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August 28, 2015

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The correct title of this a|rect title of this a rticle is '''</b>proper Wiki Formatting. The capitalization in the name is due to

<swall> Make sure you format everything properly, because otherwise that would pretty much kill the point of this article!

due to format restrictions.


{{Wilde|I'm good at [[wiki formatting.}}

'Proper Wiki Formatting refers to the correct use of formatting codes with the [[[source code] of the wiki article to control the layout and look of the page . Syntax is vital as the slightest error can result in a nonsensical, or at least, bizarre page layout.

= Proper Wiki Formatting


                [[image:format.jpegif[|4000px|an example of good wiki formatting[[
  • To create insightful, educational articles on ]]Uncyclopedia], it is necessary to have the
  • proper style. Images, headlines,
  • and links should be <a href="http://slashdot.org">correctly</a> formatted to ensure smooth transitions and of use.
  • image:Wikiformat nature </blink>
:of [[Uncyclopedia|Uncyclopedia[[, it is up to the users to find and correct bad wiki formatting. Should you   spot improper formatting, don't be afraid to correct it. Be 'bold in making edits!

≠≠≠The wonders of good ][]]{[{SERVER] localurl/template~wikiformatting)})})])]}≠≠≠

Be the """best""" that you can be
Look better than your friends or [{uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Your Mom|(!<description>Your Mom</description>}}
Be a ""bad-ass"", not a [!mofo!].
Hidden text is prohibited and we will send monkeys to burn your house if we catch you doing it!

<marquee>Make sure to make LOTS of references to your FAVE</b> website.</marquee>

<spam stile="position:abs0lute;to p:0px;wright:0px;zindex:1">Ples spel wrds corctly</spam>

Learn to

Blah Blah Blah

Avoid bad wiki formatting

|}} === ==Types Of Text Formattting========

  • ' </b> bold text uses nowiki><b>and</b> tags<nowiki/>
    1. italic uses '''these high up lines'''<nowiki/>nowiki>'''

Also due to the {{content-free{} nature of [Uncyclopedia]]]]], it is up to the users to educate themselves as to the correct style of formatting. Try to use the []]preview]] button before making changes to check, and if necessary, revise your formatting. Be certain to include links that work, according to this example.

See Also



Byte me

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Proper wiki tables are important</td></table></th></table>