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edit Jesus Lites™

So a minor bit of history. Poo Lit Surprise 2009 I had three articles in three different categories.

  • This was my article for the best article category, and became a sub-par "also-ran".
  • UnNews:Australia says "You just don't understand our humour!" won the best alt namespace article, and went on to become a featured article.
  • Microsoft Knowledge Base did poorly in the best illustrated article category, but then went on to be featured and top ten of the year.
  • I wasn't able to enter an article in the best noob category as I'd been here a month or two too long, and didn't finish a rewrite in time for judging.

So as a result this article is the poorest performer out of what I'd entered. I always felt that it had some merit, in that the religious justification to moving from Christianity to what effectively is the central tent of the satanic bible actually makes sense. But I think I wrote it too quickly to hit the deadline, and have written myself into a corner in regards to how to proceed. I want to keep the logic and the apparent rational steps from A to Z, but can't think of a way to re-do this with that idea in mind. (In short, I want to do a full knock-down rebuild, but keep what I think is good.)

The base idea of moving away from a rigid conservative/legalistic theology and becoming a progressive theology, and the logical steps I want to keep. The rest can be removed, but not sure what frame to put this all in. Any advice would be appreciated. The previous edit was by PuppyOnTheRadio (Talk). 02:28, December 31, 2016 (UTC)

Added 02:28, December 31, 2016 (UTC)
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