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edit Pet Rock: The Video Game

saved from VFD. wanted to do one of those VFD-to-VFH runs, but i kinda ran out of steam. should i merely let it stand as a decent stubbish article, or can i add to it in hopes of a highlight (and how?) SirGerrycheeversGunTalk 17:34, 8 September 2008 (UTC)

Humour: 8 Unfortunately, this eight is extremely subjective. I, like you, probably found it very funny that the rock turned into Bruce Lee after a year, and then changed back. But it's not feature funny, unless for some reason, Bruce Lee jokes are currently "in".
Concept: 6 Not your concept, and it's just not something that seems like it's ripe enough to expand. When you're writing about something where the joke is, entirely, that it's boring and pointless, going for too long can because pointless and boring in itself. To answer your question, I think this is a natural stub material; it's funny, but not full-article funny.
Prose and formatting: 7 Some weird bits, such as the parenthesis in the Customization section that don't belong. Also, there's some passive writing ("These secrets are mostly additional actions that the gamer can take with the Pet Rock.") that could sound better.
Images: 8 They're good. Only other thing I'd like to see is, possibly, very excited (or bored, I guess) kids playing with the rock.
Miscellaneous: 7.25 Averaged via magic
Final Score: 36.25 This is a pretty good article as it is, right now. I, personally, can't think of a way to really expand it to be featurable, but I think it's pretty nice otherwise. You've got to have those, anyhow; this site wouldn't work if everything was qualified to be a feature. It's just gotta be funny, which this is. Nonetheless, see if someone's got any good ideas; it's possible that I'm just an unhelpful failure.
Reviewer: Mr. Monkey Sockmonkey Pant-hoot here. 19:47, 20 September 2008 (UTC)
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