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edit Mighty Eel

oh look, it's Madmikeuk ~talk - contrib } 21:46, 7 April 2008 (UTC)

Right, will take a look-see... Tkotse 01:25, 8 April 2008 (UTC)

Tkotse, please go easy on new users, DAMMIT. Nobody's funny all the time!!   Le Cejak <Apr 08, 2008 [15:34]>

edit Oh dear.

Humour: 2 Sorry, constant your ma jokes (see "prose"), a whole lotta crufting, Jack Thompson jokes (get over it) and a large amount of filler are not this article's friends. However, you do get marks for the climate section, cause you didn't make the obvious "Roger The Shrubber" joke.
Concept: 1 I don't really see the point of this concept. In fact, it's just a load of cock and Dubya jokes. Anyone can make an article full of dick jokes, y'know. It's dead in the water.
Prose and formatting: 4 My main problem with your prose is the amount of linkage in the article. The piece itself is well-written, but the amount of whorage (which I can be guilty of myself), and concealed your ma jokes tend to bring the score down. Most good jokes have to work in the text, not in linking "slippery slope" with "anus". The trivia is unnessesary, and the Oscar Wilde quote doesn't improve the article in any way shape or form. It is very clearly articulated, and I know it will survive ICU, but for how long?
Images: 3 All of these marks go toward the final pic, which is really fucking underused. Again, the top image is yet another willy joke, and the "a splode" gif, and its caption, are meaningless. You spelled Surgeon wrong! There isn't even a flag for the place. Fake landmasses need flags too!
Miscellaneous: 2.5 Your average, and I do mean average, score from the former scores.
Final Score: 12.5 Christ, reading back on this, I really had the claws out didn't I? All it takes is one stinky article to push someone over the edge. I really don't think this will be deleted just yet, but isn't exactly going to do a Houdini, is it? A rewrite is definitely in order, maybe focus less on "<insert something har har har> came and <something to do with cocks> happened LOLOLOLOLOLOL." Maybe you should include a section on the history of Mighty Eel, or why it was named that. You also need to expand on the people on the island itself, not just "<Authority figure> smokes crack and likes arse HAHAHAHAH...." et cetera. Honestly, not only is it not even half done, you haven't even gotten the heart and liver of this article in yet. Rewrite.
Reviewer: God-fucking-damnit, Tkotse 02:43, 8 April 2008 (UTC)
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