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edit complex numbers

we are talking about problem with the square root of negatives. actually negatives feel insane that they do not have a square root. as matter of afct i am chatting with one of them right now which is -1 who told me that on behalf of the family of negatives he wants to express upsetness about this unfair dealing with.I answered that there is no a square of sign gives minus yet he said ""who said. honestly he has a cause Zuhairnmair (talk) 20:30, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

Humour: 5 Mathematics humour is a pain in the bum. As a general rule most mathematics articles tend to be fairly lame one liners linked together by a string of psuedo mathematical "fact".

This article is a fairly good mathematical article, but it's not quite a feature as of yet. Part of the issue is trying to get it working as a whole, rather than an article of parts.

As examples of mathematical articles that work well are:

  • Number bases - The humour builds from one section to the next, throwing in a few decent one liners and travelling from the simple to the absurd. It uses factual information as its base for humour
  • Counting to potato - also uses fact as a base for humour, and travels along the "history" of the issue. Some of the humour is more obscure (both in relationship to the histyory of mathematics and the history of potato) but enough of it is accessible without foreknowledge, and enough of it is explained in the text that it is accessible
  • Mathematics - It's a behemoth of mathematical humour. Some more complex mathematics is involved in it again, but enough humour is accessible without having any mathematical knowledge that it carries the reader along. The other advantage is that this is a very close spork to the Mathematics article of the same name.
  • The Popularity of War - A bit of an aside to the main mathematical articles, but a very good satire of the cost of war in human terms, as is Dead Dicks.
  • Also worth reading are 2 Girls 1 Calculus Equation, Intelligent Mathematics, UnDebate:Is one a number?, and Turing Duck Test

On the other hand, let's have a look at Proof that the angles of a triangle sum to 360 degrees. Half of this is fact, and half of this is stupid. Given we are not a factual site (as such, although some does creep in), and we are not a stupid site,[citation needed] then we should ideally not have either.

Concept: 5 So I've gone through and trimmed down a lot of the stupid, as well as removing a fair few red links, from this article. While it has some good humour in it, I could trim out another half of what remains and it would still have about the same amount of humour. The issue is working out what is stupid versus what is humour.

Rather than going through a long diatribe of How to be funny and not just stupid, here's one I prepared earlier.

The first thing needed though is to find a consistent concept that will carry through the rest of the article. Once you have a concept then the rest can work around it. Going back to Mathematics - there is an underlying concept that mathematicians don't get much action. The joke is repeated throughout the article in various ways, and ties in the introduction through to the conclusion, while still managing to cover the topics of the original (mostly) and go over a lot of mathematical ground.

Prose and formatting: 7 The prose, spelling and formatting are okay. Admittedly I just got rid of the worst of the bad spelling, prose, and formatting, so of course I'm going to say that. If I went deeper I'd probably find more that could be fixed.
Images: 6 I love that image. There probably needs to be at least one more image to balance out the rest of the text. Avoid black and white geometrical images, however. The purpose of the images is to counterbalance the black and white lines of the text (sort of).
Miscellaneous: 5.7 Overall feeling on this one. A good concept and a bit of reworkibng, along with some stronger jokes, and you may have a feature. Assuming that we haven't gotten completely sick of mathematical articles by that stage.
Final Score: 28.7
Reviewer:                               Puppy's talk page07:32 16 Apr
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