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edit Woolly mammoth

I is think this better? Omnifluff 21:11, January 15, 2011 (UTC)

I think I'll try and tackle it. Yipyapper 12:14, January 27th, 2011 (UTC)
Humour: 5 I loved the joke about the different breeds of mammoth at the beginning, and the ones about how they went extinct. Unfortunately, it seems as this is about it. The article is very short, so there are not many jokes or space for funny content. I good idea would be to add a few new sections, perhaps their origin or their way of life (In a jokey way), and then expand on those as well as the sections already created. Some different sorts of images would add to the general atmosphere and comedic value as well, although this should belong in the "Image" section of this review.
Concept: 8 This article is about large, very husky-like animals with a lot of hair! What more of a concept could you find? Well, Oscar Wilde, but against that point... I think that it could easily be a very funny and well made article if given more time to work on, because honestly, there is a lot of jokes someone can come up with for this.
Prose and formatting: 6 Very nice work on making it like an artcile. It has a good "See also" section, and it has references, which I have to admit I haven't seen for a while on Uncyclopedia! The sub-sections are in good form and number, but the only issues I have are the images without borders and the length for the article. These two do, however, make it difficult to give a good score.
Images: 4 The Images themselves aren't too bad, maybe a 6 or so, but you only have 3 of them, which is mostly because the article isn't very long. If more article was put in, then more images can follow, and it will improve the article drastically. Also, the 2nd and 1st images you see aren't bad, but they have no borders and it cuts into the writing. Adding borders would make the cutting in normal. I did, however, like the 3rd image! (Although it had borders already, but I still count it as borders)
Miscellaneous: 5 This is my general view of the article. Poor images in poor formatting and small space make this article a re-write for me. I wouldn't suggest deleting this, but maybe an expert out there could give better tips, because this is only my second review!
Final Score: 28 Suggested Re-write. Experts, please give me a review based on how good that review was.
Reviewer: Yipyapper 17:35, January 27, 2011 (UTC)Yipyapper
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