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edit User:Simsilikesims/Office workout

-- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 23:00, March 14, 2012 (UTC)

Humour: 4 Humour is subjective. I say that because although this is good in all other aspects, there aren't that many laughs in it to be found. But while I say that, I say it from the subjective viewpoint of an individual who has had to actually train people in office exercises. 

Yes, they are a real thing. And when managing people who work on an office you also have to train them in skills to avoid RSI and other common office ailments. So I had to train my staff in methods of office yoga. 

While this seems silly, there are sillier exercise regimes out there. There is the cat workout, designed for people who have cats as pets, which involves using your cat as a weight during your exercises. I don't know what the benefit of this is for either the person or the cat. I spoke to my cat about exercises, and she went back to licking her inner thigh. 

There is also the clothes line workout. Walking is a good exercise, but walking in the dark can be dangerous, so instead you can walk around your clothesline. The woman who "invented" this concept has written a book on it.

So, to me, the idea of exercise in an office setting is fairly mundane. If it was more related to success in the workplace - ie exercises to make it look as though you're doing something important - then that works better. The photocopier idea starts to get there.

One such move is the computer detach and move. Unplugging everything from the computer and carrying across to another office to replace a "faulty" computer there, and then carrying that back to replace the "faulty" computer you just moved. Not only are you getting exercise, but you're showing that you're technically minded and involved in ensuring the IT infrastructure works. 

And the final conclusion works as well. When all else fails, blow the boss. 

Concept: 6 The concept is half there. If you extend the concept in the direction that I suggested - or if you extend it in another direction I haven't thought of - you'll have something better. 
Prose and formatting: 7 Yeah. No issues here. Nothing exciting here either. 

This can be much more interesting. I'd like to see a much more interesting visual aspect to this article. Given you are trying to "sell" this idea to people, funky layout makes sense. Have a look at stereotype for an idea of how to use format to make a change in feel of an article. 

Images: 2 Here is an image idea

Here is another one

Those two were just found from googling office yoga. There were plenty more. If you can find a good "HowTo" out there you may be able to steal a series of images from there. 

Miscellaneous: 6 Sorry. There really needs to be more funny in here. It's a very basic start at this stage. 
Final Score: 25
Reviewer:                               Puppy's talk page10:58 19 Mar
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