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edit The Dog Dies at the End

I'll review this after I eat dinner. --THE 22:34, 28 April 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 9 This is a pretty hilarious piece. It gets progressively more hilarious as it moves along; at the beginning I was smiling in amusement, but as it moved on it got even better to the point that I laughed a few times (this puzzled the people in the room with me). I guess a weak point would be the notes at the bottom of the page. Adding notes to a page tends to disrupt the flow a bit, but this is okay usually if they're exceptionally funny. Here, some of them (such as the first and especially the fifth one) are good, but others like the second and third seem unnecessary to the point of explaining a joke that doesn't need explanation. Perhaps just chopping out the second and third ones. The choice to work in the feminism theme is an odd one, but it works here. Try to avoid repetiveness when it comes to that though so it won't wear thin by the end. Also, I thought "part 3" was the weakest of the sections. Meeing a band of robbers does seem like something that would happen in that kind of movie. Try expanding that section a bit, I think it could be drawn out a bit more.
Concept: 9 I HATE HATE HAT syrupy family pet films. The dog dies at the end! Hilarious. As I said before, the incorporation of the feminism thing seems odd at first, but I think it helps add another layer to the humor. Perhaps if you made some mention of very noticeable product placements in the film--perhaps the characters can constantly be enjoying coca cola, who sponsored the movie? It might be funny if the kid found comfort after the loss of his dog by drinking loads and loads of coca cola. It seems like something that would happen in one of those bullshit movies.
Prose and formatting: 7 I noticed a few typos. I'm pretty sure I got them all but you might want to reread it again just to make sure. I tend not to notice typops.
Images: 8 The two images you have are good. I think one more picture (a monster truck? Or perhaps a child crying hysterically after watching the movie with a good caption?) would be good.
Miscellaneous: 8.3 Averaged.
Final Score: 41.3 Very nice work. I must say my favorite part of the article was the fact that it was a monster truck that hit the dog. Brilliant.
Reviewer: --THE 23:20, 28 April 2008 (UTC)
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