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edit Will and Grace

Digi 00:16, 16 June 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 8 Liked the whole fan-centric review parody. Mass deaths may not be as funny as you think and contribute little to the tone of this article. It's best to avoid global RealPolitik in such a parody. Remember "Will and Grace" live in a world of their own - fewer connections to "reality" the better.
Concept: 10 This is a good wrong-end-of-the-telescope-of-time irreverent look at a popular show
Prose and formatting: 9 Excellent layout
Images: 9 Muppets as Will and Grace is inspired
Miscellaneous: 7 A good effort to match the savage, black humor of the show - it's already absurd, don't need to push it.
Final Score: 43 Do you have one for Friends?
Reviewer: wildcatherder
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