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edit User:OMGwhatHaveIdone/Broom Hulda Clark

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edit Author's explanation

OK so if you wanna know what the heck I am parodying this person I am loosily basing this off of is of a very simaler name... IS it cool to mention that..That I am insipred by real life things? Anyways. Ms Clarck had a bussiness in zappers and health... Shes dead now.. Her son carries on the bussiness. SOme are helped some aint.. I dont know about all that. I just know I enjoy ripping into it and that we all should because it is good to be able to take a joke.

Her claim to fame was using frequewncy therapy and propery diet to help people. The Cops said she was full of it and their were legal troubles.. In the end she fled to mexico... so yeah whats that say about all that. I dont know. BUt maybe it should be made fun of?

I'd kinda like to keep this clark centric but if anyone wants to expand it to everything else thats fine.. Anyone can contribute anything to this... I just want see it made better. Feel free to throw your two cents at it. OMGwhatHaveIdone (talk) 06:38, February 7, 2014 (UTC)

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