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edit Using Jokes Properly

This article was atempted to be featured but failed to become featured, so I need help on this article. Iwillkillyou333 23:40, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

Humour: 9 "A pretty funny article all up. Your examples used are pretty good, though using an example for the Sexist section, and maybe a better Knock-Knock Joke would probably improve the article. Also, I personally would remove the Sumo Huffing part, because huffing has become really overused. That is up to you though.
Concept: 9.5 "Really good idea for an article. Very original. You could expand it by adding another joke, thinking of possibly better ones, and adding different joke types like Blonde jokes, Good Q & A's, Story jokes, and by maybe making Your Mom, and Yo(ur'e)Mama a seperate category.
Prose and formatting: 8.7 "It was easy to read without the text looking mountainous. To improve, I suggest making the comments, E.g. "That joke is old. Instead do something more funnier." more spaced out. Also in your paragraphs that don't include featured examples (1st paragraph) use bold or italics on important or significant words, to make the paragraph not look too dull. Adding italics to one of the people, For Example, "Dave: What does a black kid get for christmas? - Scott: What? - Dave: Your Bike!". Just to finish, maybe rename the article with "How To:" at the beggining
Images: 9 "Really good and funny pictures. A reasonable amount for the articles size. My only suggestion is to add a caption to the For Dummies picture, and to frame and add a caption to the Ben's Grave photo. These will help to make the image funnier like how you did with the "SO YOU THINK I'M FAT, DO YOU!" image.
Miscellaneous: 9.1 Averaged your score
Final Score: 45.3 A pretty well written and constructed article all up. By adding a little and maybe taking away a little you may be able to get it featured. Write what sounds good, but not overdone, as this always can ruin an article. Good Luck!
Reviewer: Elchileno74 12:02, 7 June 2009 (UTC)
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