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edit Rocky Mountains

Something I'm kinda working on right now. I'm kind of spun out right here, though. Any thoughts & comments muchly appreciated. THX -- SmallbeerSpillin DylanSmallbeerTALKSmallbeerEDITSSmallbeer205:00, Nov 27

Rocky Mountains
is being reviewed by
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And Whatever Else Comes Out Of Him
Humour: 6.5 avg of all sections
  • [8] Intro

I gave you an above average score because it's funny in spite of it's randomness. Notice the "in spite of" part? I thought you would. It introduces the topic like it should plus it got me to giggle. However, I'm a giggler.

  • [6] Common Rock Formations Within The Rocky Mountains

Weird little introduction that flew over my head. The randomness has gotten in the way of the funny, I guess.

  • [7] Power Trio Rock Formation

Ooooh, I get it. The ROCKy mountains. God I'm stupid. Okay, anyway, it's acceptable now that I get the joke.

  • [6] Jazz Quartet Rock Formation

That was very random, sir! I... I don't know what to say...

  • [4] Def Leppard Rock Formation

Well, I'm glad I don't know who Def Leppard is, then. This section should probably just go, if you asked for MY opinion on the matter.

  • [9] The Balboan Range

Yes, way above average. Yes.

  • [6] Orchestral Formation

Good idea talking about classical music in all of this. But that section in itself was technically good, but just boring, that's all.

  • [6] National Parks

It's a nearly acceptable ending. Obviously, it's a work in progress but that's not going to make me more lenient. I'm a hard ass.

Concept: 8 The fact that I didn't see that the article was about rock muzak makes it clear that the idea is above the norm. Why? I'm not sure. I guess it means that I didn't think of it, which means that it must be clever (see? see the logic?)
Prose and formatting: 7 Obviously, it's sections are a little on the short side. However, you write pretty damn well, I'd say.
Images: 6 The one picture you have is cool, but could you add one more of just mountains with a funny little caption at the bottom? That'd be great thanks.
Miscellaneous: 6.9 avg of your other scores
Final Score: 34.4 Uh, okay, expansion? I'm not sure. Obviously you could talk about famous musicians (and say more than that they suck, please) and famous genres of music. In fact, don't just stick with rock: go crazy. Uh, did I help at all?
Reviewer:   Le Cejak <-> Nov 27, 14:19
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