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edit Leslie Nielsen

Padddy5 23:43, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

I'd just like to add that i'm new to writing uncyclopedia articles but i thought id give reviewing a shot too, so i may not be giving the most informative review but ill try my best.

Incidentally i was actually watching "The Naked Gun" while i found this pee review lol what are the chances? (please don't calculate them...)

Humour: 6 The humour was alright, made me smile on many occasions and chuckle a few times. I loved how the humour u used was very similar to the deadpan style of his movies. Lines like "Upon moving to LA, Leslie and Jim were broke, but had no money." were good but they could use a little more work.
Concept: 8 Personally i like biography style articles so i guess this score is just biased. I think that joining small parts of his real life in with his movies was a good idea and should be continued.
Prose and formatting: 5 (not that i can really talk about formatting issues...) You should seperate the big walls of text into smaller sentences. Walls of text make for bad reading and a bad first impression.

If people see something that's wall to wall text and goes down for about 10 lines they will immediately think "oh god... do i have to read all that?" and your humour will be dampened.

Just space out the text a little more.

Images: 6 Plenty of pictures, which is good. Pictures liven up pages and make them much "nicer" on the eyes. Your captions under the pictures were sometimes dull tho. I see pictures as an oppertunity to put in one liners that are floating around in my mind.
Miscellaneous: 6.5 Not really sure what to add here, i guess it could be a little longer. Perhaps 1 more sub title section about the same size as the other sections you already have? But again this is just a personal remark as i like long articles.
Final Score: 31.5 Overall a decent article, made me smile, It's on a topic most people know about and it has some nice ideas (deadpan style etc...) Just needs a little more work on these ideas and perhaps a little spitshine.

Nice work

Reviewer: --Clint945 00:54, 21 July 2009 (UTC)
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