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edit Side effects

Various things have been done to this article: 2 new infotainment sections added, 2 pictures, 5 categories, 2 templates, introduction to pill commercials. --Cajek 15:06, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

Humour: 9 Mostly for the "Pill Commercials" section, and not to mention the images – that, and the side effects for the "drug to treat drug addiction" (Ungodly soul inversion? That's supposed to be a bad thing??)

The only thing really bringing this down for me is the Common Side Effects section still listing a few overly-derivative items, and even then it's only a few. Untimely Finger Detachment Syndrome... Timely Finger Detachment Syndrome... those were pretty good.

Concept: 10 Absolutely.
Prose and formatting: 8 I may as well just give up fighting lists and opening skits – technically it has paragraphs in it, so as far as I'm concerned it's got enough encyclopedic style. And listing "side effect" names in ALL CAPS FOLLOWED BY AN EXCLAMATION POINT! was a sheer stroke of stylistic genius.
Images: 10 The pictures themselves are pretty good, but the best part's got to be the captions. Those have to be among the best captions I've seen on this entire site. (Particularly "only the coolest drugs deserve a bar graph" – easily my favorite.) But there is just one little problem relating to the girl under "Pill Commercials" – you should have posted her at the top of my userpage, don't you know anything about proper Pee Review netiquette?
Miscellaneous: 10 Entirely based on the line "Ungodly soul inversion". That was just fucking brilliant.
Final Score: 47 Probably won't hurt to get at least one other reviewer, but as far as I'm concerned VFH it! You've got my vote.
Reviewer: Ninjastar-no Megalomaniac Martin “The Unfortunately Unfeatured” Ultima(VOTE FOR ME!)talk(AND MY PICS TOO!)contribs 03:18, 8 July 2007 (UTC)
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