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edit Subliminal stimuli

In-depth, please. --Tophat headless 23:28, September 14, 2011 (UTC)

Expect it if not tomorrow, the day after. ~Sir Frosty (Talk to me!) Icons-flag-au 08:59, September 16, 2011 (UTC)
Humour: 8 Ok, this is a very good article. I love the way you've actually adapted subliminal messaging into your article throughout it, I thought that was very well done. In addition to this the writing in itself is pretty man funny, so I'll section review it now like you asked ok?

Introduction - This the weakest link of your article, too much fact based and not enough satire incorporated into it. Although most of this section is genuinely funny I can't help but feel you could try and aim for a greater level of consistency throughout this section. Buts its only just slightly flawed in this sense.

History - Now this actually a world better, the image and text is full of subliminal stimuli, which is exactly what this article is supposed to be about, so I'm glad to see you have started incorporating more in depth to your article. This is a good section and my favorite one in your article.

Use in the music industry - I can't help but feel that this section, and probably the next section as well, should fall under a different heading to history of the subject. I think placing them both under a main header of uses would be fair more appropriate to it. I think expanding this section and aligning a humorous image to the left of the section might be a good idea. But that's entirely up to you.

Use in the television and movie industry - I like this section. The image goes well with the text and stuff like that. And the text is generally amusing to me. As I said in the last section, try putting it under a different heading to make it work better with the flow of the article.

How to use subliminal stimuli - The pretty colors amuse me.

This article is pretty funny, ecept a couple of flaws with your introduction.

Concept: 7 Alright to be perfectly honest, I'm torn on the concept of this one. On one hand it is very well written, but on the other hand it is a tad predictable in places, some of this is and isn't within your control.

Your introduction for example:

Subliminal stimuli is a technique used to influence people or evoke an emotional response without an individual being aware or conscious of the stimulus. It is caused when a message is below an individual's absolute threshold for conscious perception. Therefore, you may find it easier to use subliminal stimuli on a complete idiot, while harder when dealing with a smart ass.

Its a tad predictable in places and follows the same strict line of through throughout, two effects here. First off it makes it easier to read yes? But unfortunately I found myself predicting what it would say before I read it. I balance needs striking.

Other than general stuff like this its looking good.

Prose and formatting: 8 This article looks lovely. You have used good number of interwiki links, the images are well spaces, it seems you can spell and the constantly flicking subliminal messaging is funny and well formatted. I love all of this.

The only reason I can't award you full marks is that none of the links actually work, and that perhaps adding a link up the top saying where to find a working version was a bad idea. I'd suggest that the link is not necessary and that it will be fine without working interwikis others.

Other than that I have no issues with article's formatting.

Images: 9 I like the image a great deal. Each image adds something to the article. Whats the expression? Oh yes, visuals. They are literally subliminal messaging MUST BYE COKE, JEWS BAD. Anyway I really love the use of satirical subliminal advertising as well as the subliminal political ideology in the form on that symbol I can't spell. Anyway I think one more image might be a nice idea to add to a section without an image. (I'd suggest the "Use in the music industry" section, as I stated in the humor section, it needs an image).

As I said before i think that flashing nazi symbol is an excellent way to create humor and get your messaging across. Love it.

Miscellaneous: 8.3212435242587346785 8 point keyboard mash. Roughly my overall rating out of 10.
Final Score: 42 Feature this plz. I love it.
Reviewer: ~Sir Frosty (Talk to me!) Icons-flag-au
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