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edit UnBooks:So Your Wife Wants To Become A Minister (And Other Solutions To Your Daily Problems)

Yes. I was thinking of self-nomming this. But then I remembered the Pee Review rule. So please, critique away. -RAHB 07:02, 21 December 2008 (UTC)

Concept: 7 This looks like a rip-off of some sort of self-help book. I'm not that familiar with the genre though. I don't see any major problems with the execution, but I just didn't find it that funny. Also, I think it is a bit short for an unbook, you might consider adding another chapter or two. Remember, longer is better, as long as you still have something meaningful to say. The format would be conducive for a long article, as you can talk about different subjects without sounding like your hopping all other the place.
Prose and Formatting: 7 No major formatting errors. However, the {{UnBooks}} template does look a little ugly, its very wordy for what it does. If you need to keep it might go better at the bottom. You might also want to add a see also section, the article looks a bit "off" to me, it doesn't look formatted "just right". Maybe its because I'm not used to unbooks. You might also want to add more links to improve its appearence.
Images: 7 The images are ok, but nothing really stands out. I might just not be a funny mode though. You have pictures of the subject matter which are generally a requirement. However, the article comes across as a little pic-heavy, yet it seems to lack any "outlandish" pic. Generally, if you have 4 pics, at least one of them should induce a chuckle as a "rouge" image with caption. I don't see an obvious way around this, besides looking for funnier pics. You might consider adding a bit more text to get your text to pic ratio up, so your images aren't going thru header lines. Also, the article is a bit short for an unbook.
Humour: 5.5 I really didn't find this article that funny. But, that is probably burn out from doing too many pee reviews. You could add a few more turn-of-phrases, footnotes, and the like. The one footnote doesn't look that good by itself. It runs a bit too restrained, and it could use some more jokes. It looks like the article is trying to go deadpan, but I don't think it pulls if off that well, the subject matter is a bit too outlandish for the deadpan delivery.
Improvability Score: 7 This article is done, and doesn't need much work. However, I really don't see any obvious fixes, besides moar content. This score is basically as close you are to a good article, since you have a fairly good article, you got a high score here even though making it better will require some thought.
Final Score: 33.5 this probably needs some tweeking before you nominate on VFH
Reviewer: --Mnbvcxz (Annoy) 04:31, 25 December 2008 (UTC)
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