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edit UnBooks:Time Magazine(Dec 20, 2012)

This is entirely hypothetical on the contingency the world will end within a few days of printLordarcadian 19:48, July 23, 2010 (UTC) Lordarcadian 19:48, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

Humour: 8.5 In this article irony is really what was used. Thing is, irony is the funniest fform of comedy. Thus making this A freaking funny article. I love how you made the adds seam realistic; desperate, pointless and never-ending. The reason i didnt give this a perfect 10 is really because the humor was "off-balance". You focused so much of the article on relligion yet there is nothing on "buket-list" or "celebrity confessions" or spoilers on T.V shows, things that could really have spiced it up even more.
Concept: 9 I guess this is pretty bias but I find the 2012 theory fascinating. I have personally done research in it...not really but i have read a lot about it. And the fact that you took a historical theory, and a time magazine, the irony is just hilarious. Great concept.
Prose and formatting: 6 Few grammar and spelling mistakes. You put a semi-colon in the middle of a word and little other errors. Also, the positioning of all the words and sentences is not good, and quite unprofessional. There should have been some more appealing fonts. I gave it that score because it looks bit "all-over-the-place" at times.
Images: 6 This is what brought your article down from EPIC MUST BE FEATURED to A LITTLE WORK THEN FEATURE in my opinion. The thing is some pictures like the 2012 planets photo and the dart board are creative and funny. While others like the Obama picture were bland and poorly made. Clip art? BIG NO-NO, unless it's like FUNNY AS HELL...which doesn't exist with clip art. The front page was good, but the bunny butler will haunt me in my sleep.
Miscellaneous: 7 Very bright idea and it looks like it took a while. 2 problems: 1. I pretty sure you have to put it together like in this article, even if this is just for the reviews it would be nicer. 2. There is a problem with the Car Add, you tried to caption it and there is a big border around the width of the page. Ive had this happen, and truly, i don't know how to fix it, but i would advise you to find out how.
Final Score: 36.5 I think this is freaking hallarious. And with minor adjustments, i personally it's feature or at least quasi-feature worthy. Great work
Reviewer: --Happymonkey39 LAZARWeegeeheadbobinDomo kun dance1 Dah Meme Master 20:45, July 26, 2010 (UTC)
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