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edit criticism of uncyclopedia

Ima take this one. --Happymonkey39 LAZARWeegeeheadbobinDomo kun dance1 Dah Meme Master 17:49, August 15, 2010 (UTC) Shabidoo 02:57, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

Humour: 4.8 Well, something tells me you have a little but of anger towards this site. That's fine, but when you put it in your articles you must be careful. Criticism can be funny, but it can also piss people off in a very unfunny manor. In the article i can't tell if this is supposed to be an article or a message to uncyclopedians... Howeever, you did manage to get some humor in here and there, and sadly, some of the things you said are true. So here's a breakdown for you:


  • To starts all three quotes got to go. There not funny. They have no links and don't make much sense for the most parts. But i see why you did that, you wanted to leave out all the Oscar Wilde and Captain Obvious to suit the rest of the article...smart, but no. If your gonna quote, quote it right...in this case don't quote at all.
  • Ive noticed that Uncyclopedia is linked to "not funny"... That suits the article, so it's cleaver...wait, hold up... it says that every time? Not a good move. I like the fact that you actually made what i call "funny links" but the fact that you repeated the same one over and over again ruins the joke. Make it something different every single time, sure it's more work, but you get more laughs.
  • Now i love your references to bathroom vandalism and Encylopedia Dramatica. Good move both ways, both made me laugh, that's the kind of humor you should have had the whole way trough, keep that form of humor close in hand, with it you will go far my son.... ugh... i mean, grasshopper...i think.


  • This part would be a lot better if most of the things were actually true, because truth is, most isn't. I mean I am on of the only people around here that has bad spelling and grammar, and even im not that bad, i mean i do pass English.
  • Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris is not a common joke around here in articles. Actually, we tend to avoid him since he is so overused. The only time he is mentioned, is usually something like this: only one could save us or this Epic.
  • I think you could have had some irony when you were mentioning links never actually lead to the proper links. You could have done exactly what you said by linking links to something that wasn't said... you know what i mean. Do that other than just normally linking link.
  • Actually i have to agree with the 5 minute thing...most of my articles are written in one shot. If it sucks i just leave it...But don't follow my footsteps! It's not the right way to go!


  • I personally find that you summed up this section with what you wrote. Wasn't funny. I don't mean to sound critical but if you don't like the articles around here that's your opinion, but again, i don't know if this is your opinion or you trying to be funny.
  • This whole part needs a re-write, maybe talk about or repetitive humor, and how we spam Oscar Wilde a.....AGAIN WITH THE CHUCK NORRIS! Do you have something against Chuck Norris jokes or something? But seriously, you can talk about our repetitive humor and how we always use a bias or closed minded opinion on things, but i can't guarantee that this will end up funny.
  • Well there always is a diamond in the rough. I like the science in Wikipedia joke, that made me laugh. I recommend re-writing this whole part but defiantly keep that line.

Insider Language:

  • I actually like this part, it's very cleaver! I would say that if you take out the first part and the words @ss rape (that's another thing you keep repeating) you got a great section on your hands. You see that first line isn't really good, since bolding words is not difficult. Not only that but it's not only used by this site I'm pretty sure.

Deleted Content:

  • I think there must be a typo in the first sentence. Or at least it would make more sense if you replaced "words" with "articles". But even if you did it still isn't true, but yet again, the whole point of articles on this site is that everything is false information.
  • Anyways, i don't find that there is much humor in this section, i mean if you fixed the first line or two that would be a bit, bet the rest is quite repetitive and it trails on. I would suggest for you to mention something about Admins and there "power".


  • I have to be honest i don't get this at all. And again, your repeating the Uncyclopedia linking to not funny, again and again and again, the joke gets old after...well after the first time it's enough.
  • Copyright images should have it's own section. It can have enough information to stand on it's own, no use of throwing a sentence or two in this part when it can be something itself! Unfortunately I can't think of any advise for you if you were to make a section on that, but I'm sure you'll think om something!


  • Eh! I get the joke and im Canadian! I feel as if your a bit bias in this section...you seem to hate Americans and love the French...so I assume your from Quebec...nah I'm kidding, but again, a bit closed minded in this section. And it would be better if you explained why other languages are funny. But overall the section is fine, just some tune ups and for the love of god. ENOUGH WITH THE CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not even gonna bother with the last part. It's too short, but yet again, that is part of the joke i guess.

Overall fix up the repetitive jokes and add some more sarcasm and irony, those things always get people to laugh.

Concept: 4 I personally don't like the idea of the article but i like what you did with it. A lot of people criticize the site, but most of them are just trolls, you actually know the site. I find that you did point out some of the sites follies which is good. But on top of that you made up too many. There is a difference between over emphasizing something and just making sh*t up. What you did was just make stuff up. If you made things seem worse that they actually are the page would have been hilarious! So if you go back and change things that are clearly not true and add things that are over dramatic that would be perfect. For example: If i were to mock on how we lie and speak utter nonsense i would do something like: The people at this site all get together every Thursday at TGI fridays and smoke there lungs out with marijuana, then they go home and smash on the keyboard criticizing every Asian, gay, and politician in sight. (things like that have lots of irony and humor in them)
Prose and formatting: 3 Before i begin this i wish to tell you that there is something wrong with your commas, but i think I know what. You have to change the language on your keyboard. If you are using Windows 7 or vista, there should be a little keyboard symbol on your task bar, click that and pick the proper language. If you are using a mac or anything else your on your own.

I'm not quite sure what happened with the first picture. Did it interfere with the quote or something? Because it's half way down the first section. Maybe you placed it there. Try placing the Image link at the very top, even above the quotes, that should fix it.

There are also quite a few spelling and grammar errors, be sure to get them check out by writing {{proofread}} at the top of your page. That will get some people to look over your page and fix typos and mistakes.

Images: 1 Is this sight some sort of sausagefest? These pictures are completely irreverent to the article. Not only that, but the captions don't cover for the poor images. And the first one has a website link to it. You should photoshop that.

If you are going to make images, make sure to mention them in the article. And if all comes to worst and you cant, make a good caption to sum the picture up. If you leave images the way you did, people will not understand them and just find them to be a nuisance.

I do understand why you used them however, but some may not, and people won't get why you spelled wurst like that. So fix that up by doing what i said earlier.

Miscellaneous: 7 I gave you this extra bump because i may have a bit of a bias opinion, you know, liking this site and all. Also because I'm not sure if you actually hate it or your just that good at writing articles. Because if you wrote that even though you like this site, great job, because it sure seems like you hate it!
Final Score: 19.8 Well good effort. It just didn't click for me. But it defiantly had some funny moments! That shows me that you have what it takes, and with a better article idea, you'll do some great work! Keep that funny side close in hand!
Reviewer: --Happymonkey39 LAZARWeegeeheadbobinDomo kun dance1 Dah Meme Master 02:01, August 16, 2010 (UTC)
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