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edit Star Trek Online

My latest creation. I've really spent time on this one since I do have a personal relationship with the subject (ive developed an own star trek game as an assignment in a programming class..) Anyway, I feel quite satisfied but then again I've read it and reread it 15 times. I've changed a new thing each time around so any thoughts would be welcomed =) Cheers! --kit 14:05, 20 January 2009 (UTC) p.s I tried to make the text funny for everyone and not only star trek fans/nerds/haters. Not sure I suceeded but sure hopes so.

Humour: 5 Not bad. It had its moments but it seemed a little to factual to be funny. So when I read it seemed like that was actually in the game. Try to stretch the truth more and make fun of the characters a bit more.
Concept: 6 The concept was good but it just needs MORE. The first-ish person idea was funny but it seemed to biased. Keeping an article funny but keeping a non-biased opinion would make it better.
Prose and formatting: 6 Twas good prose and formatting but the poll in the middle of the article wasnt a good idea in my opinion. I think it should be moved up higher into the "Character Development" area because the poll is about which character to play as so wouldnt it be logical to stick the poll to the actual topic? And there should be some more links to random nonsense.
Images: 8 The images were good. A good number for the size of the article also. The first one about the shoebox. That was funny. Suggesting for the "Fail Ship" Picture you should rip the backround and make it a starry sky maybe to make it seem more "Spacey" but thats your desicion.
Miscellaneous: 5 Its good that your a big star trek fan which makes it helpful when you write something like this :) So points for that
Final Score: 30 It has potential to be a good article it just needs pretty much more work on everything. But every article is like that.
Reviewer: GG16 January 21 2009 This is my first review so dun ban meh D:
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