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edit Why?:Arent There Any Penguins Up North?

Made by me :) Yes I am Canadian and I am making fun of myself here... Second Article which I think i did pretty well on :) Ive showed my friends it and they found it funny so I hope you guys do to! GG16

look a water buffalo! 18:05, 21 January 2009 (UTC)

Humour: 3 To begin, this is more of a, well...I don't really know what it is. What it isn't though is funny. Your only jokes are against Canada and athiests, there is not much more. Even those are jokes that have been used so many times and run into the ground that they just aren't funny anymore. Basing an article around overused jokes is a bad idea. You need to find funnier things about penguins, but, I think that is more of a concept problem. I didn't find any of this laugh out loud funny, and it became dumb at points, not funny. Check HTBFANJS for more helpful tips.
Concept: 2 Now your concept is what screws everything up. In fact, this has very little redeemable value. I would suggest just starting a new article, but if you choose to continue pursuing this one, then this is my advice. Change your concept from an article based around dumb Canadians, because this article isn't even about Canadians. Also, don't base it around athiesm, because it is not supposed to be about that. Make it about what the title says its about, which is penguins and going up north. I don't see how anyone can make a topic like that funny but if you want to give it a try then by all means go for it!
Prose and formatting: 3 The way this article is written also makes it weak. A why is not supposed to be formed like this, or from what I have seen. Quotes are usually dumb things crappy articles have at the top. They should only be used for rare times when one is perfect for the situation. Basing an article around them is a bad idea. Don't use the quote formatting tool if you want to show a Canadian speaking. Instead, use quotes or something like that. I have even seen people use headers to ask the question, and the answer being the text. You can try that but the way you have it now seems thrown together and messy.
Images: 8 The pictures are ok I guess. I don't have many problems with them, but the two bunched up in the middle seems tacky, so consider moving them around. Besides that they are decent.
Miscellaneous: 4 Averaged
Final Score: 20 This concept is really weak and it will be very hard to fix. If you do choose to fix it redirect the humor, thats about it though. Good luck!
Reviewer: --Tagstit 02:05, 22 January 2009 (UTC)
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