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edit UnNews:We're full of crashing bores

I did not create the page, but I thought what it would do in a pee review.--Prop 8 protesters are EVIL! 04:59, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

Prop 8 protesters are EVIL! 04:59, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

Concept: 4 In jokey, and like many other UnNews articles, it takes one idea and bludgeons the hell out of it. Most unNews articles seem to suffer from the problem of failing to develop or elaborate the main idea of the article, and basically saying the same thing over in over again. Honestly, this article suffers from quote spam, but it's internal quote spam. I copied this article to userspace and move the quotes to the header. Granted, some articles have internal quotes too, and the quotes are explained in the article. However, the quotes are almost as long as the rest of the article. See User:Mnbvcxz/UnNews We're full of crashing bores.

There are several things the author could have done with this. For example, he could have explained why the quality is falling recently, stuff like forum posting, VFDing, whining and moaning about the lack of good articles, et cetera. Or, it could subtly suggest things to do to improve overall quality. Instead, the author just used the same idea over and over and over, giving it a filibustering feel to it despite being only 2.7 kilobytes long.

For an example of a good unNews, see UnNews:Kenneth_Starr_vows_to_investigate_Obama_sex_scandal. This article is still short by article standards, only 3.7 kilobytes, but it is quite witty and filled with jokes and several different ideas.
Prose and Formatting: 5.5 There is nothing that stands out as bad. However, the article does have 7 two line paragraphs and 1 three line paragraphs out of a total of 8 paragraphs. Also the article is short, and that gives it an ugly feel. It makes the see also section look too long, and short articles just don't feel "right".
Images: 4 Image is quite random, as is the picture. Unless this is intentional badness, I'd get a different picture. The caption make so sense whatsoever, and the image itself doesn't make any sense either. If it is intentionally bad, I'd try to make sure the reader knows that, if you need to tell the reader that an article is intentionally bad, then its not funny.

{{IntentionallyBad}} If you need to use the above template, [that no longer exists], you're not being funny. (Ok, I did make that template, but I was a noob at the time).

Humour: 3.5 This is a bit harsh. And I might just not get unNews. However, I really didn't find this humorous, its an old joke done not very well. Plus, it does have some hints on randomness. For example, last time I checked, Africa did not have a president. Referencing the fake Mombuzo and Medvedev come across as kind of meme-y, this is made even worse by the fact that Mombuzo isn't even a real person. Although, to the author's credit, I didn't notice that the first time I read it.
Improvability Score: 6 I think this article can be improved fairly easy if the underling concept is broadened out. Unlike some unNews, this article should age fairly well.
Final Score: 23 This review may sound a bit harsh, but I just didn't find this article very funny.
Reviewer: --Mnbvcxz 08:18, 20 December 2008 (UTC)
this is an old review, I edited it go get rid of a link to a deleted template
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