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edit Online Video Game

My second article. I wrote it as if I was actually in a video game describing it to the reader. Hope you like it.

Humour: 7.3 Overall, a worthwhile humourous read, especially if you like l33tsp33k humour. I don't laugh easily, but I did while reading this article. Sure, it wasn't side splitting, but how many articles are? The way it was written, the prose and all (see the appropriate section) really helped add to the humour. It does feel a little short at the end, so perhaps one more section could offer some improvement if you can think of anything; still, it would've felt long-winded if it had been much longer
Concept: 7.5 A safe, tried-and-tested concept. Some say l33tsp33k humour has been getting a bit stale lately, and in some ways it has, but with that taken into consideration the concept was a sound one that was handled well. If you do manage to apply your clear potential to a newer concept, you've got some great chances.
Prose and formatting: 8 Well...I suppose technically this might not apply, but I'll review it in context: the prose and format, as I said, really add to the humour. l33tsp33k words and common internet grammar disasters are used well and with good measure, and really help set the tone for what type of article it was. And in terms of formatting, the 'script' layout and the short, half-sentence lined added to this effect. Overall, a fine use of prose within context.
Images: 6 Well, the images weren't bad exactly, but...Chuck Norris and Oscar Wilde? As humour devices, those two have pretty much passed their sell-by-date. Perhaps a few images that actually have something to do with video games would help. Still, the images did help break what would otherwise have been an intimidating block of text.
Miscellaneous: 7.2 Averaged, as you might have guessed. Not much else to say here.
Final Score: 36 I'm, uh...sort of new to this whole review thing...okay, I'm a complete noob at it, so if you don't want to pay any attention to this review I suppose I'll understand. However, in case you do: ultimatley, a good, well-done, sound article that shows great potential for future endevours.
Reviewer: BlueYonder 19:06, 28 April 2008 (UTC)
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