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edit Wikihell

"I know this page title has been huffed a few times, I would like to turn into a bit of a project but I don't know enough people on here yet so I'm just starting this up on my own."

So any tips would be greatly appreciated.

DavefaceFMS 06:24, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

I'm no expert on Pee Reviews but I can tell you that this page definitely needs to be expanded into a full article. It needs more content. Otherwise you're not likely to get much of a review at all. --Andorin Kato 06:26, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

Cheers, I'm planning on getting more done on this today but have a bit of an idea block DavefaceFMS 06:27, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

Mine! 24 hours... --Some Idiot Image002 09:47, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Humour: 6 Hard score to give, as there is good humor, room for humor, and at places not much humor. I'm going to go through each section and detail what you could improve...
  • Introduction: You need to make this clearer, and state that is the Wiki article Hell. Go into a bit more detail here, and make the introduction longer. As I said in your Owl and Pussy Cat review you should make your introduction quite big (or at least not horribly small).
  • Creation: Short. Expand on this section, as you could definitely say more. Did Jimbo make a pact with the devil when he created? What problems arose?
  • Early Years: Hm... a bit confusing. Slow down a bit. However there is potential here. Also - who is this Doc Brown? You mention him here and there, but this is confusing as we don't know who he is. I think you're talking about the guy from Back to the Future, or is it your own character?
  • Teenage Years: Good, but I'd like to see you build on the 'teenage' concept more. What other effects did this age have on WikiHell? Did it become Emo? Think about some more teenage characteristics and incorporate them into this section.
  • Adult Years: Like the teenage section, use some more characteristics of an adult or elderly person. Did it become much more serious all of a sudden, and then became very slow and unreliable?

HISTORY CONCLUSION: Build on all these sections. Make them bigger.

  • The WikieDevil: Maybe move this above the History section, or add it into the early years part, where the Admins decided they needed someone to control the place. This is a very good idea and I really like this.
  • Rules and Articles: These two lists are rather unfunny. I think if you build more on this article and make it longer, you should delete them, because they're not that good.

So, in conclusion. There's good humor here. However there is definitely room for improvement, and most of all you need to expand the article - heaps. It's very short.

Concept: 6 This is a very good concept, and I think there is definitely potential here for the article to be edited by many users and expand to something huge and great. However this score is low because you haven't made the most of it, as you probably already know. I'd love to see more stuff on maybe the geography of the place - what does it look like inside? Are there any peculiar places? In the article on Hell you can see how they've detailed different places, which would be good for your article. Also, what tests or punishments do the articles face there? A room with no door that is full vandalisers? A pot full of boiling viruses, ready to destroy it? Think about the real Hell and decide how you could twist it's features into something funny for your article.
Prose and formatting: 5 Doesn't look very good, but this is also because it's very short. Once you've beefed it up in the ways I have mentioned, you'll be able to add more pictures and spread them out better. Because the formatting will definitely change when you have enlarged this article I can't say much in this section.
Images: 2 You've got four images - but none of them are really funny.
  • Image 1: Good picture, but needs a funny caption, and yours is complete nonsense.
  • Image 2, 3 and 4: These are suppost to depict the early, teenage and adult years of Wikihell. I think the way you have formatted them makes them not fit in. Once you have built on the history sections and made them longer, line each image so up so it's right next to it's corresponding section. And don't put those captions in - no captions at all would be better for these three.

The other reason this has a low score is because you have a wide images you could use but you've used the lesser of these. You need more pictures showing what it looks like - get a picture of a Wikipedia article that is on flames, because it is in hell. Get a picture of the WikiDevil. At the moment you not be able to fit any more in, but if you expand your article then you should be able to fit more in.

Miscellaneous: 5 Averaged your score and then rounded it off.
Final Score: 24 Very hard to do in-depth because of the length of the article. This is a great idea, but you haven't made the most of it. As I have said, you definitely need to build on all this. Think of all the possible things you could say about it - think of all the things you know about hell, and see if you can fit that stuff into this clever concept. And build on the sections you've already got too. With this advice this is could be a pretty good article, but right now it's just below average. Hoped that helped.
Reviewer: --Some Idiot Image002 10:25, July 30, 2010 (UTC)
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