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edit Ozzy Osbourne

I want a complete and detailed review. Woops! I misunderstood "quick." C'mon, have a go at it. It's not that hard to do is it?

Ozzy has had a strange life, and hopefully some of the humor that's filled it was captured in the page. It would be good to have someone at least somewhat familiar with his life and contributions to review this.

F darkbladeus 03:22, January 6, 2010 (UTC)

Humour: 8 Initial disclaimers: (1) Please discount the number grades and go with the commentary. (2) Although I owned one Black Sabbath album, I might not be an expert on the subject matter. (3) Aleister in Chains praised your diligence and set me up for this task.

The humor is generally excellent. I would avoid only two things: gratuitous vulgarity (even though it's all in character) (so the second initial quote is a waste; Ozzy's potty mouth is illustrated by the third quote), and jokes that boil down to how funny it is when I'm stoned. Everyone thinks it's funny when they're stoned. (Warned you that I may be out of my element.)

Concept: 8 Concept is good: Osbourne is notable enough to have an article and is eminently ridiculous. I think this article is too long. Don't know anything about Osbourne's life before the music career, but if you made this up of whole cloth for completeness (and maybe even if you didn't), Sections 1 and 2 are candidates for trimming. Also the listy sections. The Discography (a staple among articles on bands that appear in Votes For Deletion) could go, as the joke names of the albums are jokes you've already told in the prose. There's no reason "The Sharona experience" needs to be in list format rather than written as prose; and I'm not fond of the lists that follow it, fan quotes and of course the "little-known facts." You really don't want to spend your life repairing this one section from the attacks from drugged-out AnonIPs that it will surely get.

In contrast, his reality TV show deserves more than a paragraph; it should be a gold mine for humor. Many TV watchers knew they were watching Ozzy; fewer Black Sabbath fans knew it was he.

Prose and formatting: 8 I like it when you discuss his complete decadence in the dispassionate voice of the encyclopedia writer, and I don't like it when you occasionally break out of it, chat with the reader, and make value judgements (this becomes dominant in Sec. 4.3.1). The same can be done subtly and in-character; please experiment with this. There are red-links to fix.
Images: 10 No problems with the images. There's plenty of them, they're cleverly done, and shooped, and captioned, and the page layout is attractive.
Miscellaneous: 8 See above.
Final Score: 42 It was a fun read.
Reviewer: Spıke Ѧ  14:28 10-Jan-10
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