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edit Unfomercials:Progressive Insurance - Bike insurance

Made this Unfomercial in a space of about three hours. Hope you guys like it. There's no I in RAPE (lol contribs) 00:43 Aug 19, 2009 00:43, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

Humour: 9 "Fantastic. The reason its funny is because the captions perfectally suit the pictures and the expressions of the people on their faces. The only detractor is the spelling mistakes and grammar needs a little changing. Just a general tidy up. Other than that its brilliant"
Concept: 8 "Very good idea. I would love to see the original advert. I wasn't aware of Unfomercials before, but I will definatly explore them in more detail now. The entire field has great potential."
Prose and formatting: 7.5 "Like I said the only problem was the spelling and grammer mistakes other than that it was pretty good. Perhaps consider to make it really obvious who is saying what because it wasn't initally clear when I immediatly looked at the picture who was saying stuff like 'Careful, it's covered in lube!' but I worked it out after a few seconds. Other than that its fine"
Images: 9.5 "Fabulous images. The only reason its not a 10 is because some of them are a little fuzzy, but thats ok given the size restriction on uploaded images."
Miscellaneous: 8.5 "Just go through the article and check the captialisation and remove the '/' from the line 'so i get fre dildo after 6 months/' Other than that its fine.
Final Score: 42.5 "A fantastic article for only 3 hours work. Just go through the article one final time to fix the tiny mistakes that are still there. I look forward to more stuff from you!"
Reviewer: JamesM123 13:17, 19 August 2009 (UTC)
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