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This here is the OFFICIAL page for the OFFICIAL Uncyclopedia Pee Week competition. Review articles, win templates!

Rules first, then sign-up.

Choose your reviews carefully.

edit Rules

  1. The competition starts on Saturday 15th November, 2014, and finishes at the end of Friday 21st November, 2014. Only reviews done during this period will be considered.
  2. Please, book reviews in advance to ensure two people do not review the same article.
  3. Don't book more than one article at once - do one review at a time, people.
  4. Everyone who enters and finishes with a positive score will get a nice template for their userpage.
  5. The winner will get a bigger, nicer template, and a glowing write-up about their general awesomeness in the UnSignpost.
  6. There is no rule 6.
  7. All reviews will be checked by a member of PEEING, to see if they are in-depth; do not self-check your own reviews and if you feel a gross error has been made, contact ChiefjusticeDS.
  8. Your score will be the number of in-depth reviews done minus the number (if any) of non-in-depth reviews done.
  9. The winner is the person with the highest score. Duh.

  • If you're new to reviewing, you may want to read the guidelines first - this is what you'll be checked against.
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