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edit Street Fighter

Well, the way I see it, this article might be in dire need of a fixer-upper, possibly, if it's that bad. After it being like it is for many months, I figured it may need a review to see what can be done to make it better. I'm particularly worried for it due to the kind of edits that it's been given as of late, which I think might be hindering more than helping, and this article could use more love and care than that. I've been taking care of it for a long time now, and while I'm not the original creator of the article, I think it's time to ask what can be done.

Any insight on what can be done to improve this article, in any way, would be helpful if it's provided. Hope other people can pitch in to help it out as well! -- Hanyouman 05:18, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Humour: 4 Okay, I didn't find much humour in here at all. It's a fairly blah article about something that is ripe for ridicule, but like many arcade games over time has had the same jokes told about it ad inifinitum until they are no longer amusing.

The major issue I had with the humour is that there is no cohesiveness. Compare this, for instance with an article like Dungeons & Dragons: Real Life Edition. The latter has a cohesive feel, and there are several layers of humour. This article, on the other hand, is a string of one liners. One liners can be very funny when put in context - out of context they look a little limp.

Concept: 3 Again with the cohesiveness thing.

I'm trying to work out what the concept is behid this. The topic is obvious - the game called Street Fighter and all it's incarnations - but the concept is more that just a topic. again referring back to D&D RLE, the topic is Dungeons and Dragons, the concept is what you would find in a game of Dungeons and Dragons that was actually based upon real life events and real life characters. I'm simplifying here, but I think you get the point.

Oh, and referring back to HTBFANJS, there is intrinsically enough stupidity in this that you can actually refer back to the truth behind this as well. I'm old, so I remember a game known as "Double Dragon" where you play two characters, who look remarkably like Ryu and Ken, that walk along and fight people in the street. That was pre-1987, when Street Fighter was released.

Prose and formatting: 2 I hate, HATE, HATE the console thingy. Create an image or leave it out of there altogether. To be honest I come into it and have an extremely small amount of text, followed by an inordinately large table of contents, with a couple of fairly poxy images on the right, then scroll down to find the rest of the table of contents, a little more text, and an ascii graphic. If I came across this article through random browsing and started to read, I would get no further than this. I would also consider it a VFD nominee.

There are a number of mispellings, grammatical errors, the writing style chops and changes and... In short, it needs a huge amount of work.

Images: 5 I'm not impressed by the images, but I'm not turned off by them either. I'm being very neutral on this because my major focus has been getting the text right first of all. None of the images are really funny in and of themselves, and need the textual back-up to make them zing.
Miscellaneous: 3 I really dislike this, but it is because it is not a consistent piece more than any other aspect. There have been (without checking the history) too many editors going through this and chopping and changing consistently and no clear flow from initial concept to final production. Potentially somewhere in the history there is a version of this with the cinsistency to carry it off. This is not that version.
Final Score: 17 So I've torn it down a significant amount, and time to build it up again.

I love Street Fighter II. My lack of edumacation has a lot to do with the amount of time as a 17 year old I spent playing this while I was supposed to be in class, and getting lessons from my sensei - an 11 year old asian kid whose father ran the fish and chip shop around the corner from my high school, and who could beat this game playing every single character.

So this is a topic that has a special place for me, hence my happiness at seeing an article on it, and my dissappointment at seeing how it was executed, and hence my fairly scathing review. But at the same time I can see how this can be improved very easily. Using the Wikipedia article and D&D RLE as guides, I would strip this down to almost nothing. Then I would break it into several individual articles.

  • Street Fighter
  • Street Fighter II (and it's various incarnations)
  • Street Fighter Alpha (where they changed the way they numbered the series out of concern for their innumerate fans)
  • Street Fighter III (Where they changed it back as they realised more people know how to count then know the greek alphabet)
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Street Fighter Related Games
  • Street Fighter Characters
  • Street Fighter The Movie

Now these are just rough ideas as to how to break it down. I have stolen a little from here in regards to this.

Then I would develop a concept in my mind. Wether it be just the enormous proliferation of street fighter games, or the intrinsic stupidity of the storyline (or lack thereof), the horrendous game-play... Hey, I'm not writing it, so you can work this out yourself.

Then I would start to build up the first article, polish, clean, cut, polish, add, clean, cut, polish, over and over. Make it sparkle. As you're doing that the ideas for the others will flow as well, but remember that each article must be cohesive in and of itself.

There is some good material here, but not much, but more importantly there is the promise of a really good satire here. Take it away!

Reviewer: Pup t 21:34, 4/10/2009
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