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edit UnTunes:Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt (Christian Edition)

Been working on this. WHoever the other guy was that went to do the Cannibal Corpse song totally stole off my idea, but whatever. I do plan to add a sound track. It's Magically Fucking Delicious!!! Lucky2 04:03,5April,2010

I'll do this one, for my first, and will get to it soon (Hell freezing over) Al sans chains 14:31 12 4 mmx

I'm your first? *tear* It's Magically Fucking Delicious!!! Lucky2 19:19,12April,2010
Humour: 7 *I'll take it! The humour here is very good in that it indicated a person has taken the time to change the lyrics of what a Christian would consider an "evil" song and religiousfies it. Very funny.
Concept: 8 *Yes, the concept, as mentioned above, works well.
Prose and formatting: 7 *I don't know what this is. Why doesn't this template spell out what the section is? It wouldn't take very little energy to type in the complete word. I don't understand, and am confused by this. Let's say this section is for prose and formatting, which I believe it may be. Your prose was good, but you may need some commas and/or period in between some of the lines of song, just as a written song would have commas and periods. The words themselves are good, I have no objection at all. Ah, the format, this was why I took the review. To be serious here, what I like to do when writing song/poem etc., is to enlarge each line so that they are more easily readable. This can be done by bigging the lines, by linking the lines to something (here I'd suggest linking each line to two items, one evil (to a christian) the other religious (to a christian). This would build more information into the page as well as make all the lines big and blue, a nice look for song lyrics.
Images: 7 *The illustrations are good (I'm guessing that I means Illustrations and not Idiocy-level or some other I. Really, these things should be written out). The halo's on the band members is a fun change by the christian who is writing the page.
Miscellaneous: 8 *What is M?
Final Score: 37 (No idea what F is. I was told the template was easy. It is not. But I know an average of the page is listed somewhere, so I would say 7 in order to bring home the point of bolding and linking the lyrics (for looks and for adding much more information to the page by linking to "evil" and "christian" pages both here and in wikipedia), as well as fixing the punc. with commas and periods where appropriate. So this article gets a score of 37 from me. Yay! 37
Reviewer: Aleister in Chains 00:24 14 4 MMX
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