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edit Status Quo

I have written, tweaked and shamelessly whored. Now gimme some pee.


Guybles 12:51, 3 March 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 8 A bit on the repetitive side (though that's admittedly part of the point). I'm not sure if the best solution is non sequiturs (the pasta types) or just hammering the concept into the ground and continuing to hammer (Despite more than 40 million copies being pressed, this album can attract bids of up to £900 on eBay.[10]), but I'm inclined toward the second; I particularly liked that line. If you want to hammer more, you could make the descriptions of songs singular: "...contributed covers of their favorite Quo song," "Although the Quo continue to rack up hit," &c. Oh, and "Height: 3 chords." Nicely done.
Concept: 7 While I am not going to write to my mother and say "Oh my God you have to check out this parody encyclopedia article about a band that only plays one song over and over again," I think you did quite a good job with this. Lines like "Future History" are especially strong. This sentence seems out of place though: "With increasing confidence in their line-up and abilities, the sound moved from the early blues-themed three-bar snippets to a richer and more complex rock character." Is it the same song or not?
Prose and formatting: 9 There were a couple of places where I would have changed around commas and verb tenses, but aside from not knowing what "paid well over the odds to ticket touts" meant, this seemed easily feature-quality grammarwise. And then I googled "ticket touts"! Learn something new every day.
Images: 6 Honestly I wouldn't bother with the flipped image. I think having the image the same every time would bring the point across more effectively. What I'd really want (and I don't have the skills to do this by any means) would be to see the musicians wearing the same clothes and carrying the same instruments, but aging in each picture. I don't know if that's photoshoppable or not, or if I'd be alone in thinking it's a good idea, but there you go.
Miscellaneous: 8 I'm going to make this category "comprehensibility to the British-challenged," since I think a number of things I didn't get were references to British popular culture. I live in a hole, and so the Thatcherite jokes and some of the names went right over my head. I don't think you should necessarily change any of this, but it might be worth making sure you don't put too many of them in a row and lose those of us who are British-challenged.
Final Score: 38 I hope this is helpful! I enjoyed reading the article as it stands now.
Reviewer: --Raxvulpine 03:08, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
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