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edit University of Antarctica

Made this article about 4 years ago and want to improve it. Any ideas or suggestions? --AmericanBastard 16:04, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

AmericanBastard 01:27, 10 April 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 7 I liked this quite a bit more than I was expecting to given the title. You've written this pretty well, putting quite a bit of effort into it, and that shows in the final product. It opens pretty much as you would expect a satire article about a fictional university to open (that is, with a description of location and specialisation), and this is fine, if a little weak comparative to the rest of the article. It gets better as the article goes on, with the "Residential Life" section being my favourite, especially because of the line "The largest “semi-living” or “dead” residency hall, Cryochamber 2, has a capacity of 15,061 students stacked vertically and 20,908 students stacked horizontally". To improve the humour, I feel you need to add a couple more sections - something like "Controversies" or "Faculty" would do just nicely in my opine. This is pretty good, as I said, but it can still be improved. Also, try to make it sound less "in-jokey" - not Uncyc wise, but it sorta reads like an article you have to be at this university to really "get" (which is obviously impossible) - try and make it appeal to all.
Concept: 7 Most school/college/university articles would normally score extremely low here, what with UN:VAIN and cyberbullying and whatnot. However, this is an interesting idea, off something that is clearly and obviously fictional, and coud have some interesting material added to it. It's still a school article, so it can't be that great of a concept, but it's more than good enough to have a solid base for a good article, which you have taken advantage of somewhat, though it isn't yet perfect by any means.
Prose and formatting: 7 This was fairly good, too - the spelling and grammar was good, although your sentence structure could be improved a bit to make it sound more posh-university-ey (you know what I mean by that, how university people speak). Your formatting was fine, everything seems in the right place, things that should be emboldened are emboldened, there are enough images to fit the article and there isn't a great big Image:Example.jpg in the middle of the article, which is always a bonus!
Images: 7 Like everything else in this article, the images are good-but-not-great, which is good enough mostly. As mentioned above, there are just about enough, and they are all in the right place, which is good. As a collective group, the images aren't all that funny themselves, but they become better when you link them with the text. I laughed at the Jack Nicholson reference in the last image's caption, as it summed up the image itself perfectly while still being linked to the text.
Miscellaneous: 7 n/a
Final Score: 35 I like this quite a fair bit. It's not ready for the grandeur of VFH, but it's definitely a good article, one that if I'd have written would probably be my best article by a fair bit. You're a better writer than me, that's for sure!
Reviewer: –—Hv (talk) 11/04 20:08
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