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edit Jesus Christ MKII

Bush lepers

The Jee Man MKII looks a lot like his brother, The Dubya Man

Jesus MKII is like Jesus but 10x better. He loves cheese and farts out worms. He is also known for his random spouts of Chinese/Russian English. Jesus MKII is secretly George W. Bush's brother from another mother. He also likes eating poop in his freetime while reading Everyone Poops. Also, Jesus MKII has jetpacks, miniguns, and all other sorts of fun stuff built inside of him.

edit Appearence

Jesus Christ MKII has a huge afro, banana yellow skin like all Plutoians. He usually is wearing a black robe with a red trim. His hair color is brown, like every other Jesus (except this one!).

edit Biography

Jesus MKII is also secretly from Pluto, taking shelter on Earth just so he can poop on another soil. Jesus later became the Second Jesus. His old Plutoian name was Hadabusa Desfartus. Jesus MKII was born in the year 2010. The year 2010 was known for being the most population of Jesus impersonators. Jesus MKII died while trying to take the biggest crap in the history of the universe. Believers of Jesus MKII believe he while be reborn in the year 2789378912462428074623784684690234612784689264128904612784682141278460127840 A.C.E.

edit Cause of Death/Postdeath

Scientologists have teamed up with a group of Jesus MKII supporters and a team of scientists to revive Jesus MKII, but many people are against this. Even including the lord himself, Jesus MKII. Jesus MKII wants to recover his glory that was destroyed in the Fartigo incident, which was when paparazzo’s filmed Jesus MKII not farting. Many fans were ashamed of him, so the police banished him into a toilet. This is when Jesus Christ MKII tried to revive his glory by crapping out the world's biggest turd.

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