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edit Poop throwing monkeys

Besides the basic good humour and wizardnisity - if a word can be coined by gypsies - the profundity to this page is that the antropologist studying the apes reverts to his own apehood in a matter of seconds. Thus be the fate of tyrants and saints alike. Keep hope alive, and thanks for gazing at the page. I am but a humble servant of the poop throwing monkeys, Aleister 14:54 14-10-'11

Humour: 4 One laugh, could be two if you worded it such that the anthropologist throwing his poo is a punch line at the end. Also the introduction could create a more complete buildup to the poo.
Concept: 4 Delivers what it promises. I think the zoo keeper leading children around a zoo would be a better speaker. The decent of the anthropologist needs to be clearer for it to work.
Prose and formatting: 4 Falls in between deliberately stupid and attempting to sound somewhat learned at the start. The motherfucker is not clear near the end. The splats are fine.
Images: 10 I like monkeys.
Miscellaneous: 2 A big number two.
Final Score: 24 Could be randomly funny with work. I think that structuring the article like notes taken by the anthropologist, with poo stains when the poop is thrown, is funnier. Have the anthropologist describe himself throwing poo back.
Reviewer: --Nikau 03:09, October 20, 2011 (UTC)
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