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edit User:Mattsnow/Resident Evil

How does it look so far? Should I make it longer or just write a conclusion paragraph? Should I include the picture of the female zombie I put at the end? Thanks! Snowflake mini Mattsnow  20:04, March 1, 2012 (UTC)

Humour: 6.5 Hey. This is pretty good. The reality is that you're talking about a garden variety zombie movie plot, with a few extra monsters thrown in for good effect. 

So although I've never played the game, I recognise the plot elements from watching Evil Dead, Living Dead, Walking Dead, Braindead, Killer tomatoes, and the Ivanhoe Girls Grammar C-grade debating team. In fact that last one still scares me. 

This is probably something I would play more with. The truth is that the genre is filled with plot-holes and stupid concepts. Probably the most recent terrible one of these I have seen is Quarantine 2: Terminal. Having said that the first one of that series wasn't that bad. 

But you've started to pull apart at the plot holes here. One major one is that while there is a terrible tragedy, the first response is to send in the B-team, wait until they are killed or otherwise incapacitated, and then send in the best.

Plucking at these strings is what I love to see in articles on this genre. More of it please. 

Oh, and lose one of the lede quotes. I hate lede quotes. 

Concept: 7 Given I've just covered this above, I'm going to directly answer your questions.

How does it look so far?

Well, good, but too short.

Should I make it longer or just write a conclusion paragraph?

I would like to see a lot more in here, but only if it's of a similar quality. The thing to avoid, having said all this, is getting so mired down in the minutiae of the game that it becomes too fanboy ish. If you have more plot in here than three paragraphs, then that's probably way too much. 
As an example of too much plot, see Hellraiser: Revelations. I love this article as it is like a runaway train, and if I was actually concerned about Wikipedia the way I was about this place I'd shred 90% of it. But reading this you can see the fanboy/film studio influence in it. By the time you've read about two paragraphs into the plot you're already bored. 

Should I include the picture of the female zombie I put at the end?

I would, but I'm perverse. I think the funniest thing about this picture is one of the things I love about M rated zombie films. The zombie has gotten to a stage where physical appearance is no longer a concern, and they're just after flesh. They may be missing limbs, but god forbid they be missing clothing that covers their breasts/genitals. I'd be changing the caption to something along the lines of BRAINS. And a 34D cup bra - preferably in a powder blue. BRAINS. or something like that. Play with the fact that she may have lost her humanity, but not her modesty. 
Prose and formatting: 7 Very good. You used the word kernel for kennel at one stage, but beyond that spelling is fine, and grammar seems okay. 

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. An infobox appears on 99% of Wikipedia pages. Infoboxes give a fantastic ability to add in quick gags. 

Basically this is where you should have the quick gag that you're putting in the lede quotes. I'd get rid of both of them (work the same joke into the text somewhere - maybe change Reviews to Reception and put in in there) and have the infobox instead. 


Had to do it somewhere. Screen shots can be awkward, but here they work well. Maybe your final image can be shipped to have that slightly pixelated quality of the game shots to suit?

Miscellaneous: 7 Good start. Hope that I've helped. 
Final Score: 34.5
Reviewer: Pup 07:32 12-03-12
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