Why?:You should not be a cannibal
An article that contains nothing but a full stop
International Page Blanking Day
Nkvd - Randomly made by IP
The Lazy Artist - Userpage of User:Thelazyartist. Diff when moved proves this. (The user page will redirect to the article)
Category:Michael Phelps
Category:%C2%A0 - Yes, there is a space after the colon.
File:Nayely G. Rodriguez.jpg - a failed VFP nom that the nominator admits is a girl from his school
Category:Things that
Category:Red Shirts Who Didn't Die
Category:People who don't know there's a winter in Russia
Category:Pages created by a stubborn retard
Category:Pachelbel's Canon
Category:Impotent tall people who have sidekicks that are slightly balding and do not speak. Ever.
The Popes a Nazi

July 8th - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 666!!!!!!11

Black Books
Vile pestilence meted out by God to punish sodomites
Dr. Wario
League of Super Evil
Kirtland, Ohio
Armenian Meetings
DLC Quickplay
Fort Sumter

July 7 - What extrasolar planet will they discover next?

Game:Do NOT click any links!/clickforthelulz - no
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnNews: Scientific study reveals that David Bowie does not make sense author request
Alexander the Great's Campaign's (video game) really not necessary, innit?
Uncyclopedia:Pee Review/UnScripts:Heartbeat 2012 article featured, review not needed, requester approved
Uesr:Iwillkillyou333/Worst Article ever
Animal Crossing
Category:Where to find a plastic surgeon‎
User:Multiliteralist/The only true heteros moved to main
User Talk:Multiliteralist/The only true heteros

July 6th - UP THE IRONS!!! *raises iron*

Vandalise this page
User talk:The Very Neopian - cleaning out my archives
User talk:Journey to the Lost Isle-er - cleaning out my archives
Clay Aiken
Fucking Bad Idiot
Talk:Fucking Bad Idiot
User:The Woodburninator/Forest Whitaker's Lazy Eye  - Cleaning out my userspace
User:The Woodburninator/UnNews: Bad economy forces terrorists to change tactics - Same
User:The Woodburninator/UnNews:I just thought up a really good idea for an article, but now I can't remember it. - Same
User:The Woodburninator/Mint Jelly - Same
User:The Woodburninator/UnBooks:Michael Phelps Makes Me Sick - Same
User:The Woodburninator/An Awkward Conversation - Same
User:The Woodburninator/UnNews:My 13 colonies are better than your entire fucking country! - Same
User:The Woodburninator/HowTo:Keep a Village Dump Forum on Topic - Same
File:Dtzitg.jpg accidentally uploaded 2 of the same - Same
Talk:Glory hunters
Glory hunters
List of Weapons that can wipe out a wave of Stick figures


James Chuck Norris Elmo El Paso Burger King Bender Bending Gonzales
Pwn War 2
User:Staircase/Milky Way
User talk:Staircase/Milky Way
Why?:You should not be a cannibal
Blood god
TM Revolution
Cyril rioli‎
Template:A2.jpg (760 × 356 pixel, file size: 209 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) - Not normally a QVFD candidate, but its not an article, just an odd Welcome! message in Template: namespace

Hey guys! Julie is back, and she turned 4 today!

File:Angel Gonzalez - Alicia Garcia combo.png - unneeded clone
Help:Watchlist - UN:N
Judgment Day
"Fuck" written 10 times
Thing to do when bored, edited every day.
The Gayest People in the World
Total And Complete Whore
George Davis
Uncyclopedia:VFH/The Autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth
I am that I am
Pepto Bismol

July 3rd - Independence Day (in Belarus)

Pepto Bismol
Unscripts: The 'Are You Being Served?' election special
Grand theft auto 4
The opposites
UnTunes:Jens Bæsjer i Vaskemaskinen
Skreet Fighter
Keswick - Created, then promptly abandoned.
Monkey gate scandal
Son of Jesus
Talk:Bourgeois Punk
Talk:Bla bla bla
Talk:Black Plaque - absolute nonsense
Talk:Birmingham Niggers
Talk:Big Bucks theory - blanked by author
Talk:Big Brother USA
Talk:Big Boobs
Talk:Bg:Volen Siderov and maybe there's still an article at "Bg:Volen Siderov"
Talk:Beyonce Now, I might just be slow, but since the Beyonce (pronounced Bee-Wuns) page redirects to another page, shouldn't its talkpage also redirect there? Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 10:39, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
   Okay, I guess it might just as well be part of the humour. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 10:41, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
     The what?! Sir Modusoperandi Boinc! 10:49, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
       Exactly. Sir SockySexy girls Mermaid with dolphin Tired Marilyn Monroe (talk) (stalk)Magnemite Icons-flag-be GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY PotM WotM 10:50, 3 July 2009 (UTC)
Talk:Ben Moody - orphaned talkpage
Unpoetia: Couplet
User talk:Sog1970/ Solving the Third World Debt Crisis
Talk:Bergen - blank
Talk:Berge's page - orphaned talkpage
Talk:Battle of the Pearly Gates - orphaned talkpage
Talk:Batman begins
Talk:Baraq Hussein Soetoro
Talk:Banana Skin Joke
Aidan Woolford
Jump rope

July 2nd - N'cha!

Marines Disease - ... whut
Gay Flintlock Pistol
Pendle Hill
Nordenfelt Gun
David Gash - Vanity, I think.
UnNews talk:Evil Santa Clause Captured
Unscripts: How TV can solve the Third World Debt Crisis
Talk:Unscripts: How TV can solve the Third World Debt Crisis
Talk:How TV can solve the Third World Debt Crisis
Talk:Solving the Third World Debt Crisis
Microsoft sam
User:Flutter/bibliography - plase delete it... - User:Flutter 21:58, 2 July 2009 (UTC)
Cameron the goth
Sexual frustration - blanked by author
Food Man Group 3 (working title) - blanked by author
Megaman - uh, what?
Ignore - broken redirect
Ignored - broken redirect
UnNews:Gavin - GBS?
Why?:Why does a Red Circle blocking my cursor?
The Gaming Universe
The Everlasting Story - Do we really need another ongoing project of this type? I wouldn't want to speak for the Uncyc community as a whole, so I'll leave it for some megalomaniac dictator (ie; and admin) to decide.
User:Flutter/Storage facility - meh

July 1st - a pinch and a punch

Burnham On The Crutch
User:Orian57/UnScripts:An American Kid's Movie With Cool White-Christian Morals - For Boys - I always start more than I finish    Orian57    Talk   Union pink 16:57 1 July 2009
Chris Schofield - Cyberbullying/Vanity
Noel gallegers birthday
Chris Sandy
Greg Durn
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